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“Yeah, there’s a bit of violence in this one,” Roth says.*


Description from Sky Atlantic (UK):


Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks star in this tale of corruption of innocence, of murder, of grief and of all consuming revenge - set against the backdrop of a remote and beautiful Canadian mountain town.

The cast also includes Christopher Heyerdahl, Kevin Hanchard (Orphan Black), and Genevieve O’Reilly (Rogue One).


First Look Trailer:


Official Trailer (Amazon):


The 10-episode series will drop September 7th in the UK on Sky Atlantic and September 29th in the USA on Amazon Prime Video.


*Here's where that quote comes from: Dark Star: How Britain's gritty and visceral revenge series Tin Star found a home in the Rockies (CalgaryHerald.com). The first few paragraphs are a bit spoilery, but the article seems to give a good general overview of the series.


It’s a sunny and chilly day in November and Roth is sitting in the Worth house chatting with a group of journalists. For the past six months he has been playing the complex and decidedly dark character of Police Chief Jim Worth, a former London detective who leaves big-city policing for a seemingly peaceful life with his family in the Canadian Rockies. But his troubled past follows him, with tragic results. A big oil company, led by the mysterious Mrs. Bradshaw (played by Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, who is not on set this particular day), seems to have overrun the town and may or may not be behind a sudden surge of mayhem that erupts, much of it directed at the Worth clan. Throughout the 10-episode series there will be gangsters, assassins, strange romances and family tragedy. All this unrest unleashes the violent, boozy and revenge-minded Jack Devlin, who is either Worth’s alter ego or simply the darkness that bubbles up in the family man whenever he consumes alcohol. 

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Happened across this on Amazon Prime, watched the first episode and moseyed over here to see what the talk was.  I'm very surprised that there wasn't any kind of episode thread.  I don't think there's going to be enough traffic for episode specific threads, so I've tagged this with spoilers.  So be warned: If you haven't viewed the entire 10 episode series, this discussion may contain major plot reveals.  

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On 11/17/2017 at 0:20 AM, mledawn said:

I watched it all and my response is still "wtf did I just watch", if that helps.

I would have to agree.  There was no one to root for and the ending was pretty awful.  I'm sorry I watched them all.

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I can't believe Christina Hendricks appears to look exactly like she did in Mad Men. How is it possible she doesn't appear to have aged at all in 10 years when most other actors seem to age a great deal in that time period?

I've only watched the first three episodes and I don't like it very much at all. The pacing is very slow. The plot seems quite simple-minded to me. But I agree with the poster above about Tim Roth. I have liked him in most everything he's done ever since I first saw him in Rob Roy. He was amazing in that film. But the rest of the cast just doesn't contribute enough to make this very entertaining IMHO. I don't mind that it's dark. I just can't get into it because it moves along at a snail's pace. Of course, that is just my opinion and other people may well not feel that way.

One example of something in the plot that didn't make any sense to me was they showed both Roth and his daughter drinking alcohol and then later, they don't seem to show any signs of drunkeness. Roth strikes his deputy in the face. But no one seems to think he's been drinking. No slurring of his speech. No one notices any smell on his breath. Didn't make much sense to me.

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I'm watching a few episodes at a time, due to the Dark Grim Factor. The stunning scenery is a balm.

I'll watch almost anything with at least one great actor, and Tim Roth has it in spades. Agree with LittleBopper that Roth stole the show in Rob Roy. The young actor who plays the teenage daughter is also very good.

I like the unexpected surprises and I can go back and forth in time if it's handled well.

Really like seeing Canada's First Nations, in this case Cree. There are real-life jurisdictional stand-offs at reservation borders sometimes; the NY Mohawks have done it.

The weirdo sniper is a bit intriguing. I presume a wretched childhood.

Five episodes to go.

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On 11/25/2020 at 9:28 PM, Hootis said:

I'm on season one, episode 4. I don't like any of these people. That's not a good sign.

I thought Season 2 was better than 1. Have Season 3 downloaded and ready to binge when I get time. 

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Didn't binge it but I finally finished Season 3. My takes for the whole season since there's not much discussion here:

The family that slays together stays together.

Rhymes with.

A lot of filler in this episode but wow is tension increasing.

A removals company. Removing people, lol.

Wait, what? The police constable's son? Now that's a game-changer, assuming Anna put it together long before she saw the photo of that guy with his parents.

When first dates go bad. Wonder why Anna didn't tell her parents what she was up to with that guy? Whatever, she was always going to have to kill him because he'd know she'd killed his mother.

The police constable lives at #10. Wonder if that was an inside joke.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the police constable? She put her family at risk by running with gangsters.

Constable made the classic Bond villain mistake. Instead of just killing Jack she had to run her mouth first.

So by this point Jack pretty much assumed his life was over?

That fun house shootout was amazing. Ridiculous plot armor though for Ryan not to have killed Jack while he had him cornered.

Why would that police inspector go alone to arrest Ryan? He knew the guy was a cold-blooded murderer. He went out like Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones.

Jack's friend gave her life for him. Pointless.

Geez, Ryan singing arguably Luther Vandross' best torch song as he's preparing to kill Jack, Angela, and Anna. Whhhhhhyyyyy?

Ryan also made the classic Bond villain mistake, talking too much instead of just getting to the killing. Giving Jack, Angela, and Anna any time at all just enabled and emboldened them. Essentially they got to finish The List.

Wow, I didn't expect them to go out like Butch and Sundance. Bravo. What a waste of Anna's young life though. Jack and Angela pretty much ended her themselves.

Glad I stuck with this. I think it was a pretty solid depiction of revenge at all costs.

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I’ve just started season 2.  It is rather difficult to watch. I like Roth, but this is unusual.

Why was Jack with the young man’s mother?  The puppy mill broke my heart.  Why did the young boy have dark hair and eyes, but as an adult lighter hair and eyes?

I can’t believe that I thought Roth also played on Medium years ago, but that was Jake Weber. They do resemble, though. 



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I just finished season 2.  This drama really is slow. It seems that almost every scene is at least 2 minutes longer than it needs to be.  It’s exhausting.  The director needs to learn some discretion holding scenes so longer is tiresome for the viewer.  They have plenty of content, just use it.  Now, on to season 3.  

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24 minutes ago, Mindthinkr said:

I also wonder why this thread is completely dead. 

Maybe the fact that season 3 isn't on Prime Video yet, even though it was shown in Britain about 2 years ago! What the heck is Amazon waiting for?

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15 minutes ago, Broderbits said:

Maybe the fact that season 3 isn't on Prime Video yet, even though it was shown in Britain about 2 years ago! What the heck is Amazon waiting for?

Like some other shows, when enough want a following season, they charge them for it. Extra.  Examples: Outlander and A Discovery of Witches. 
It makes me angry because the subscription is going up to $149/year and then they want to charge more to view shows they obviously have access to and don’t charge you for until you have time to be hooked for an ending.  
So greedy. 

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I just finished it this morning. Only 6 episodes, but they are packed with action. 
I’m processing the ending, but don’t want to say anything until more people have had a chance to watch. 

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I just started watching S3.  What is the list?  I mean who are the people on the list and what did they do to Jack and Angela.  


He just shot the priest that was marrying them?  What did he do? 


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