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  1. I'm on episode season 3 episode 2. Who is the ghost girl appearing to Dory? I don't remember her character at all.
  2. I am guessing what the big reveal will be. What a sad sad family history. Heartbreaking.
  3. HollyG

    S03.E01: Wartime

    Red food coloring. My ex used to put it in our milk & other things once in a while. He thought it was funny. He once turned my lemon meringue pie blue. edit - oops! I'm very late to this thread. Already answered.
  4. I liked it too. I can't wait until next season.
  5. This series had started to exhaust me a couple years ago, but I couldn't stop watching. . I was sad that Bonnie died (& Frank & Asher too). But I still thought the series ended well. I'm happy that the other characters were able to go on and live full lives and find happiness.
  6. HollyG


    My dad retired from LAPD when he was about 67. He had open heart surgery a few years earlier and said he was just too old to 'wrestle'. He was a good guy.
  7. Not sure who ordered Kenny to be killed or who actually pushed him off the roof, but I do agree that it was done to pull Eve back into MI6. I'll miss Kenny. He was one of my favorite characters and I wish they'd found another way to bring Eve & Carolyn back together.
  8. I thought she might have been an earlier victim of Jamie & Nick. It's bothering me that they didn't explain it better.
  9. I may have missed an episode or two. Did they ever explain what was between Jamie & Sonya? Did something happen between them in the past?
  10. I know. In Bloodline, I alternated between feeling sorry for him for how bad his family treated him (his father in particular), and being so creeped out and terrified of him. At times he was very hard to watch. It was so twisted!
  11. I agree. I've seen that on news shows. Kids forget and they are also programed to listen to adults. It's very disturbing to watch. Ben Mendelsohn was very good in the Netflix series "Bloodline".
  12. Just finished episode 3. I knew Ludo & his wife were involved in something. Poor Mr. & Mrs. Bright... just when things were looking up. I missed seeing Joan. Hopefully she will return next year. Will Morse leave for his new assignment or will he patch things up with Thursday? Hate having to wait a year...
  13. My cable guide has a rerun of last weeks episode. But I did check and its streaming on demand.
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