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S06.E09: Tamy Lyn's Story LIVE CHAT

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Tamy's eating addiction has caused her weight to balloon over 500 pounds.  She has become a hermit after years of shame, and hopes to restart her life so she can take better care of her son, Zachary.  

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the initial US East Coast showing and again during the US West Coast showing.

Without having seen this yet, I theorize that Tamy's name was Tammy, but she ate one of the m's.

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A reminder from the Mod note: Let's avoid discussing how money is being snatched from the public's wallet for the participants unless it’s specifically revealed on the show. Anything else is pure speculation not to mention also a slippery slope toward talking politics.

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1 minute ago, LordOfLotion said:

Hey, everyone! How are your eating habit???

I just had some pickles! I was going to go out and clear snow but I guess it'll just have to wait until 10:00.

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Of course they always start the ep with the requisite shower/bath scene, but how often do we think these folks actually bathe?  Based on the effort it takes, I can't imagine it's more than once a week, if that.

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