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  1. Most cheating songs piss me off. And this one? **rage** Especially the whole 'You're married to my friend so I didn't say anything until now because I love you soooooo much.' Some friend. Also, my Mom's name is Linda and she would never do that so I'm ticked off on more than one principle. Fuck you, Linda. And fuck you, Conway-voiced narrator, I hope she dumps you for your best friend in a month.
  2. I fell asleep the first two times I put it on... but it was because I was exhausted from a shitty night's sleep and actually wanted to fall asleep while something MCU was on in the background. Once I was able to focus on being awake, I absolutely loved it. It was as weird as I was hoping for and I hope it gets weirder.
  3. This is already as weird as I was hoping. More so even. *cries in Asgardian* I'm so happy! I, too, would watch a series of all the stupid bets Thor and Loki made throughout their lives together. Especially if Heimdall is there going 'I see everything and yet it's astounding even to me the combined idiocy of you two.'
  4. Very interesting... but let's ask the real question here: Is Bruce Campbell going to show up?
  5. Dandesun

    Disney Films

    The most enraging thing about this is that a movie where Emma Thompson and Emma Stone snipe at each other wearing fabulous couture is one I would normally want to be there for!! And, I swear, there are shots here that I'm like 'I can sit here on a Friday with my friends drinking wine and loving the shit out of this.' But I cannot... I cannot stand giving fucking CRUELLA a sob story origin. I loathed it with Maleficent and I loathe it here. Both are magnificent villains in their own right and didn't need an explanation as to why. I don't need to know why Cruella's name is CRUELLA DE VILLE
  6. Dandesun

