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  1. Real4real

    S17.E13: Top 10 Reveal (2019.04.15)

    OMG, I literally shrieked when KP picked NOT Evelyn!! I’m not even sure who she DID pick . . .just that it wasn’t Evelyn! I think I would have chosen Ashley over Wade. Demetrius needs to pull it together stat. I was surprised Uche didn’t get through on the vote—he was certainly the most entertaining last night. Don’t lose the joy, Uche!! Alejandro’s song was better tonight than last night’s, but I am just expecting more from him. He’s done better.
  2. Real4real

    S17.E12: Top 14

    Forgot about the awfulness of Eddie! And what the what Alejandro?? He is a talented musician but what was that he played?
  3. Real4real

    S17.E12: Top 14

    I think we may be stuck with Evelyn for a while—even if America doesn’t vote for her, I think it’s likely that the judges will keep putting her through for a while. I think a lot of the early singers must have been really nervous. There just didn’t seem to be much life to them. I like Laine, but the audience just seemed dead during his performance. Several of them made me long for Simon’s honesty (Evelyn needs a dose of Simon. Wade too—I thought that was a terrible song choice, couldn’t understand most of the words). Or even Randy—there were so many pitch issues. The energy didn’t seem to really pick up until Uche! I also liked Madison (?Kelly 2.0), Walker, and Ashley. Still not remembering everyone’s names!
  4. Real4real

    S17.E10: All-Star Duets (1) (2019.04.08)

    Some of the pros really helped their partners shine—I liked Jason Mraz, Brett, Pat Benatar. Didn’t think Elle King did much for her partners (even seemed to sabotage poor Shawn) and didn’t feel like Shaggy really did much to elevate his partners. Pat Benatar was amazing! I felt like she was really holding back with Kate, trying to give her a chance to shine, but the backup singers were better than Kate. Riley is cute as can be and has lots of potential, but she just seems sooo incredibly young. Still like Walker, Laine, Ashley, and Uche! Madison is growing on me. I would have kept Bubly instead of Riley. I don’t know who I would vote to win at this point—they have some really talented kids this season!
  5. Real4real

    S08.E14: The End or the Beginning

    Run, Kate, RUN. Don’t look back! Just get away from him. Get thee to a therapist, post haste, so you can know in your deepest heart, without a doubt, that you were not the problem in that ‘relationship’.
  6. Real4real

    S17.06: Hollywood Week (1)

    I would have liked to see more from the group round performances. There were 98 left after the first round and what did they show us? Maybe five of the groups? Are there more tomorrow night? It sounded like they are going to the solo performances tomorrow. I wonder if Shay is proficient at Braille yet? Didn’t she only lose her sight recently? Yay to her teammates helping and encouraging her! And Luke giving the one guy his boots—aawww! But also eewww!
  7. Real4real

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    I was willing Kate NOT to get into that car with Luke . . .then praying that the camera person would snatch her back from the death in his eyes (shudder). Is it too much to hope that when Kate and Luke show up for decision day, the ‘experts’ will not even let them answer and will just give them the divorce papers and a HUGE apology for ever putting them together. This is so scary and sad.
  8. Real4real

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    Hannah, don’t beg! Be thankful! You dodged a bullet!
  9. Real4real

    S07.E09: All Inclusive

    Dmitri has seemed disinterested in the competition ever since Michelle won for the look that totally ripped off his style. He seemed relatively gracious about it at the time, but I think he was disappointed they rewarded Michelle and disappointed that Michelle never owned it.
  10. Real4real

    Evelyn & David: Who Let Them in Here?

    Watching the Oscars and saw a preview for the next season of Am Idol. Was that Evelyn auditioning??? *Edit to say, read back and saw the earlier notes of her being on AI, so it WAS her! This should be interesting. Wonder how far she’ll go!
  11. Real4real

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    JCP will produce a blue hoodie with orange drawstrings ‘inspired by Project Runway Allstars’ —coming soon to a mall near you!!
  12. Real4real

    Season 6 Discussion

    So Coltee saved a bundle on the dress. Any odds on how much he’ll spend on the lawyer? Personally, I’m betting on a public defender.
  13. Real4real

    MAFS Honeymoon Island: Spinoff Discussion Spot

    Did Pastor Cal choke back a laugh when Jona announced his plans to propose to Brandin? Wait, maybe that was me . . . I still don’t get what he sees in her—somehow I’m just not convinced she is the one leaving thoughtful little notes for the hotel staff! That seems like something Jona might actually do! This is sad, but I still can’t remember the names of the boring couple—I caught her comment that she broke up with her last boyfriend because he wasn’t texting her. Is she someone who must have constant validation when not in the same room as her SO? That doesn’t bode well for their relationship, with the amount of traveling he does. He needs someone who has an identity beyond their relationship, strong/confident enough to stand the time apart. I did laugh when he told her parents what he does for a living! Speaking of bugging out eyes, how about when Kimber told Shannon’s Mom and sis (and apparently her own parents!) that she had lived with FOUR (yes! FOUR—count them on her fingers!) guys before she ‘moved in’ with Shannon!! I think Shannon was probably praying for a hole to open up in the floor and swallow him up right at that moment! I find the thought that Jada might be an actress hired to boost Chris’s image pretty interesting! But, I kind of think he is looking for someone to be a mommy for his daughter while he’s out playing gigs all night. While Jada’s ‘hotness’ level apparently came in second place (for him—I think she is really pretty!), he has been all about her sweet and caring nature. I think she’s in for some heartbreak with him.
  14. Real4real

    MAFS Honeymoon Island: Spinoff Discussion Spot

    Wow, just watched the last episode and that was an hour I won’t get back. Psychobabble is the perfect word for it! Did each of them “face their fear” and they just showed us a few? Maybe I fell asleep for part of it? I get the fear of heights—poor Chris looked like he was about to pass out. But what exactly was Shannon scared of? Horses? He didn’t seem to have any trouble hopping up on his horse and riding off into the sunset! Gee, I’m afraid of champagne and bubble baths . . .Pastor Cal, help me e e! On a shallow note, I would have loved to see what Isabella would have said was holding her back in the fire exercise! “My beauty and brains are holding me back because I keep attracting the wrong guys (sniff).” Once again, Jona mystifies me with his commitment to the brittle Brandin. Eric seems like a decent guy, but they are a super boring couple, at least what they are showing us. Chris’s comment about temptations was a big red flag—as was his humble brag about his 1.5 million followers on social media. And good point about his initial attraction to another woman! Hope Jada isn’t a jealous type!
  15. Real4real

    MAFS Honeymoon Island: Spinoff Discussion Spot

    The petty petty princess flames out again! Run fast, run far Tyler—and don’t look back. I found it odd that apparently the only reason Tyler and Isabella could give for their being “soulmates” was that they found each other super hot. I would have thought that after nearly two weeks (didn’t it say we were on day 13?), they would have found some other compelling reasons to be together. So, what is up with Branden? Super handsy with everyone but frigid with her chosen one? It sounded like we were almost into #metoo territory. I just don’t understand. Apparently, Jona doesn’t get it either. This episode felt pretty uncomfortable all around. None of the couples looked very into it during the “touching exercise”. Maybe the experts were hoping the sexology focus would get more than one of the couples to hit the sheets. TBH, I would be super uncomfortable having to do that exercise with a camera crew in the room, but I think the real problem is that none of these couples seem very genuine. I think they needed to give the singles more time to mix and mingle before declaring themselves. Everyone just seems to be very guarded—like maybe they are not sure if they picked the right person?