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  1. I thought the same thing - it was really weird and off-putting that Andy did that to Sutton.
  2. The Halloween costume was so ignorant. And the Garcelle embrace bordered on assault. You can't touch people without permission.
  3. My two cents: 1. Bravo was paid to plug Halloween Kills. This is the kind of thing you see on local tv when they talk to a celebrity about some great product they just discovered. 2. Rinna was SO ANGRY that Garcelle brought up Denise. She thought she got away with it. How DARE Garcelle suggest that she talk to Denise. 3. Garcelle was invited to the bring down Sutton event because they wanted to recruit her (and Crystal) to take the fall for their tactics. And protect Erika. Stupid women. 4. Was Kyle's dress on backwards (like Leah in NY)? 5. They all talk trash ab
  4. I'm hoping it will be like Discovery+ - I've noticed a lot of the food network and HGTV shows that streamed last year are now on the cable channel.
  5. I think she looked more like Catherine Bell in the Good Witch movies/series on Hallmark. 🤪
  6. There is a great recipe on the interwebs to make homemade Butterfingers with candy corn and butter (?). I would have made that a filling or something. The judges love texture. 🙃
  7. Me too! This is why I watch - the peanut gallery.
  8. I thought at one point last night she looked liked a toddler did her makeup - not camera ready or like Divine from the John Waters movies. I can't imagine what it looked like in person. Without make up she is quite beautiful.
  9. If you are in the Northeast, Wegman's offers a premade beef on kwek. I've had it a few times - not cheaper but cheaper than a trip to Buffalo :-)
  10. I've been there - it is so tough. Hope you are doing okay.
  11. I thought I heard specifically call out Motrin.
  12. I don't think you will get an answer to fit your very specific criteria. I can't imagine there is a women in the world who hasn't felt the sting of someone they thought was a friend who wasn't. Erica's stories are inconsistent and Sutton called her on it. She didn't scream at her, snap her teeth or threaten promise she'd regret it. When Erika told the group she didn't want to talk about Tom calling her they dropped it. Not the Garcelle of it all but the T & E of it. She could have done the same about this. But she needed to get this dementia/TBI story out there.
  13. I noticed that guy too - thought it was either going to be a flash mob or Constantine got lost on his way to a CW set.
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