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  1. Watermelon

    Lucha Underground

    I’ll be honest. I hate the new temple, while enjoying the storyline that anywhere the symbol is, is the temple.
  2. Traci should really get counseling for why she’s still hung up about not being included in a failed singing group.
  3. Watermelon

    S10.E09: Breastworld

    Eureka staying was riggor Morris for real! That ten second jaunt with her back turned to the judges? Unacceptable! I will not have it!
  4. I stand by my feeling that the only person who can kick Traci of Toni’s tour is Toni herself. I’m interested to see how she ends up not being blamed, and I wonder if they get into the fact that Tamar isn’t on the tour anymore either
  5. Watermelon

    The Beyonce Topic

    Listen, I’m no Stan but 2 hours of black drum line based music is exactly what I want in life.
  6. Watermelon

    S10.E06: Drag Con Panel Extravaganza

    I just KNEW they wouldn’t put Blair in the bottom after her “my mama left me st the bus” moment. Color. Me. Shocked.
  7. Watermelon

    S10.E05: The Bossy Rossy Show

    None of them look alike to me. Asia always wears demonic contacts, and Monet looks like a thick bio woman in drag to me. Out of drag they look nothing alike.
  8. Traci is still traumatized about not being in The Braxton’s, BUT THE BRAXTONS WASNT A THING. They had one failed album, then became Toni background singers. Traci acts like she’s Latavia and the other girls were Destiny’s child
  9. Watermelon

    Total Bellas

    Nah, I believe it. Why do a fake break up for publicity when you could just actually get married?
  10. Excuse me for being an asshole, but I absolutely refuse to believe Traci and Towanda did any writing of the theme song. 1) Tamar is the jingle creator of the group 2) no way in hell that damn song took 3-4 writers.
  11. Fans of The show are so used to Tamar being the problem they’ve already convinced themselves Traci being fired is somehow NOT Toni’s fault
  12. Maybe it’s the Tamar apologist in me but I get so tired of Traci the eternal victim. Yes Tamar used to talk mad shit about your shitty ass husbands but 1) your husbands was shitty and 2) she absolutely said this shit right here comes with a price. but you’d rather swan dive into your feelings from 5 years ago and ask for another apology. Bye, girl.
  13. Watermelon

    S10.E01: 10s Across the Board

    I see the aquaria/cracker throughline and I don’t know how to feel because I kinda think Cracker miiiiiiiiiiiight Be copying looks, but she’s so much more interesting when she speaks I kinda don’t care
  14. Watermelon

    Small Talk: Interior Illusions Lounge

    I imagine they just aren’t blessed as men so the duct tape hides everything.
  15. Watermelon

    S03.E06: Handmaids to Kitty Girls

    Pulls the pag is short for “pull the pageant” which, I THINK, is when there’s a shenanigan in a pageant that steals the win. I’m thinking in this instance it’s a reference to a move that messes the game up in a way ru and them never anticipated.