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The Quotes Thread: The Library Is Open

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  There are many fabulous things about RuPaul's Drag Race and the quotes are among them, to put it mildly. One of my favorites was from Season 4, when Willam responded to fellow contestant Phi Phi O'Hara's attack on her with a very blase' "Your tone seems very pointed right now."

Another is from the Season 2 "reading" challenge, when Juju Bee said that her competitor Raven was "legendary," as in "leg" and "dairy."  

Post your favorite rants, raves and reads here. To quote Latrice Royale, "The shade, the shade of it all."

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Favorite line of all time:


Tatiana: If you don't like me even though I put myself out there then I'm done. Which means I'm not gonna put myself out there. I'm not gonna conversate with you. I'm not gonna invest t---
JuJubee: I think its 'converse'...
Tatiana: Huh?
JuJubee: Just say talk...

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Everything that came out of Willam's mouth was pure gold, but even though I'm not a huge Latrice fan I would say the single best line of season 4 was:

Moderator: Can you give us an example of a time when you made peace with someone you didn’t see eye-to-eye with?
Latrice: About five minutes ago, I looked across at Miss O’Hara and realized that she was ugly. And I’m at peace with that.

What really killed me was how Chad completely broke character when it happened.

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"Nurse!  Oh nurse!" 

Pretty much everything ever to come out of Willam Belli's mouth makes my day. 

OK, that could be read to be dirty, especially since I'm talking about Willam.  I swear I didn't mean it that way.

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So, so many fantabulous quotes but I'll just start with this one from Miss Joslyn Fox, soon to be Miss Congeniality of Season 6 (oh, I betcha!) during the Comedy episode:

"I Know that stand up comedy is not my cup of soup ... cup of tea ... cup a bowl of what? ... cup of tea. This is not my cup of tea."

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Love this thread!

Willam's "Your tone seems very pointed right now" was awesome.

I have used Detox's "I've had it, OFFICIALLY!" on more than one occasion. Sometimes it just says everything you want to say.

Alaska had so many gems, but the one that still makes me laugh is, "I live for Chaz Bono. Chaz Bono came out of Cher's vagina."

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Sahara Davenport: She has left such an impression in this show, Miss Mystique, such an impression, oh my god.

Raven: Well she fell twice onstage and left an impression in the stage.

Speaking of Mystique, her most famous quote, to Morgan McMichaels: "I will whup you ass! Bitch, I am from Chicago!"

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Miss Alyssa Edwards:

"Get a grip, get a life, and get over it."

"It's not personal, it's drag."

"I don't get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous."

"Don't get bitter, just get better."

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Are we allowed to post images here? If not please spank my naughty wrists, but this quote from this season still cracks me up on a daily basis when I think about it.


Also, "Backrolls?!"

My husband and I also regularly quote Sharon Needles, "You don't know ANYTHING about fashion." When she all glumly got down off of the kitty scratching post during her magazine photo shoot.

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Do you have a Significant Other that needs to drop a few pounds?


Are you struggling to find a way tell them that their waistline is no longer a thing of perfect beauty?


I find that a well placed "May I call you Jiggly?", gets the message across in a succinct and effective way.

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I always laugh when I think of Bianca yelling, "I'm stealing everything!"


Other gems, from the top of my head:


Bianca: Calm down, Beyoncé.


Bianca: Trinity reminds me of an old friend I knew when I was in New Orleans. She's done.


Bianca: Not today, Satan! Not today.


Trinity: What I want to know is, how come no one's gonna congratulate us on how well we did?

Darienne: Well, the vibe of the room was going a bit different ..

Trinity: Oh, why, because for once none of y'all got a good critique?

Bianca: Girl, I want to toast your nasty ass on that one!!

Darienne: Stop hanging out with her! You're rubbing off on her!


Ben de la Crème: Courtney might struggle with this challenge, because her bride is a real manly-man, and Courtney wears chap stick and mascara.

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The best part of LaShawn Beyond's "This is not RuPaul's Best Friend Race!" is that they showed the clip 1000 times, and each time she was wearing that kooky alien-headpiece thing, which is what sealed it for me.  She was being so serious, and that thing on her head...


How did I not know you guys were over here last season?!?!

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Also, I legit once told a friend/colleague that her "tone seemed very pointed" when I was trying to delicately suggest her meeting etiquette was could stand improvement.

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Bianca: Trinity reminds me of an old friend I knew when I was in New Orleans. She's done.


She's not "done," she's dead.


  Mystique wasn't one of my favorite queens, but one of her best moments was when she got in Morgan McMichaels' face with the line "Bitch, I am from Chicago!"


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Sharon Needles arguing with Phi Phi: "Tired-ass showgirl."

