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  1. I wish shows like this would use the Bridgerton model - make each season cover one book so they can avoid the contrived break up / make up that IMHO ruins the shows. That's why I stopped watching the Andie McDowell series.
  2. I would rather see Jeff make 2 or 3 recipes throughout the hour than cut and paste a bunch of rerun recipes. I guess I miss the stand and stir shows.
  3. I wish they had switched the challenges - make the St. Patrick's Day challenge the preheat and the Holi challenge the main. I would have loved to have seen what they could have done with more time.
  4. It can be said enough - I miss the Chew too. Especially around the holidays.
  5. I can't judge Sunny for still being careful. As someone who has not been able to social distance at work it is nerve wracking not knowing when you might be exposed. Especially when some of her coworkers are likely flying.
  6. I can't change the channel fast enough when the Popeyes testimonial commercials come on. Especially the one where the guy squeals. I just can't with that one.
  7. I was never fond of Swiss Cheese - then a few years ago realized I was allergic to it. That happens a lot - usually if you don't like a food but can't fully articulate why (texture or taste) it is because you are allergic to it.
  8. I think Zack said it first and then Carla kinda stole it. Very annoying. I know they can't shake hands (although PH is doing it on GBBO Covid Edition) but maybe just a silent thumbs up?
  9. I wish the Food Network would buy more cooking shows from other countries instead of trying to figure out how Guy can re-imagine his shows for Covid. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc - there are a ton of English speaking countries (for us dummies) with shows I would love to watch.
  10. I saw something where Allison Hannigan (who hosts the other pumpkin show) said they filmed last November. It makes sense as they need a ton of pumpkins and squash. Filming in the Spring would mean shipping in a ton of produce from the southern hemisphere.
  11. And I won't. Can't stand Rinna or Kyle. They are not the kind of people I want to support. This show doesn't bring me joy so it must GO! But not these forums - will come back here for the snark.
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