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  1. Dandesun


    It sounds like 'Children Children' was what 'Springtime for Hitler' was trying to be.
  2. Dandesun

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    Well, she’d have fit right in with all the other Beyoncé disasters.
  3. Dandesun

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    Aside from the BIG DRAMA of Yvie/Vangie/Silky... there was also the A'keria/Plastique shenanigans. That little 'talk' they had in Untucked where A'keria's all 'so what was all that between you and Rajah?' and I'm sitting there going 'the thing that YOU started?!' And A'keria follows that up with 'some of the girls think this... or didn't quite understand that' and, again. I'm going 'YOU! YOU are the one who thought that shit and scuttled over to tell Rajah about it all! YOU!" This isn't the first time contestants have not understood the deal that some Asian queens deal with in their families as immigrants and it made me sad that Mercedes was gone because I think she could probably share some empathy with Plastique about how their family's culture clashes with their LGBT+ identity and life. It was a similar situation with Kim Chi when she said her mother did not know she did drag and there was this huge push from Ru to come out and 'be your true self' -- and it's just not always that simple. And it seems, also, to be a case where you're either totally supported by your family or you don't have anything to do with your family because they don't accept you... there doesn't seem to be much middle ground among the contestants so the fact that some queens have strained relationships with their family because they may know but not fully accept so the queen shuts that part down when they're with the family, or that the boyfriend is working on showing the family members what an amazing performer and person the queen is while they're away. It seems that Plastique's relationship with her family is very complicated but A'keria jumped to a conclusion that she was lying, told Rajah about it, that escalated and now A'keria's all 'well some people think this' and not owning up to her part in ANY of it.
  4. STYLISH nonsense. Which, yes, is his usual but there an awful lot of faces there that I quite adore.
  5. Dandesun

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    Augh. I meant to say "over 50" and clearly my brain and typing were not in synch. But, yeah, the point remains. I knew that Ru would love the Joanne Worley because she was on Martin and Rowan's Laugh-In and Ru did a send up of their cocktail party scene in the first All-Stars. Last I saw Amazon Prime had season 1 & 2 available. And young queens would do well to check it out because there is tons of stuff to mine there as far as looks go. Worley wore full on drag... dresses made entirely of feathers, big hair, big voice. Nina got that one RIGHT. (Plus, clearly Ru loved that show.) I mean, I get a real stand out reality show contender but what even is that anymore? There are SO MANY reality shows and Ru clearly didn't know who was being referenced a few times. The queens that can nail those older references come out with a lot of cred. It's surprised me that it took this long for us to see someone do Charo. CHARO HAS BEEN ON THE SHOW!! It continues to surprise me that no one has done Dolly -- I mean, you could argue that Trixie models herself after Dolly in any number of ways but no one has done Dolly on Snatch Game and it seems like that would be a no brainer. We've had several failed attempts at Beyonce and Gaga. We had a disastrous Diana Ross but I'd love to see someone do a really good send up of Diana. I don't know, it seems like a no brainer to stop with the constant reality show contestants (and that includes other drag queens) and figure out that your audience is RU. BTW, for those who aren't familiar with Joanne Worley, you might know her as the voice of the wardrobe in the animated Beauty and the Beast. She even gives a guy a makeover in that flick!!
  6. Dandesun

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    *sigh* Snatch Game, when you've got performers who can really bring it, can rise above the majority of the chaf but when there aren't any truly amazing stand outs it really doesn't work well. It's a hard challenge but, at this point, they need to hit it out of the park in order to be remotely memorable. I'll join the chorus on being tired af with the 'reality show contestant' impersonations. It just highlights how many queens have ZERO references outside of current pop star/reality show persona. That Nina and Shuga both went to actual old school references with Harvey Firestein, Joanne Worley and Charo made me extremely happy. It was also nice that they both performed well. It was actually hugely disappointing that Yvie and Brook Lynn both went outside the reality show box and crashed and burned but, hey, I guess it happens. Silky winning was... ugh. It reminded me of when Stacy Layne Matthews allegedly did Mo'nique but basically did her character from Precious and won. (Granted, that wasn't an especially strong snatch game, either. Although it was only the second time they did it so it was still in infant stage.) I know Ben de la Creme did Maggie Smith's character from Downton Abbey but having seen Dame Maggie in interviews there really isn't that much difference between the character and actor. Actually, Silky got a storyline very similar to Stacy Layne in this episode. Her ability gets called out and she wins a lackluster Snatch Game as some sort of victory/redemption. Problem is, too many of Silky's talking heads were her carrying on about how Yvie called her talentless. It was at least three separate instances in one episode. Combine that with her sucking the air out of the room with her silent treatment bullshit. Here's the thing, Vangie and Yvie buried the hatchet. Vangie apologizing to everyone about the hot mess that was Untucked scored major points with me. Yvie telling Silky she was wrong and acknowledging how well she did in Snatch Game scored points with me. Silky basically calling Yvie trash in her talking heads did not. Yvie and Silky were opposing forces from jump (and, to be honest, I sympathize with Yvie on that because having to deal with Silky's antics has got to be exhausting on a good day much less when you're dealing with chronic pain and trying to get over an injury as well) but Silky's attitude towards Yvie and her drag is way too much like the shit we saw with Alexis and Raja, PhiPhi and Sharon, Roxxxy and Jinkx... Pageant looks just don't seem to change all that much. Yvie does different things. Silky's got one face that she paints, she only paints for 'beauty' and actively pooh-pooh's anything that is outside of her 'beauty all day long' box. Also, it does surprise me that very few queens realize that current pop culture is not Ru's wheelhouse. Ru is 50. You know he barely has an idea who any of these reality show people are. But reference old game shows, the 60s/70s and you're already going to be ahead of the game. Most of the queens in season 5 had absolutely no idea who Little Edie was and questioned Jinkx's wisdom about it but Ru got it, Jinkx played the shit out of it and won. Ru's the deciding factor in Snatch Game not the audience. Nina already had a leg up on everyone else because Ru knew exactly who her characters were. And Silky had a leg up because Ru is enamored of her personality -- but Ru doesn't see all the rest of it so that doesn't surprise me at all.
  7. Dandesun