Phi Phi: "Go back to Party City where you belong!"

Think this was in the same argument-

Sharon: "I'm the future of drag."

Election challenge, Dan Savage questioning Sharon about her platform, "What happens when you are down in the polls?"

Sharon: "Oh, I like being down on a pole."

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This isn't that great but It just made me bust out laughing.

Alaska, talking to herself " How am I supposed to wear something so hideous??"

Ivy " It will be like everything else you wear"...

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Ivy so rarely threw shade so, to me, the humor in that was that it was coming from her.  I still HEART Ivy.


I don't know if it's because I hear this quote all the time and it's not particularly funny but Bianca's "Really queen?!" is something I say myself constantly!


But of course we can't leave out the QUEEN of all one liners Alyssa Edwards:  "sityourassdownandshutthehellupbitch" just makes me giggle every time I watch that Untucked episode.

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I didn't think there were any Party City stores in the area I live in, but I saw one the other day when I was out and about, and I rolled down my car window in sub-freezing temperatures just so I could yell, "Go back to Party City where you belong!" So I guess that's now one of my favorite quotes.

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Bianca made me laugh with practically everything she said last season. I particularly liked the closing of her standup routine: "I will show you versatility when Santino wins a sewing competition and Visage wears a fucking turtleneck. Ain't gonna happen!"


And the line that's most fun to use in everyday life, Shangela to Stacy Layne Matthews: "Eat that chicken, you bitch."

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Ginger Minj: Of course Michelle Visage is going to judge you! It's. Her. JOB!


Trixie Mattel: Is anybody not a dancer at all?

Violet Chachki: I'm not not a dancer, but I'm not a dancer.

Trixie Mattel: So are you a dancer?


Sasha Belle: I like the scat.

Ginger Minj: I bet you do.


Ginger Minj: When I saw Jamal standing there, I just about flood my basement.

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Trixie (to Violet): OK, we need to be listening and not talking, because when we're talking, we're not what? ... Listening.


Pearl: She's just mad because I'm pretty, and she looks like John Goodman in a wig.


Kathy Griffin: Do not talk to a 53-year-old comedian about age, okay? You picked the wrong panel, bitch!

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Jasmine Masters: Panties, bitch!


Jasmine: You gotta pop them corns so the kids can eat.


Jaidynn: It's gonna be a real drag show cause they're gonna have to drag me right on off the stage cause I ain't going home. No ma'am, no ham, no Pam, no cauliflower, no cornbread, no green beans.

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Miss Fame: I'm the glass half full. [Violet] is like the empty bottle you'd find next to the chair.


Miss Fame: If you think it's funny, then present it in a comical way.


Mrs. Kasha Davis: We're talking about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and she's like, "Who?" I'm educating this youngster.

Katya: I'm not actually that young. I'm just ignorant.


Ru:I don't know if the AARP covers death drops.

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Katya: Ginger's going to be the evil villain which is perfect because she's playing it like Ginger Minj as Danny DeVito as Tony Soprano as The Fonz as Michelle Visage.


Violet: I'm supposed to hold a cake AND a drink while I do all of this?

Ross: No one said it was easy.


Michelle: Max, I asked you for one thing. What was it that I asked you for?

Max: You asked me not to wear any grey hair.

Michelle: I'm waiting and I'm becoming impatient.

Ross: I couldn't disagree with Michelle more. I think if grey hair is your thing, then I don't think that's a bad thing.

Michelle: And that's great but nobody's asking her to change. Just try something different.

Ross: That's exactly what changing is.


Michelle: I am not from Staten Island. I am from New Jersey.

Merle: What's the difference?

Michelle: We say our Rs, darling.


Ross: Michelle, I cannot believe that you would say Max is predictable.

Michelle: Oh, you don't know every week what she's going to look like?

Ross: No!

Michelle: Every week she's going to have a white face, grey hair, and a spot on her face.

Ariane Grande: As somebody who always wears their hair the same way, I identify with Max.

RuPaul: Would you ever do grey hair?

Ariane: If it were in a ponytail.

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RuPaul: If you ain't got nothing nice to say about somebody, don't say nothing at all - or just ask Bianco Del Rio to say it for you.


Katya: Snatch Game is the challenge that every fan of RPDR has been waiting for. We put on these giant latex frog costumes and we go through a fiery obstacle course.


Katya: Snatch. [mouths VAGINA]


RuPaul: Being kind is one thing, but being the winner is a completely different thing. I just want you to do what's in your best interest, not in the best interest of the other contestants.


Katya: I'm trying to serve sexy and confident whore. Slutty cougar on the prowl, third rate Faith Hill impersonator. 80% sexy, 20% disgusting.

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