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  1. Did you see Dusty's outfit? If she had been judged, it would have been impossible not to tear her apart for that, and then they'd look pretty wild for having her there. For real, that outfit was tragic. Raven booted it before Raja even finished saying her name.
  2. Alright but if you tell me Jason is straight I will quit the show. Full on ugly-cry quit, like Adore.
  3. That's disappointing. I assumed Jason, Bryce, and the mustache ones were all gay. I don't really want straight people on my reality show.
  4. I totally agree with those who said Kameron was giving off Princess vibes. Lucky for her she didn't get crushed the way the Princess did after she bombed the acting challenge. I unreservedly love Mayhem, even if she was her own worst enemy, and even if she did prompt Michelle to say the biggest reality TV show cliche of all time. Mayhem is just so sweet. I don't love the Vixen, but she definitely compares well to Aquagirl. Can't blame her for sticking up for herself. They had me dying when Monet, I think, mentioned Miss Vanjie, and all the queens repeated her name. It was mean
  5. Also Mayhem is precious in and out of drag, and must be protected at all costs.
  6. I'm loving the fact that every drag race call back in Conflama was to a Chicago queen (Bitch I'm from Chicago, This ain't RuPaul's Best Friend Race, Go back to Party City where you belong). And the fact that it was Team Vixen. Messy City.
  7. Marge was wrong. I think some of these girls really will like being shot in the face. Monet is my favorite so far, even with the sponge dress. She's clever and obviously has a lot of versatility. I also love Mayhem and her vulnerability. Kalorie is the only true filler, I think. I was getting elimination vibes from Blaire (they didn't show her interacting withthe other queens, oh at all), but she turned it out in the end.
  8. That workroom scene with all ten queens. Man, what a mess. Honestly, the only one who came off looking better than before in that scene was Kennedy, who *condoned* herself well, standing her ground but not being unnecessarily rude or dismissive toward Milk. Of course, Chi Chi showed grace as always, and I appreciated having someone there who just wanted to perform and enjoy herself. Thorgy was sure bitter, but the worst was Milk. The fact that she realized that she was an asshole and turned it into "no one told me I was an asshole--I AM OWED AN APOLOGY!" Like, wow, what kind of ego do you
  9. The thing is, I think Aja pretty obviously had done her research. We don't know what, exactly, they'd been told to prepare for. Maybe they were told it was Warhol themed, and so she didn't know that the 60s wig she brought would be a total taboo. She also knew that obscure ass France Joli reference (I'm 31 years old and do not feel bad at all about not knowing who that is, die mad about it), she just didn't know how to pronounce it. That, to me, makes it likely that she looked it up and read about it, hence saying it without knowing how to pronounce it. I'm not mad about Aja going home b
  10. I was not feeling Trixie's outfit, as even if it was impressive that she made it, and it fit the era, it wasn't special. For the ball looks, I demand fashion. I thought actually that BeBe and Aja looked the best for the second looks, followed by Kennedy, although the editing meant that I wasn't surprised to see Aja in the bottom. If the soup can mattered, I wasn't feeling BeBe, since I thought her can was the most basic. The bar viewing party I was at in Oakland at least appeared to agree that Trixie's outfit was underwhelming. I'm okay with the outcome, since I think Aja never delivered
  11. I partly agree with you, but also note that the first four challenges have been performance-heavy. While Bendela was by no means expected to win the Divas Live challenge (and even Shangela was an outside favorite, given the skill sets of Kennedy and Chi Chi), I think it's not at all surprising to see these two in the top in challenges where comedy and charisma are what they're looking for. Next week, where you have to sew and put together looks, should put the two of them at a competitive disadvantage, based on what they did in their original seasons, while hopefully giving one of the other qu
  12. If someone had told me "there's a lip sync/dancing challenge, and an improv challenge, and Kennedy wins one and sucks at the other," this is obviously not the outcome I would have predicted. But wow, what a surprising and deserved win by Kennedy, and a strong performance by Ben. I actually didn't think Milk was quite so awful, but her placement as one of the bottom three was correct, and I think Kennedy made the right decision, since Milk really deserved to be in the bottom both of the first weeks (I'm still mad about her stupid, boring af Velcro dress "talent"). I really have to pra
  13. I know she couldn't be given the win for it, but Bendela had me absolutely howling during her lip synch performance. Like, I couldn't breathe. The brilliant thing about it is someone hasn't done it on this show yet, and it can never be done again. Milk sucks. She was never great, but at least on her season she seemed like she was okay with being criticized as long as she stayed true to herself. Now she demands praise and you KNOW Ru hates when people think they deserve a trophy for showing up. ChiChi had that Patti posture. She should have been safe, with Milk in the bottom. I t
  14. What a blast! I'm glad to see most of these queens back. I always thought Aja was awful in every way, and I feel like I got enough Kennedy, but I'm okay with seeing what else they have to offer. Aja already seems seriously improved, and any time we see Kennedy dancing is worth it. What's so baffling about her is how can someone who talks sooooooo s l o w l y move so fast! I'm actually very excited for Shangela! She's had enough time to bake and I expect her to be great. Of course, every time I rewatch Season 3, I like Shangela for the first few episodes, and then get really annoyed w
  15. Season 4 was available on Amazon Prime until they started airing Season 9 (because Prime only makes a certain number of seasons available), so it can't be a super hard and fast rights thing.
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