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S05.E09: Week 5: Part 2

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43 minutes ago, TiredMe said:

And he says Follow the cheese as he’s leaving. Someone help me? WHat the hell does this mean?!

When Kenny was on, he was talking to Eric about cheese (and rats) in reference to the book Who Moved My Cheese?, which is basically about adapting to life's changes and usually given to poor bastards who are about to lose their jobs.  Kenny didn't harp on the cheese talk, but Eric just jumped on it and took it to a whole 'nother annoying level.  It's like he came up with the concept all by himself.

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6 minutes ago, saber5055 said:

If she has, she has company there named Annaliese. That chick is bat-shit AND not so good looking on top of it.

Annaliese looks like she's been hit in the face with buzzard guts.  

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I love Diggy!! I’m getting a Right Reasons hopeful heart for him and Olivia. I’m suddenly worse than these girls. They usually think they’re getting married after one date, but I’m marrying off Diggy and Olivia after a 2-minute conversation. 

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4 minutes ago, Ohwell said:

NZ Jordan kinda reminds me of Michael Avenatti, especially with the shaved head.  

I don’t see that. I think Jordan is hot. But I am partial to a shaved head. 

On looks along I’d choose Diggy over John too. He’s cute. 

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2 minutes ago, escatefromny said:

So, basically, this episode is airing so ABC can interrupt every 7 -10 minutes with promos for their new Fall shows?

Their ratings must be phenomenal to put this many commercials into the show.  Haven’t seen the ratings this season..


@Mu Shu, that’s already been done.  Didn’t convince anyone then, either.

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1 minute ago, ECM1231 said:

Think she means EVAN and CARLY, Saber.

Oh, okay. Thanks. I figured maybe Eric didn't go home after all and maybe Carlee was someone new I missed while I wasn't paying attention. That happens to me a lot during BIP!

As for Evan and Carly, all I can think of when I think of them is that vomit-inducing hot-pepper-eating longest-kissing contest they were forced to be in.

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Shushanna has officially lost every single one of her marbles in the sand.  Poor NZ Jordan tries his best to help her find just one, but nope!  No marbles for you, Shu!

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Jade/Tanner and Carly/Evan are the worst. Whore yourselves out all you want, but leave your sweet babies out of it until they're old enough to decide whether they want to be on TV.

The jalapeño kiss was gross when Carly and Evan did it, and still gross when John and Olivia did it. I loved that the moment Diggy showed up, Olivia forgot all about John. He was getting a little too full of himself in last night's episode.

No sympathy for Eric. Angela "went home" because he sent her there. The guy really can't stick with a decision longer than 24 hours.

Yesterday I called for an intervention for Annaliese, but Shushanna made her look sane in comparison.

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17 minutes ago, Armchair Critic said:
23 minutes ago, Jaclyn88 said:

This show is so much better and more fun than the bachelor . I wish this played twice a year instead . 

I prefer it too, probably since I am more of a wrong reasons viewer.

I'm a wrong-reasons viewer but I still prefer TB/ette because: Travel Porn. A fancy date on BIP is moving down the beach to another square of sand or taking a dip in a swimming pool with no STDs in it ...  yet.

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Do they get paid for each day they stay? Do they make more money the further they make it? Even if that’s the case... Shushanna. Get outta there girl. This is embarrassing. No amount of money (or instagram followers) can be worth this humiliation on national television.

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Do these people ever have a conversation that goes beyond cliches and superficial expressions.  Does anyone talk about music, art, politics, traveling ( not just to resorts),their jobs, their families, politics, philosophy or ANYTHING substantial. How do you think about settling down with someone you know so little about? Rhetorical questions which are of course ridiculous for this franchise.

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2 minutes ago, Caseysgirl said:

Do these people ever have a conversation that goes beyond cliches and superficial expressions.

Viewers are NEVER allowed to see/hear anything like that. It's blasphemous that you even suggest it. For shame! ;-))

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I can’t tell if Joe is simple or just quiet-it’s a toss up. Still handsome though. I live in Chicago and we have been trying to figure out where his store is but all he says is West side which could mean anywhere. If anyone finds out, let me know! 

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I dont think Joe is dumb, I just think that he is a bit awkward on camera, and maybe is a bit of a simple kind of guy, but he certainly seems more well adjusted than most guys in this franchise. 

Of course, he and Kendall also got suckered into babysitting for free AND building a crib...

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12 minutes ago, Madding crowd said:

I live in Chicago and we have been trying to figure out where his store is but all he says is West side which could mean anywhere.

I was thinking it was south side, like southwest, not actually west. I will have to do some investigating ...

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