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  1. I think they explained that Tess was visiting her birth mother at some point in the episode. I didn't make it thru one episode of This is Us. Felt like it was sponsored by Kleenex. This show makes me think more than cry. If it's cancelled, I will forget it in a month. But will keep it on my DVR to record and watch when nothing else is on.
  2. I thought really hard before posting - I don't support the housewives when they blame the edit. But it wasn't a long scene - and I think a caring Mom would have tried to "fix" a cringe worthy event that way for their daughter.
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2014/12/17/7th-heaven-dad-stephen-collins-admits-to-sexually-abusing-three-girls/
  4. People keep referring to the seconds long clip of Denise and Sami discussing the "threesome" conversation. That may have just been for the cameras, to keep Sami from getting teased at school. Who knows what was said off camera, or what was edited out.
  5. I love the Target graduation commercial. Just a high five to their associates who have walked. The pictures of them as kids and then virtually graduating makes me smile everytime. I even stop fast forwarding my DVR to watch.
  6. As the youngest of four (all girls) - I really loved Skipper. She was like a doll version of me for a bit.
  7. I think she is trying to lose weight for Chicago. Not fat shaming, but why else would you wear that?!
  8. The first episode showed up on my DVR - without commercials. Interesting, very much from Betty's POV. Not a rehash of the tv movies (which are also on my DVR and watched this past week to prep for the new series, despite the despicable Mr. Collins).
  9. It certainly puts Chicago in in our brains - and more people in the seats. Stunt casting.
  10. This episode just made me mad. Denise doesn't speak inappropriately in front of their children, so why did they think it okay to do so in front of hers. The "kids" table was set up away from the adults -it was just when the kids were in the buffet line that Denise asked them to curb the threesome talk. I don't have kids and know when to watch my tongue. Has Rinna lost touch with reality that she doesn't know the characters in movies aren't the actors' real life behavior? Hey Erika - is stripping for a living better than acting in a major motion picture where you simulate sex? No shade on strippers - but I don't understand EJ's holier than thou attitude. Is she jealous that Denise has a steady career as an actress and married a man with a big d instead of a career bought by the man with a big bank account? Ugh, just ugh with these women. They make me like Teddi!
  11. I have a small bedroom and don't use a headboard - it takes up too much space. Maybe that's why Leah chose not to as well. Her daughter's bedroom is lovely.
  12. My two cents on this episode: 1. Garcelle wore the Sexy Girl barrettes because she thought she was going to Erika Jayne's house, not Erika G. 2. Kyle has been trying to mimic Bethenny Frankel. Get rid of the HB (Jill/LVP) and take the crown. Unfortunately, Kyle doesn't have the ego of Bethenny. She is incredibly insecure (needs therapy for that) and fumbled so the crown is bouncing around the other girls. 3. Love that Denise wore jeans (no glam!) to Erika's psychic party. And she out-shown the other, over done, ladies. Especially pajama girl aka Dorit. 4. I would watch a show with Denise, Sutton and Garcelle. Bring back Joyce and Kathryn.
  13. I think they needed to put a filter on the window so the bright sun wouldn't ruin the shot. She is the only one with the window directly behind her (Katie's is on the side). The yellow may also be the most flattering color filter? YMMV
  14. I thought it was just one more thing Kyle was jealous of - Denise thought of the diamond ice sculpture before she did. Maybe grabbing the crown out of her hands.
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