    NHL Thread

    Anyone else hate Pierre McGuire and just shake their head in confusion and disgust when he's commentating? It seems an almost unifying thing across NHL fans. In fact, I named my new Litter-Robot 'Pierre' and often tell the cats 'Go shit in Pierre!!' Anyway, I'm pulling for the Avs and I'm also pulling for the Wild to knock Vegas out of the first round. Because of the online comic 'Check Please' my sister and I refer to Vegas as 'the fucking Aces' and while I'm not afraid of the Avs beating them, I just really would get pleasure out of them getting booted in the first round of playoffs.
  7. Justin Hammer in the MCU is Mark Beaks in the rebooted Ducktales. Pew! Pew pew!
  8. Yeah, this is solely on the writers. You know, the ones who intended on having Steve and Sharon be living together at the beginning of Infinity War, couldn't quite figure out how to make it work and then scrapped the whole thing and just erased her completely... and then had Steve wind up with Peggy at the end anyway? The entirety of that felt like the writers were just like 'Sure! Let's do this! Whatever! He was Peggy's husband ALL ALONG!' I am also not remotely upset at Steve not appearing in FatWS. That is SAM and BUCKY'S stories. As much as I adore Chris' Steve, his story is done and
  9. I have a complicated history with Carol since my first exposure to her was through the X-Men and Rogue. I think the first time I saw her in the pages was shortly after Rogue showed up begging for help and then the team went to Japan to be there for Logan's marriage to Mariko where Rogue legit almost died protecting Logan and Mariko from Viper... and then when they got back, Carol as Binary showed up and socked Rogue into the atmosphere. It was good stuff because there were a LOT of complicated emotions and reasoning -- and Rogue was just ONE of the times that Carol had her life and memories fu
  10. Oh my Gods. That is amazing. WELL PLAYED! Also, did I know Richard E Grant was a part of this?! Because I have loved him since I first saw him in LA Story and he joined the Star Wars universe already but now will be part of the MCU? This makes me so happy.
  11. I made the mistake of reading Dracula before seeing Bram Stoker's Dracula in the theater and I came out of that going 'What the actual fuck what THAT?!' I was angry about it. My friend, who had seen it before, went with me and kept calling it 'My Left Tit.' I often default to that as well. Anytime Lucy was remotely around the influence of Dracula her tit would pop out. And don't even get me started on Wolf!Dracula fucking Lucy in the graveyard. I get that vampires became a means of expressing the repressed sexuality of the Victorian Era but... crimeny. Poor Keanu was just terrible. I hate
  12. It may have gotten worse but it was never particularly good. Hell, just listen to 'The Highwayman' and you're going to be going 'One of these things is not like the others... one of these things just doesn't belong...'
  13. I was just thinking 'Well, RuPaul IS over 60...' Looks great but the bones are old. The right person did win. At least there was that.
  14. Pancho & Lefty is a great story song. But even though the Willie and Merle version is the most famous it's really not the best rendition of it. I think if you want a great singer's version, listen to Emmylou. However, I think listening to Townes Van Zandt sing his own song, despite not being remotely a great singer, is the best. It's like listening to Kris Kristofferson. Kris is not remotely a great singer. And, generally, I'd rather hear someone else sing his songs than him... but there's some that work for Kris' voice. It's the same with Townes. He's not a great singer but there are
  15. Yeah, that's definitely one of those movies I love to rewatch. I love it after they win the last game and they're all celebrating, Dorn punches Rick and then just picks him up and hugs him jumping up and down in celebration. Poor Rick did wind up as a pawn in the Dorns' sexual games but the moment was still funny.
  16. I want Deadpool to meet Thor so he can crush all over him. Repeatedly.
  17. Not believing in wizards when Dr. Strange and Wong and a passel of other magic users were RIGHT THERE is a weird thing to say. I mean... they're two very distinct class types in D&D 5e but there's still BOTH of them. And... no one knows that Wanda does actual magic at this point. I want that scene of Wanda revealing that she's a witch to those two and Sam just going 'HA!!! I told you!!' And Bucky being stubborn and saying 'A witch isn't a wizard!' and Wanda just going 'My imaginary children are more grown up than you.'
  18. I am interested in seeing how this killing plays out... The guy Walker!Cap killed was the guy that was holding Walker's arms so Karli could flat out murder him. Sam was all 'what did you do' when he saw evidence of Walker having taken the serum but the second Walker said 'They've got Lamar' Sam was backing him up. Sam and Bucky and Walker were all fighting against the Flag Smashers. So what we ended up with was the guy who used to be a fan of Captain America taking a very hands on part in trying to kill Captain America and then getting killed by Captain America. Also, how quickl
  19. Steve didn't think himself worthy of the pedestal. I mean, he had his convictions and he fought for them but, come on... 'I'm just a kid from Brooklyn.' But I do agree that Bucky is tying his self worth into Steve's legacy. But I totally get it. Bucky saw worth in Steve when no one else did. Steve went up against the world for Bucky's sake, to get him past the brainwashed Winter Soldier and back to whatever he could choose for himself. Steve still saw something worthwhile in Bucky after all of that and he was right to do so. Sam... isn't quite there yet but he's learning more about Bucky
  20. Walker's bought into the propaganda. He seems to have not taken into consideration the years that Steve gave up the title and was persona non grata to the world at large. He's so completely bought into the propaganda that he thinks the title of 'Captain America' is all that is necessary. He throws that around just as much as he does the shield. Steve never referred to himself as Captain America. He never introduced himself as such. He never used the title in reference to himself. Everyone else did. John Walker is a hell of a soldier. He's even a decent man based on what we've seen of
  21. Yes, she looked shocked. It's one thing to lock a door and drive away as bombs go off or to call a woman and threaten her and her children from an ocean away... it's very different to murder someone up close and personal with your own limbs. It's very different to see what you have very specifically and personally done. It's all well and good to talk about your idealogy in broad terms and paint those who oppose with the broad brush... but this was up close and personal. She killed a man who was trying to protect his friend. And, see, she wanted to kill Captain America. She said as mu
  22. Well, he did apologize to Bucky for the whole Civil War thing. Also, I do wonder if Zemo knew that Bucky was just lying low. He had the serum but he wasn't out there trying to take over anything or destroy anything... he was hiding and just trying to buy some god-damn plums and piece his memory back together. Plus, I'm inclined to think that Bucky being free of the words means he can't be used as a weapon by others... not even himself. Still, it might make for a good final moment between them. Zemo may very well want to get rid of Bucky when all is said and done. Walker taking the s
  23. I was very much reminded of Civil War with Steve bringing that shield down on Tony and even Tony had his arms raised to ward off a possible killing blow... but, Steve was never going to do that. It was about incapacitating the suit so he could get Bucky the hell out of there. Yes, Steve has killed people. He was a soldier and when he came out of the ice, being a soldier was all he really felt he had to fall back on, but that's not what he was when he was given the serum. Steve did shift from 'I don't want to kill anyone. I don't like bullies, I don't care where they're from' to wanting t
  24. For me, I liked that Peggy's story didn't end with Steve. Even when it was just that one shot of Agent Carter that came with the Iron Man 3 DVD I loved the fact that we something of Peggy AFTER. When she got two seasons of Agent Carter, even better. I loved her interaction with young Howard and Jarvis. I loved her kicking ass. I loved her moving on. Her life wasn't defined by Steve, he was gone and she wasn't. That was what I liked; her perseverance. I understand why they did what they did. They had to remove some players from the stage. They killed off Tony probably because they would n
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