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  1. Sharp needs to give that unfortunate IT guy double pay for sitting through Angela’s disturbing verbally abusive tirade on the phone with Michael. I have a feeling if the cameras had not been there, she would have turned that ugliness on him when he refused to do what she asked.
  2. Ten cents says Kalani is pregnant again.
  3. Katie seems like an awkward kisser. It’s almost aggressive when she leans straight in—no head tilt—mashing mouths together. She doesn’t relax into an embrace with the guy. It doesn’t seem romantic or even pleasant. Then the way she jumps back after the kiss. Maybe it’s having all the cameras around? It just seems like she’s really uncomfortable a lot of the time.
  4. I feel like there might have been some producer shenanigans involved here. I can just hear someone whispering to Betty that Julia and Brandon deep down really want this and they’ll secretly be thrilled and feel soooo special if she were to go ahead with her plan.
  5. I seem to remember Grangela agreeing to a pound per boob as well. Having two pounds each is a pretty significant difference! Totally hate to agree with her, but I would be upset too. The doctor saying it will look more natural when she loses weight is assuming she will actually be able to stick with a diet for any length of time and lose weight. What are the odds of that happening?
  6. Julia, please, please, please share your plans to dump Brandon as soon as you get your green card at your interview...I’m begging you!
  7. Did I hear right that Natalie rated their marriage a 6 out of 10 and Mike gave them a 7? I would believe that if the scale was out of 100!
  8. For the bedroom situation, why not a 3-2 split? If Hazel and Riley are keeping everyone awake, put them together and Parker, Ava, and Olivia together. Or Ava and Olivia together, and Parker, Hazel, and Riley together. Or another option to have Blake share with one of the girls and have 2-2-2. 🙄 Why is this so complicated?
  9. I don’t understand the joy that Adam gets out of scaring the kids. That just seems cruel to me.
  10. Don’t know names yet, sorry, but what song was the fainting girl pair singing? I thought it was so pretty, then Lionel was so hard on them!
  11. Stupid, stupid Brandon. Because this needed to be said again!
  12. Brandon’s mom & dad’s big plan is for Brandon to inherit the ‘farm.’ (What is it anyway? It doesn’t appear to be a working farm, just a mish-mash of farm style animals.) They expected him to settle down with a nice country girl and they’d all live together happily ever after. I don’t care much for Julia (and she is going to be in total shock when she sees what her new standard of living will be once they bounce from mummy and daddy’s), but I am on her side on this. She did not sign up to be a farm hand, and Brandon needs to man up and tell his parents that he does not share their dream
  13. Matt seems really young to me...like a middle school boy who just hit his growth spurt, all gangly and uncertain, like he has never kissed a girl. I feel bad for him since he really had no idea what he was walking into. He just seems so awkward and earnest—his lack of finesse with the ladies, his fumbling conversations...so young. Sarah, on the other hand, seemed very calculating. The lack of tears was telling. Whatever her endgame, she knows what strings to pull!
  14. I cannot understand why Chantal, after going through this exact same ridiculous scenario with her family accusing Pedro of all sorts of nuttiness and seeing how it hurt him and their relationship, would turn around and do the same thing to Angenette. That and I’m thinking she had more than ‘just a little’ Botox—she is completely expressionless in every scene!
  15. This! The bewildered look on their faces when someone dares to suggest that at some point, baby boy’s girlfriend/wife will come first—unheard of! Impossible! They may try to laugh it off, but you can see that deep down, they will never accept it. So sad.
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