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  1. So far he has been funny and not too insane. The wood memory mattress joke was great!
  2. Okay. Suzanne. Please, huh? This is paralysis, day 3 and no shelter. You don't need to worry about proving yourself when you're shelterless on day 3.
  3. Hootis

    Tin Star

    I'm on season one, episode 4. I don't like any of these people. That's not a good sign.
  4. This episode had a lot of tropes for a show that is anti-trope. Starlight running out of power to help Hughie because she blew a hole in a fence. Huh? Frenchie's friend ODing during his mission and the guilt tripping, "go on, you don't care about us," leading to not stopping Lamplighter. Maeve's girlfriend Elena blaming her about the plane. What was Maeve supposed to do about it? There's more, but it was all very lazy.
  5. That's another thing that bothered me: She didn't confess to Murder like the DA said. She confessed to adultery and talking on the phone. Why didn't Perry Mason bring this up? "My client isn't on trial for Adultery, she is on trial for MURDER. Even if she was WITH little Charlie she couldn't have stopped those men." Of course, if you've BRIBED A JUROR you don't have to be a good lawyer, just a corrupt one. Boo! Boo this man!
  6. Just watched it. Perry Mason's rabbit in his hat is bribing a juror? I watched the series because of Rhys, but that is just too much.
  7. One line I'm becoming tired of hearing: "Come with me, I want to show you something."
  8. If they're gonna portray modern military, I wish they'd hire someone who could inform them of basic tactics. Charging across open ground against a prepared position is suicide. Cars or no cars.
  9. I like all of the characters less now than at the beginning, excepting the boss. Ford is making real headway in manipulating the suspects / serial killers to get what the unit supposedly wants, which is real data. He keeps fucking everything up by breaking trust with the group. He surprises Tench in the interviews. He suborns the new guy. He lies to Dr. Carr. He lies to his boss, lies to the oversight guys....he needs to be UP FRONT with them instead of laying landmines. He's sabotaging himself. Tench is acting way too skeptical this far along. Like he's not fully on board wit
  10. Did anyone else get a new WW email today?
  11. I guarantee there are rules we don't know. Otherwise this would be too easy. Get your $500, buy cheap food and water, and go camping. Or squat somewhere if you didn't already have camping equipment. Submerge once and don't surface.
  12. I wasn't sold on the love story between Bernard and Theresa they showed us tonight. I mean, they were sleeping together, okay, I could believe that. But the little lovey notes? Bernard's declaration of love? Did anything before this episode even HINT that she saw him as anything more than a convenience? Or that she was capable of anything more? On a completely unrelated note - where are these robots getting the programming for hand to hand combat? Clementine didn't just haymaker that securitybot during the demonstration, she whupped his ass. And Bernard seemed plenty sure of hi
  13. Got the day-after email, now it says Dear Delos Employee, For internal review ONLY, Park Director Dr. Ford has outlined the future of Westworld. Please take a look here (this was a link). Note that this is confidential and exclusively available for planning purposes. Best regards, Westworld Guest Relations Unfortunately, the link only led to the main WW site.
  14. During her chop socky scene I remember thinking, "one bullet ain't gonna stop HER, pal....er...oh. Maybe she's playing possum....no. Well, okay then."
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