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  1. I loved every minute of this series! Absolutely delightful. Can't wait for next season.
  2. Again, I liked the black & white story set in the early 60s. Interesting that they tied the assassination of JFK to a plot to keep the knowledge of aliens a secret. The modern story with the young adults is ff material.
  3. It's been awhile so I don't remember everything. But one of the things that Fuller wanted to do was reveal that the dad was gay. In the first episode, there is a man that comes to the house to pay his respects and he and the dad hug each other a little bit too long. George even asks Rube if men are supposed to hug that long. The network wasn't keen on the idea and dropped it and the dad had the affair with the female student instead. Fuller has said there were other creative issues as well. I loved both seasons of the show and was really disappointed when it was cancelled, fans sent the S
  4. HollyG


    I just finished and I agree this is the best season. I'm still a bit confused about some of it and looking forward to discussing when more people have finished watching.
  5. HollyG


    Did anyone understand the first 15 minutes? I don't and I rewatched it 3 times. I will keep watching and hope it make sense later. But if anyone can explain it I don't mind spoilers.
  6. I seems like the writers have painted Hailey into a corner. She's still got a conscious & she's not as devious as Voight. I don't see her being able to carry this burden long term.
  7. Yes two bad cops. The entire squad is looking for a dead man. I'm not sure why Upton went along with it though. There is no way Burgess could know what Voight & Upton did as she was unconscious/nearly dead in a different location. Voight has always been a criminal and I'm sure the whole squad knows it, so maybe she is suspicious.
  8. I had to watch the last 10 minutes of the last episode to refresh my memory. Basically Roy shot Burgess and left her to die. Upton came to the warehouse and found Voight beating Roy for information about Burgess location. Upton was trying to keep Voight from beating Roy to death, but then Roy got Voight's gun and they struggled. Upton shot & killed Roy to prevent him from killing Voight . Voight buried Roy in a field and encouraged Upton not to tell anyone. As I see it, Voight would have been in trouble for beating Roy, and Upton shot Roy to keep him from killing Voight. I don't thi
  9. Did someone eat the baby? Alma, Doris or Harry? When Harry unblocked the door and let Doris out of the bathroom, I was sure he was going to let her eat the baby so he could be rid of both of them at the same time. Did I miss it? Sorry to see Mickey & Karen go. I loved Macauley in this role. I hope he turns up in future AHS seasons. I only noticed in this episode that all the vampire ghouls were wearing the same coat with pointed shoulders. I guess Billie Lourd is the costumer for all of the wild vampires.
  10. I laughed really hard seeing Lucifer wearing white Birkenstocks with socks! Had to rewind and make sure I wasn't seeing things. Glad he mentioned it too.
  11. I loved the episode. I love Frances Conroy, but Macauley & Evan stole the show. I was happy they explained why the vampire pill was invented. My guess why the wild vamps don't go back to normal without the pill is because they are forever tortured by the knowledge of their mediocre existence. Whereas the talented vamps don't lose their knowledge of greatness and can still feel superior about their talent. It doesn't completely explain it, but that's probably all we'll get from Ryan Murphy.
  12. Question - did they ever explain about the red lights on the houses? Are they prostitutes? I originally thought that it might be a signal to the vamps.
  13. I loved those magic slates when I was a kid! I'm glad they're still around, I hadn't seen them in many years.
  14. The little girl took the pill she found in her dad's bag and then began to play the violin like a virtuoso. She hurt her mom's feelings by telling her she was ordinary. Later the mom found the daughter in the cemetery with the wild vampires and she was feeding on an animal. (vampires or whatever they are) Did you see the part about the tattoo parlor dentist?
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