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  1. blaase

    S06.E05: Flying Monkeys and a Tank of Nitrous

    I am fine with Tammy, she makes me laugh If more Tammy means less of Bonnie’s awful fiancee all the better.
  2. blaase

    Great News

    Loving every episode of this season I know the ratings aren't great but this needs to stay on for a while! I also love the little tidbits of Vicki Lawrence.
  3. blaase

    Bob's Burgers

    This show just always underwhelms with all christmas and most thanksgiving episodes they should just skip them. Which is surprising since they absolutely kill the halloween (and one easter) episodes.
  4. blaase

    Great News

    This show is a gem so glad I caught it after will and grace. I just realized the actress that plays Katie was on cougar town ,loved her there also.
  5. blaase

    Bob's Burgers

    This season is pretty damn awesome so far, not counting the premiere episode which I hated.
  6. blaase

    S09.E06: Rosario's Quinceañera

    RIP Rosario Salazar :( My favorite tv maid ever, sad that she died just 6 years before she was set to get that ten million dollar inheritance from Stan. I hope Megan gets herself another Emmy takes real talent to make me cry both tears of laughter and sadness in one episode.
  7. blaase

    S09.E04: Sex, Lies and Kickball

    The actress that plays Lily is sooo bad, they should just replace her.
  8. blaase

    S25.E06: Week 5: Disney Night

    This is my least favorite season ever.
  9. blaase

    S09.E02: Who's Your Daddy?

    Isn't that what the Grace character is supposed to be, a crazy neurotic try hard mess that is overly competitive and selfish. She is just like before. She was born to play Grace.
  10. blaase

    S09.E02: Who's Your Daddy?

    I don't mind the audience laughing I watch reruns of old shows mostly anyway since I think the current sitcoms mostly suck. but they need to cast much better roleplayers the young actors that played Will's and Jack's dates were awful as was the new maid.
  11. This season's cast isn't doing it for me. No surprise the ratings are at an all time low.
  12. blaase

    Bob's Burgers

    Wtf, This was a bad idea couldn't even enjoy the episode. maybe a good idea For just the opening but the entire episode?? NO!
  13. blaase

    S09.E01: Lake Life

    Less Manny and Lily please those two can't act their way out of a paper bag.
  14. blaase

    S09.E01: 11 Years Later

    Way better than I expected Karen is still fabulous. I will be tuning in for sure.
  15. blaase

    S25.E03: Week 2: Latin Night

    This season is so boring these dlisters are dull. I guess Frankie Munoz for the win?