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  1. What the fuck does this show have to do with Debris? Just asking?
  2. I keep thinking Manifest needs to have a proper ending so we know what happened before it gets cancelled, but it's the energizer bunny so far. Yep, I watch both and looked forward to Debris every week. I watch Manifest, but just so I don't miss how it turns out, if it ever does before it gets cancelled.
  3. I noticed this as well, also noticed that the last time Fiona jumped she landed awful close to the shore!
  4. Geesh, I thought I was the only one. I cringe every a time a show does this! Do they think we are going to forget what the actors/actresses look like in the short time they have on the suits?!?!? We don't have to see every facial expression or mouth movement, come on writers, directors, producers, whoever decides this.
  5. Anyone else notice the box that had the lock would have easily opened enough to get inside without having to break the lock, it had a fairly long cable. "Shrug"
  6. I thought Season 2 was better than 1. Have Season 3 downloaded and ready to binge when I get time.
  7. Anyone watched the second season? In the middle of it now.


    With you on the giant cliffhanger, watching the last episode towards the end I wondered what kind of cliffhanger might emerge, but it never did, I am satisfied now knowing it has been cancelled. Well, not satisfied, wanted to see more, but at least it had somewhat of an ending.
  9. I thought I saw 90 before they hit. No one is living through that, especially in the front seat.

    S01.E07: Episode 7

    I believe she was to the point of saying "screw it", I'm going anyway...
  11. Just now watching the first season, pretty good. I liked Tim in Lie to Me. Tin Star can be a little drawn out, but still good.
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