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  1. Finally started watching this because I'm running out of good shows. (Thanks, pandemic lockdown!) I was also meh for the first few eps. I'm now on ep 5 and it's growing on me despite Zoe K. (who is the epitome of just an okay actress imho). I dislike Rob in the same way I disliked Carrie from Sex and the City, as they're both self-absorbed and inconsiderate of others. Great to see Parker Posey doing her usual snarky intellectual but Rob's reluctance to buying the record collection makes no sense. Why would she instantly defend the allegedly cheating husband? Wasn't she just fuming about her ex being with another woman (even though they broke up)? Her POV seems muddled, and her identification with the "bad guy" is abrupt and out of the blue (she hasn't yet been called out on her bad behavior so the record collection scenario seems out of character). Her midpoint pivot could have been better developed. Overall, the show is thin/slow but not bad (so far). ETA: Cherise is annoying AF. I wouldn't last one day with her loud motor mouth as my co-worker.
  2. I totally think Caleb is a host who died when he was shot in the head. What I don't know is if the show wants me to think that by giving Caleb similarities to Bernard (the Francis touchstone mirrors Bernard's loss of his son; Caleb died in the same manner as Arnold). Now my question is: who created Caleb and for what purpose?
  3. Still loving this series. There's so much good TV but this is my absolute fave.
  4. Wow. It looks really good. Vincent Cassell? Yes, please. ("Read My Lips" is one of my fave films.) I hated most of season 2 but this has me excited for the next chapter.
  5. I finally watched the rest of the eps, and she definitely was a (bad) highlight. I think she defensively points out her flaws ("I want to be fat") before her dates beat her to it. Another dude (the one with the curly mustache) was eating like he hadn't had a meal in a week.
  6. I've only seen the Gurki ep. Justin. Yikes. Such an entitled douche. Who loudly berates a first date about their life choices? He actually thinks he represents New Yorkers 🙄 but we eat guys like this for breakfast. Manny was a sweetheart but Gurki wasn't into it. Gurki and Jay seemed to have nice chemistry.
  7. Totally agree about the ball drop. I hope the new show stars someone on the same level as Eva Green.
  8. Finally got around to watching this but I'm midway through this ep and can't go any further. There's way too much Gossip Girl (it's mind-numbing) and not enough American Psycho.
  9. I guess this is the only place to post this. Showtime has ordered a new installment of the drama series “Penny Dreadful.” “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” is set in 1938 Los Angeles, a time and place deeply infused with Mexican-American folklore and social tension.
  10. numbnut


    I didn't know this season was going to be Kiki Camarena's story. I've already seen a biopic about him but it was so long ago that I'm hoping the show will seem fresh.
  11. numbnut


    Yeah, I can see that too, but that "follow the mail" POV sequence was lifted directly from Fincher's Zodiac.
  12. numbnut


    Thanks for clarifying. That didn't come through for me in the nonlinear storytelling. I also saw it as romantic connection on both sides, especially as the story highlighted Heidi's breakup with Dermot Mulroney's character (love the "My Best Friend's Wedding" reunion, btw). Whatever was lacking in that love relationship, Heidi found in Cruz but her somewhat happy ending felt unearned as the writers didn't clarify and explore what exactly Heidi needed on an emotional level in a new partner.
  13. numbnut


    I got through it, thanks to the short episode length (as someone mentioned earlier). I like the classic 70s conspiracy premise but it creates predictability. The foundation of the story (Heidi's truth) remains vague. Why did Heidi believe the medication was beneficial when she was hired by Colin? What emotional need was unfulfilled in her love life before she meets Cruz? It also would have been nice if the story included war scenarios (like the soldiers having memory issues when they return to combat) as that's the reason for the medication, but I guess too much of the budget was spent on securing old music.
  14. numbnut


    Thanks, QQQQ. Most filmmakers use established film scores in post-production but only as a tonal guide before creating new music. I wish Esmail put more time into creating original moments instead of "aping" (at least, he admits it) everything he's ever seen or heard in a movie. It's like he was raised as a shut-in at Blockbuster.
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