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  1. bkathi

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    At least Beth talked to Dorinda before the weekend, and offered to stay in a hotel if the room wasn't available. She didn't just assume she was so important she would get the "best" room.
  2. Totally agree! 1 billion likes!
  3. Well, if I were married to Rinna I would run to Canada too. And I'm not sure about the "all alone" part. Or even about the camping part.
  4. And she stole most of the that imitation from Heather McDonald (she has a podcast and recaps the RH franchises).
  5. Dogs are pack animals. They NEED to be with someone, or something else. They do turn into "lunatics" if kept alone, unstimulated. Ugh, can't even!
  6. bkathi

    Buddy vs. Duff

    This article is an incredible PR piece for Buddy. Funny how its titled "The Untold Truth" when it is a compilation of info from articles about him. Hasn't changed my poor opinion of him. No matter what he says, his behavior on the show is nasty.
  7. My doctor gave me a script for Xanax because I was crying in her office. I take them only when I feel overwhelmed (sister who is a 64 year old teenager lives with me rent free because I am a pushover and my 88 year old Mom slowing dying from TMIs). They help, but my doctor is very careful when I ask for refills.
  8. bkathi

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    I just thought it was funny that Alyssa was asking the designers to talk about the toughest part of being on the show (aka how much they missed their families) to set up the episode, and not one of them mentioned a loved one.
  9. bkathi

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I'm somewhat of a germaphobe and don't want to eat a cake that has to be touched by someone over and over again thru the decoration process.
  10. That's how I understood it too. And once she knew, she texted Dorit to she wasn't blindsided.
  11. bkathi

    Samantha Brown’s Places To Love

    I've been to a Hangi in New Zealand - it is indeed delicious! Worth the plane ride :-)
  12. bkathi

    Kids Baking Championship

    Not sad to see Madison go - she was getting really annoying. I wish someone would just tell Paige to stop opening her oven and let her stuff bake!
  13. bkathi

    S01.E04: Shrapnel

    I think a lot of of the reason that Debra took John back is that she was afraid of what he would do. Kind of a keep your enemies closer kind of thing. Not saying that was the smart thing to do,
  14. bkathi

    S20.E21: Nominations #7; Hacker #2

    I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard - and literally fell on the floor when JC said "that was terrifying".
  15. bkathi

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I think that Rockstar has made herself unattractive with her attitude and general animosity toward half of the house. Pretty is as pretty does.