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    Disney Films

    Song of the South contains the trickster tales from various African folklores. Rabbits are common trickster characters and Brer Rabbit is a trickster character that was brought over from parts of Africa because of the slave trade and incorporated into American folklore. A white man created the character of Uncle Remus and published a series of books that were tales that he heard from persons of color after the Civil War and through the Reconstruction Era. So, already, you're dealing with a white man profiting off of culture that is not his. That he also wrote the dialect as his interpretation of --gods, I hate even writing it-- Deep South Negro furthers the problems. Obviously these stories are shaped by the time and place that Harris lived but the whole point of progress is to acknowledge that even if he was writing these stories to showcase the struggle of the Deep South he was very specifically highlighting the 'struggle' of the plantations. You know... where slaves worked and had no rights! And even when they were working on this film there were problems. The man who wrote the screenplay was told by the Hays Office that some of his terminology had to be removed. That was in 1944! Disney hired another guy to work with the screenwriter to help combat the 'Uncle Tomism' that the first guy was bent towards being from the South. The entire history of this film is fucked up. It really is. The stories themselves are wrapped up in some seriously messed up cultural morass. Folklore is a hobby of mine, I am by no means an expert, but I know what the characters are in that tradition... the trickster and the antagonists trying to trap him. The Laughing Place is a quintessential trickster story and that's fine but it's still wrapped up in a fucking NIGHTMARE of cultural grievances and, ultimately, these are stories that slaves brought over that wound up benefiting white men. Then you have the situation where James Baskett, who played Uncle Remus in the movie, was voted an honorary Oscar which made him the first African American man to be awarded the Oscar and it's just like... the whole thing is a mess. It's just a mess. Are there good things about it? Sure. But there are so many problems that outweigh them it's just... ugh. Ugh. I'm so glad they're changing Splash Mountain. I really am. The retheming will work perfectly in Disneyland as it's right next to the Haunted Mansion which is part of New Orleans Square. Magic Kingdom isn't as obvious as far as land theming goes but they'll figure it out. I'm glad Tiana gets more room to shine. But Disney really should come up with a way to deal with the repercussions of Song of the South. Just burying it isn't enough at this point.
  2. Bruce Springsteen's 'Thunder Road' references Roy Orbison and 'Only the Lonely' in the first stanza: The screen door slams Mary's dress waves Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays Roy Orbison's singing for the lonely Hey that's me and I want you only... And then several years later, he wrote 'The Promise' which references a few of his own songs but 'Thunder Road' is featured throughout. (He also references 'Darlington County' in the song.) And then Eric Church has a whole song called 'Springsteen' which references 'I'm on Fire' and 'Born to Run' specifically. U2's 'Angel of Harlem' references Charlie 'Bird' Parker, John Coltrane and his 'A Love Supreme' album, Miles Davis, and Billie Holliday.
  3. Does it get better than Helen Hunt crashing out of the second story windows of her high school after sniffing angel dust?
  4. I drunk bought The Blues Brothers the other day because it's one of my favorite musicals. (Even if it's only for the scene at Ray's Music Exchange... that's what tips it over to musical for me.) Obviously I have no regrets.
  5. I loved Huey geeking out over the chance to analyze their experiences if they explored the city rather than returning to the lab. Glomgold's billboard reminded me of Joey's Japanese commercial. "Ichiban! Lipstick for men!" There was a lot of hugging in this episode! I loved Gyro being all 'okay but when we go back to Duckburg that stops!'
  6. They were very easily accessible. The late 70s was also when disco was on the rise and prog rock was huge. Disco ruled the airwaves for a decent amount of time and while it's well known now that it came up through the underground gay clubs a lot of the kids back in the day probably didn't know that. But typically, young boys would scoff at anything the girls liked... and girls liked to dance and disco was all about that. Plus, it involved a lot of women performers. Prog rock was good stuff but it also got up its own ass, too. You hear stories about bands on tour just turning their back on the audience so they could just jam with each other and... why go see a show if that's what's happening? KISS was all about getting that audience. Their songs weren't overly complicated (easy air guitar!) Their look was unique. Their show was over the top. Explosions! Fire! Blood! Loud! And they had no qualms about appealing to the masses... they wanted people to buy their merch, and so they did.
  7. This list... is an atrocity. They've got Lovesick Blues in the 700s and It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels in the 600s and, somehow, Kid Rock is on this list? For a Lynyrd Skynyrd rip off?! Not to mention the sheer volume of cap wearing assembly line dudes who all look and sound the same. It feels like every now and then they throw in a legit choice that comes off as shocking based on how they've put this monstrosity together... but I swear to God it feels more and more like they just threw darts at a lot of these and went 'yeah, that makes sense...' The conversation about the rankings, however, remains stellar. They are SAVAGE. And rightly so.
  8. I love Singin' in the Rain. I introduced it to a friend of mine and my set up for it was like I was Stefon from SNL. 'This movie has everything. Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Conner. Gene Kelly's ass. Gomez and Morticia Addams. A fashion show. The most iconic dance number in the history of film. Dream sequnces. Cyd Charisse and her amazing legs. And it ends with a lip synch for your life!' Then we spent the whole movie ooohing over the clothes, commenting about how Don and Cosmo were in love and that Kathy's addition created an OT3. Is this the first believable throuple on film? Maybe.
  9. If you've ever seen Martin Short's impression of Katherine Hepburn then Sherry Pie's really falls... well... short. The gag of the handwriting giving her the opportunity to always give the correct answer was funny, I guess, but Hepburn was whip smart and had absolutely no fucks to give. You know when Chad Michaels' Cher lost it and wondered why she was on 'these chicken shit gigs?' Hepburn would have gone there earlier.
  10. I, too, will be watching Onward tomorrow. The first weekend we had Shelter-in-Home orders (I actually have an essential job... fuel... it's a thing a lot of people still need so I am still working regular hours and have only the weekend to look forward to) I opened Netflix and there was a documentary called Pandemic and immediately below that Outbreak. I turned Netflix off that evening. We're also watching the Great Pottery Throw Down on YouTube. Just finished the first season. I know it's not movies but it's creative and interesting and soothing so... you know... just what we need.
  11. I watched Airplane! the other day. And even though a significant part of the plot is a number of passengers and the entire flight crew getting sick, it's because of food poisoning rather than what we're dealing with in the real world. Also, it's still fucking hilarious.
  12. My only interest in Ricki and the Flash is Rick Springfield. Honestly. And that's probably ridiculous but... that's it. Despite that, I still haven't mustered up the time to actually watch it. Maybe I just like the idea of Rick Springfield playing Meryl Streep's rock n' roll boyfriend even with her ridiculous hair and I don't actually have to see it play out.
  13. THAT WAS MAYHEM?!?!?! *dies*
  14. So did anyone else get HIM from the Powerpuff GIrls in Crystal's runway? Just my house?
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