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  1. HollyG

    S01.E12: Justice x2

    I thought he faked 'not' having an accent when he met Sonya (and probably everyone else). I don't think he wants anyone to know he's from Rwanda.
  2. I agree about some scenes being filmed too dark. I tried turning up the brightness, which didn't help a bit. This is the reason I finally gave up on "Hannibal" a couple years ago. The third season was, for me, almost unwatchable because of the dark scenes.
  3. As a non-book reader, it's very confusing. Also the death of Frankie's mom was not apparent to me until the hospital conversation when Ralph is told that the entire Maitland family is gone. Fortunately someone cleared it up for me in the episode thread.
  4. I mainly remember Ben Mendelsohn from Bloodline on Netflix. He was so good in that.
  5. How did the mom die? I missed that too.
  6. At first I thought the whole season was Anne's delusion and that maybe she had drowned Joy in the first episode. I will need to rewatch it when I can be more attentive.
  7. I remember the Kid, and that he crossed back over in the forest last season. What I meant was was he really an angel or demon or vampire?.... or maybe that hasn't been made clear yet.
  8. Thanks. The timeline is really confusing me. Do you know what year the current season is set in?
  9. I must have nodded off some during this season. I completely missed that Pop was Ace or that Anne was the younger version of the Kathy Bates Misery character. Did they explain what the Angel really was? I may need to watch this season again.
  10. Can anyone direct me to a link that will explain what the hell is going on? I've lost the plot somewhere in the last few episodes and I don't have any idea who's who anymore.
  11. I agree on all counts. I love these characters together and I wish Kirby's character was not Lenny Bruce so that they could be together... at least for a bit. But as we know what happens to him, it's smart of her not to get more involved. I can't remember if they've revealed his drug addiction yet or if Mrs. Maisel knew about it, although I always thought it was an open secret.
  12. I just started episode 2. So far I'm happy with the new series and glad that it's back.
  13. The best response to this episode!
  14. HollyG


    I'm on episode 3. I'm finding it harder to get into than previous seasons. It might be the surreal scenes. I will watch more later today.
  15. HollyG


    I was thinking it was peyote, but I'm not sure.
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