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  1. Hell, the whole reason the MCU exists is because no one was particularly interested in what was left after Sony and Fox and whomever else raided the coffers in the 90s. Iron Man and Cap were not top sellers. The Avengers weren't either. The big deals in Marvel were Spider-Man, X-Men and, I guess, the Fantastic Four. And that's not to say that various other titles didn't get a bump here and there through storylines or whatever but those were the staples and that's why they were valuable when Marvel went bankrupt back in the day. Obviously, being left with the second and third tier heroes didn't do a damn thing to curb the powerhouse that the MCU has become. So big mega-selling titles aren't the obvious place to make a boatload of money at the theater. I still hope to see the X-Men done right, though. There are so many awesome characters that got kicked to the side for the on-going saga of Charles/Erik and Logan. And, no, I don't want to see another attempt at Phoenix/Dark Phoenix for a LONG time.
  2. I don't know exactly how they're going to do it. Thor becoming unworthy was a whole storyline as well. Then you have Jane as a doctor battling cancer and one of the points of her run as Thor was that using the hammer was killing her. When she transformed into Thor, the chemo was eradicated from her body as a poison and she couldn't remain in Thor form indefinitely. Plus she was battling against Cul, Odin's brother, who was acting as regent-king of Asgard because Odin had sequestered himself or whatever and Freya was the one encouraging Jane (both as Thor AND as a representative of the Nine Realms on Asgard) to fight the good fight and all that. Asgard was a fucking MESS. And, again, this all led up to the War of the Realms which was a long plotted storyline involving Malekith (remember that guy? From Dark World?) teaming up with Roxxon to take over the Nine Realms... Oh, did you know that Malekith had ripped off one of Thor's arms and was wearing it as a stole during this whole time too? And Unworthy Thor had an arm made of... fuck, I don't know... vibranium? Uru? The point is, Bucky and Thor never hung out together as far as I know (to be fair, Bucky was working on getting Steve, the original piece that hadn't been rewritten by the cosmic cube and Red Skull to become Hydra!Steve, out into the real world to fix that gigantic dumpster fire so he was kind of busy.) BASICALLY, what I'm saying is while I'm very interested in the concept of bringing Jane as Thor to the next film I honestly have no idea HOW they're going to do it. Which I guess interests me as well.
  3. Jane-Thor lasted four years. That's not a failed gimmick, that's actually a fully realized story. Failed books are canned by issue 6. It happens a lot. Jane-Thor had a complete and finite story arc, was granted passage to Valhalla but earned another chance at life because of her warrior's spirit. She then fought in War of the Realms in a continuation of her Thor storyline and is now headlining her own book again as the last Valkyrie. If you didn't like the storyline or the concept or anything like that, fine, but calling it a failure is just incorrect.
  4. I liked him well enough as the Mad Hatter but he wasn't a major player so he was also kind of forgettable. And I can actually say the same for his role in The Martian which wasn't very big... I mean, I guess he had more lines than he did in Winter Soldier? Maybe? Meanwhile, The Covenant is a TERRIBLE movie and no one is what I would call 'good' in it but it's so bad it's hilarious and I'll watch it every single time I come across it (also I think Taylor Kitsch is hot as fuck in it.) 'The Bronze' for example is a movie I really didn't like AT ALL but I think he did a damn good job with his character who was pretty awful but so was the main character. I tried to give that movie another go 'round after the first time and just couldn't. I mean, I barely got through it the first time. I just flat out didn't like it even though the performances were well done. Basically, what I'm saying is that I've never been repelled by a performance even if I don't like the actual movie or whatever. He's never been what's wrong with something I haven't liked.
  5. I've enjoyed Sebastian Stan in things I've seen him in. At this point, however, I know the fandom too well so if I see him in something not Bucky related I can anticipate exactly what the fans are going to say about this, that or the other and it takes me right out of the movie. Plus, some of the things I've seen him in I just flat out don't like. And some of the things he's done coming up don't interest me at all and I'm not the woman who goes 'oh, he has a lot of sex in this movie... I'm in!!' That's just not how I roll. Also, I find myself liking the absolute dork he is in real life a lot more than some of the roles he gets. It's a very weird area.