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    "Her power is a song within her..." Okay, anyone showing Biggest Drama Queen of All Time Erik that he ain't the end all and be all of draaaaamaaaaaa gets a nod from me. Also, I will be spoiling the hell out of myself with this one because if Jean DOES kill Mystique, I will go to the theater and see that play out on the big screen. Also also, there are an awful lot of people going 'yeah, kill her' with only Scott being all 'ummm... not cool, guys.' Hank's probably on the 'Let's help Jean' bandwagon until she (hopefully) kills Mystique and then he gets all growly and shit. (Yeah, the Hank/Mystique romance doesn't really do it for me, either, but pretty much nothing involving Move!Mystique excites me at all.)
  8. Dandesun

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    MCU Clint remains a staid, solid SHIELD Agent who weirdly likes bows and arrows. 616 Clint is a dumpster fire who weirdly likes bows and arrows. Then there's Animated Clint who is a sassy train wreck who weirdly likes bows and arrows.
  9. Dandesun

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Executive meddling has fucked with too many movies over the years. Executive meddling insists that characters of color and women characters can't carry a successful movie. If there are executives 'unsettled' by this... GOOD.
  10. Dandesun

    Deadpool 2 (2018)

    They can kind of do whatever they want with Cable given his time traveling and all of that. Yes, he had a son in regular 616 (??) continuity. He also had a clone. And then he took Hope and raised her through the hellscape of a ton of different futures with Bishop on their trail trying to kill her. But given that Deadpool exists in some strange-ass pocket dimension where Copycat doesn't seem to exist and Negasonic Teenage Warhead actually has explodey powers as opposed to telepathic and pregoc powers then, sure, Cable can have a daughter in the future. Why not?
  11. Dandesun

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    "Glad you got your relationship sorted... half the universe is dead." To be fair, Pratt has made that reference a few times. He did a couple of videos before the second Lego Movie and had Emmett, Owen and Starlord in their Lego forms and it usually ended up with Owen kicking Starlord off frame and going 'you're the reason half the universe died!'
  12. Dandesun

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I love that both Cheadle and Evans took issue with rhyming 'Groot' with 'soot.' I love that sort of nit-pickery. Yes, it's an eye rhyme (a la William Blake with 'The Tyger') but when you read it out loud and have to alter the pronunciation for it to be an ear rhyme it does feel a bit unwieldy.
  13. Dandesun

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I knew Carol and Steve would get along. He was totally down for the 'punch him and fix it' solution. I also like Carol's 'there's a lot of other planets out there and they don't have you guys' response to 'and just what have YOU been doing, new person?!' Hee!
  14. Dandesun

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Well, in the words of the Warner Brothers (and Sister): It's a great, big universe and we're all really puny. We're just tiny little specks about the size of Mickey Rooney. It's big and black and inky and we are small and dinky! It's a big universe and we're not! In all seriousness, though, Carol seemed first interested in helping the Skrulls find a home and possibly to find the other refugees that were scattered about. I would imagine that would take a significant amount of time. While this is happening, she's dealing with Kree coming after them. Then we have the situation where the Nova Empire reached a peace agreement with the Kree and that's when Ronan split from the Kree Empire and allied with Thanos. So, in that 20 years... Carol helped the Skrulls and *possibly* ended the Kree-Skrull War. POSSIBLY because we really don't know. However, the Kree were either then immediately engaging in war with Xandar and the Nova Empire or fighting them simultaneously. We have no idea if Carol had any influence on that at all. BUT we do know that the Nova-Kree peace resulted in Ronan going rogue and starting to paint himself in the blood of his enemies while allying with Thanos in order to bring back the glory of the Kree Empire. Of course, Ronan died at the end of GotG but I do sometimes wonder what he would have done when he realized Thanos was going to wipe out half of the Kree as well.
  15. Dandesun

    What makes you dump a book?

    I am a woman person and I wouldn't recognize someone in an Ellie Tahari suit. I didn't even know that was a thing. Isn't it just possible to describe said suit as 'impeccably tailored' or 'clearly a designer label?' If I ever read a cozy mystery where someone drinks Kim Crawford wine I am burning that book! Because I am against that wine on principle!!