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  1. Yes! This really bothered me that Michelle quit. I mean, I guess people miss their kids, but why feed into that stereotype for moms? Just wait until you are eliminated. She was probably next anyway. And then when FNS casts a strong woman like Amelia, she gets eliminated for coming across as too mean (for a woman).
  2. I agree. If anything, Audrey has been given a pass by many, even though she is supposedly the target of the house. People want to connect with her and hear her story. Jason and Meg have said they wanted to talk to her on a personal level and often times she goes straight to game. Austin has said he wanted an alliance with her just to avoid being on an opposite side of her and be labeled as transphobic. I feel that Shelli did not backdoor Audrey this week not only because she still wants to work with her, but also doesn't want to be seen as targeting the transgender woman. She may have even said so explicitly. The HGs are very aware of perceptions outside the house and do not want to be seen as bad people. Clay and Day never trusted each other from the beginning. Day/Shelli/Audrey had their "alliance" on the first night but trust has eroded on all sides since then. Audrey- with her lies to everyone, Day- not picking Shelli for the fast forward has not been forgotten, plus Shelli is being drawn away with her stronger bond with Clay and is going after his targets, one of which happens to be Day, due in part to the sneaking in the room situation and how that was dealt with. When it was Day vs. Audrey, Shelli still wanted to take Audrey's side even though it was clear she had lied. Day has strong support among Jason, James and Meg, as well as Steve (but she pushed him away) but they were not in power this week to protect her. I feel there were a lot of game dynamics/loyalties that put Day in this position on the block that don't seem to me due to her race.
  3. What I thought was funny about the Jasmine death threats segment was that Ru's response was to quote lyrics from Sissy That Walk, "Unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind." Available on Itunes.
  4. Oh yeah, that was a pretty good rap. The end of it was like, "Remind me of the end of The Notebook? That's right, she forgot you."
  5. I don't know why this is so funny to me but Amy often uses the same weird names for people's wives or kids. Bill Hader's talk show character's wife was named "Darflin" and I know that name has been used in other skits. I am not even sure it is a commentary on anything.
  6. I thought Godfrey made a decent argument in the final 2 but it comes down to who the people in the jury were tight with. They want to vote for someone they were friends with. Godfrey was close to absolutely no one. He only got the Bruno/Bobby bro vote. Please, producers: for Season 4, can we get some new blood in the Side Show? I'm REALLY sick of Gary and Peter's schticks, especially Peter. He is way too mean and opinionated for someone who didn't even make it far in the game. Let's give some of the other personalities a chance- would love to see any combo of Kevin/Jordan/Britnee/Sindy as the Side Show replacements.
  7. I think that was too much that happened all at once. Was the audience bored with this cast already? I think many of the contestants had talked up a big game and not enough drama was happening. I thought the season was going ok though. The problem for me with the swapping out 4 are that it wasn't those 4 that I wanted to leave. Ideally, I wanted Chloe, Harriet, and twins gone with Kieran and Sarah staying. If I could choose from the safe group, I would have wanted Eileen gone. Didn't need to be 4 since Aaron left. Ugh and I can't forget the worst part, showwwwbizzzzz. He said it a billion times when he came back. Please, he needs to be next one gone.
  8. Yeah, this lady is unwatchable.... I guess this might be entertaining if you were there live.
  9. Did anyone else see Busted!Calvin Harris instead?
  10. Finally remembered the time Knight had helpful advice for someone was Battle of the Seasons 2, ep 4 where he was relationship counselor to Big Easy, for his issues with Devyn (the time she didn't want to tell Big Easy the biggest age difference in a guy she dated in the past).
  11. I, like the British public apparently, hated Simon instantly. "Showbiz!!" Ugh. However, I think it is too harsh to boot someone on day 1. What is the point of that? It might have been really funny to see how bad he annoys the other houseguests. Oh well...
  12. I didn't think anyone performed that badly. Miss Fame did not stand out as the worst to me. I don't know how it's fair for Michelle Visage to say Miss Fame was being over the top (vs. being naturally funny) because the clips I've seen from old John Waters movies has some of the worst line reading I've ever heard. The actors in these movies sound like they are reading their lines. It sounds very unnatural and lacking comic timing. Miss Fame was funnier than that.
  13. I did laugh when Wes walked in and calmly stated to Jordan, "For the record, I have never been on steroids." I don't think anyone did "steroids," as in anabolic steroids. Nowadays, bodybuilder guys and pro athletes are using HGH to get big. This is my opinion: I do not think Wes, Bananas, or Landon used anything. CT and Zach, to me, look like they take HGH. CT wearing the Bananas backpack definitely to me looks like someone on HGH. Then on Exes I, he had no endurance on the mountain, which people said was because he was a smoker but I also think his muscles contributed to that, burning up tons of energy. Zach had no endurance on Free Agents.
  14. Jonna: All she had to say was that they considered who Knight/Jemmye wanted to face. I realize he's not the most likeable guy and his death was due to drugs so production probably doesn't want to discuss that, but I felt sad that Diem got a "I heart Diem" special and Knight got nothing.* I haven't watched this entire season yet so maybe there's a segment at the reunion? I'm sure many of the cast members have at least some fond memories and anecdotes they could have shared about him. I just rewatched the last few years of Challenges and remember there was at least one episode where he had good advice for someone that was appreciated (I know that sounds vague but I can't remember the exact situation). *Edit: Watching some of the extra videos on mtv.com and see there was an Episode 4 Aftershow with a Knight tribute segment, so that was nice. Poor Jemmye. She and Preston talked a little about their first impressions of him from their season. Nany said he was her boy even though he threw her luggage in the pool on BOTS2. Apparently Camila was close with him as well.
  15. I was against the AYTO kids on principle. If the producers want new blood, then do Fresh Meat III. Now, I'm finding them a bit more likeable now that we are seeing their personalities. I think I can accept Adam and Brittany because at least they are athletic, but at the same time, I don't want producers to do this again. The Challenge is for Real World people, not all MTV people. The performance of the AYTO couples on this Dome was a joke. The food wasn't even gross. I was expecting Round 3 to be something disgusting, and there needs to be a minimum bid so the person doesn't get away with eating just a few bites of something.
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