  6. It IS Michael Shannon and I'm embarrassed for the mistake. *cringe*
  7. Honestly, WandaVision looks so whackadoo that I think I'm looking forward to that one most of all.
  8. I'm going to have to die on this hill. Facebook is Family Ties. That is the Family Ties kitchen in the background with the dark wood. Roseanne did not have that wood or that wallpaper. I mean, the above is obviously Family Ties as well but that shot in the kitchen is too. Instagram's the one that's really getting to me, though. I feel like I've seen those stairs before and I cannot place where...
  9. There were at least two comments of 'I thought you should have come to the funeral but I was out-voted.' I mean, the writing was tight enough that you saw almost immediately that they didn't really give a shit about her at all -- what with the different countries her family is from, but there was enough time between Jamie Lee Curtis saying 'I was out-voted' to Michael Sheen saying the same thing that the build up to just how MUCH they didn't give a shit about her was drawn out in stark detail. And it just got worse from there. And the grandfather pointing out that Ransom was probably the one who took after him the most and the whole bit about not knowing a prop from an actual weapon foreshadowed the ending but also clarified that, out of all of them, Ransom was the sharpest of the lot. Even though they were all spoiled assholes.
  10. Facebook is so Family Ties I can barely function. That wallpaper is the wallpaper in their kitchen and that stained glass behind in some shots... IT'S FAMILY TIES!! I am stunned at how ingrained that set is on my brain to be completely honest.
  11. To this day, my youngest sister brings up the ginger body builder from the video any time this song comes on. And, I have to admit he always pops into my head when I hear the song, too... I mean, he stands out. But even more, I think of the gigantic headband craze that this song helped catapult into the stratosphere. Everybody had at least one of those things. Worn across the forehead like it was meant to be a sweatband but... no, it wasn't. Mine was blue and white and had silver sparkly twine braided into it. The 80s were ridiculous.
  12. I liked the foreshadowing that came with 'Interstellar Overdrive' playing over a panning shot of the city. It was basically saying 'Shit's going to get weird.' And it did. I, too, like a good origin story. The unfortunate side of it was that Dr. Strange's origin story was pretty similar to Tony's... but with magic and strange dimensions and stuff. I continue to wonder what they mean by it being more 'horror' which I recall was the intent of the first one but that didn't really happen. And I'm a big wienie when it comes to scary stuff but that's generally more the gore than, say, a good psychological thriller type. So I'm curious as to where they're going with the next Strange. Although bringing Wanda in should give them the opportunity to make it even weirder.
  13. So it IS the Demon Bear?!
  14. Totally accurate. Never mind that Dulles was in a constant state of construction at that time which REALLY meant you couldn't stop at that curb and just... wander off. I lived in Vienna but it was so far out Hunter Mill Rd that it was easier, faster and closer to take the Toll Road to Dulles to pick up my Dad from his numerous business trips than it EVER was to go into DC. Also, being before the age of cell phones... it was all a guessing game. If we left to get to the airport when his flight landed it would result is SEVERAL turns around the loop because we neglected to take into account how long it took for him to get in from the midfield terminal. I remember seeing Die Hard 2 in the theater. It came out in 1990 so I was still living in Virginia (although probably going to school out of state at the time) and I do recall going 'that's not Dulles' A LOT. Had quite forgotten all of it... thanks for the memories! Yes, that's true. It's across the Potomac so it is in Virginia. Meanwhile, Dulles was out in the boonies so the whole plan to take over made total movie sense to me.
  15. Wakanda wouldn't trade in vibranium, we all know that. In regards to the other... are we importing the ducks? Were we losing our duck population? Or did they just migrate?
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