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  1. No judgement from me, Kevin. I, too, would be speechless in the presence of Tony Leung. It's entirely possible I would dither a bit but I would TRY to maintain some dignity.
  2. I went to see this last night with some friends. First time in a theater in I don't even know how long so that in itself was rather delightful. I was introduced to Tony Leung in Hero back in 2002 and he was so captivating that I dove headfirst into Hong Kong cinema for awhile. Every time he came on screen I audibly sighed and my friend just laughed. I thought that first fight where he fought Lieko Wu was absolutely breathtaking. I mean, it was so beautiful that you knew they were falling in love. Sean and Katy's friendship was wonderful. I loved how they leaned into the more irr
  3. I feel like that's not too far from what the comic series actually was. I only got an issue here and there when the idea appealed to me but I don't remember a lot of them turning out well. With this series, we've got the first episode which is a retread of Cap's origin movie but Bucky didn't fall and become the Winter Soldier and Steve got to be the little man in the big suit. Then the second episode we have T'Challa being the Best Starlord Ever and even talking Thanos out of his bullshit plan. And everything since then has been death murder murderdeath and misery. What the hell, guy
  4. I still haven’t watched the zombie episode. I just… no. I really fucking hate zombies.
  5. Killmonger and General Ross teaming up with Tony Stark tech is a nightmare, no doubt. Although anytime Ross gets screwed is delightful. But Shuri and Pepper teaming up? Now I’m interested.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. I hope they at least ASKED him, you know?
  7. Rogers: the Musical is everything I didn’t know I wanted.
  8. I am not looking forward to the zombies. I do not like zombies. They are a consistent recurring nightmare and making Cap one is just salt in the wound. I really don't like zombies.
  9. My thoughts exactly. Seriously. I even call it 'that fucking song' and have since it came out. And yeah, I'm the one who posted what it was. In a way, it's fitting. Given the absolute fuckery showcased by this list that fucking song being at the top is actually perfect. You know, in a screaming into my pillow kind of way.
  10. Dandesun

    Clueless (1995)

    Well, I do appreciate the Chris Evans' film debut clip because, you know, Chris Evans. I actually showed this to my almost 15 year old niece yesterday. She thought it was all right but I think there were a few things that didn't land to her 15 year old self. Truthfully, she loved Clue way more. I know it's not the same wheelhouse but still.
  11. I'm okay with the Russos not running the ship anymore as far as directors go. They had their say and then some when it came to the Marvel firmament and they did good. In some instances they did great. But at this point, I think different voices are necessary.
  12. Back in the day, my Mom had an 8-track (!!!) that was basically Tammy and Loretta's greatest hits. Lord, if ever there was a peak way of showing their voices off. There's Tammy singing 'Stand By Your Man' and 'D-I-V-O-R-C-E' while Loretta is all 'Don't Come Home a-Drinkin' with Lovin' on Your Mind' and 'Fist City.' And then I think of the commentary in the Country Music documentary where Tammy was always singing about standin' by her man and Loretta was telling them where they could get off but Tammy was constantly in and out of marriages and Loretta was married to the same man forever an
  13. I still sing "I was raised by two lesbians" when I hear that song. I just like it more than "I was raised by a toothless bearded hag." Although her being incredulous at 'a spike right through my head' is even funnier given that it's the real lyric.
  14. I suppose this is as good a time as any to express my outrage that there's nothing of John Denver on this list. Now, I admit that there's a huge nostalgia factor when it comes to him. My Dad loved him, I grew up on his music as much as I did the Beatles or the Stones or Dolly or Loretta or Waylon or Willie. And there was such a blowback of 'he's not country, he's folk' but that holds absolutely no water whatsoever when fucking Kid Rock is on this list. They have a fuckton of Jason Aldean songs on this list and yet, somehow, 'Rocky Mountain High' 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' or 'Back
  15. And now Charlie's gone. Charlie Watts passed at 80 in London surrounded by his family according to their rep. Rock just lost a lot of its roll today.
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