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  1. I love force-sensitive Finn! And that has been my headcanon since Kylo first seemed to sense him in that first stormtrooper battle, but they really dropped the ball on using/showing it. I was glad that they implied it as strongly as they did, but it was something that could have been used to amazing storytelling effect, but it just really wasn't. I understand why they went back to Tatooine for the ending, (though I agree with some comments I've seen that it was a weird choice given the planet's relationship, or lack thereof, to the various Skywalkers), but I would have loved to have seen Finn and Poe lounging near a ship in the distance, waiting for Rey to finish her goodbyes to Luke and Leia, and then seeing her walking back towards them... That would be awesome!!!
  2. Yes, you're totally right, that is a powerful message too... even if you don't see anyone else doing it, still do the right thing.
  3. Me too! But I so wanted her to say something like, 'we heard about another stromtrooper who escaped, and it gave us hope that we could do that for ourselves too, so we did!'.
  4. Saw it on Friday. LOOOOOVED it. Haven't laughed in a movie that much in awhile. Had a good crowd though, so maybe that helps. Everyone actually clapped when the credits started to roll.
  5. Good idea!! This has the perfect vibe for a matinee!!! I also get the feeling Ransom is going to be plagued by dogs periodically through the entire movie. Which tickles me to no end.
  6. New trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. OMG that's perfect. I love it. And I'd love for CE to get critical recognition for this too, and he's definitely been mentioned (along with Craig, De Armas, Collette, & Plummer) in a lot of the reaction posts that I've seen.
  8. I LOVE THAT SCARF!!!!! And the colors are FABULOUS!!! And the movie seemed to be very well received at TIFF.
  9. This thread is glorious. Character posters... SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
  10. It definitely has!! The landscape for how fans interact with entertainment properties is much wider now, and they definitely have a multi-pronged approach for all things Star Wars. But one of the great things with the current technology, is that each fan now has the ability to curate their own experience. To get as little or as much immersion as they want. I love that!!
  11. I don't recall either CE or HA ever confusing Sharon's character with EVC, though. And there were plenty of valid reasons to be squicked by how Sharon and Steve's relationship was portrayed on screen, but that's on the creators that chose that route for the characters. 'Shipping' isn't why fans are inappropriate or mean to an actor/actress, it's just the excuse. But because 'shipping' gets the easy blame, we never address the real issues, which often come down to misogyny, homophobia, hetero-normative bias... etc. eta: There's also a HUGE difference between explaining why you find something (popular or not) problematic, and specifically telling someone they're wrong for liking/disliking something, or dismissing/belittling their reasoning either way. And that fundamental misunderstanding of what helps foster effective discussion/communication is found everywhere, not just 'shipping wars'.
  12. Saw this on twitter and it's so fucking true: Yep, STILL PISSED.
  13. Eh, shipping wars are just part of the symptoms, they aren't a cause. And I guess I feel like the idea that the moral universe bends towards justice is a myth, I think it bend towards apathy and it's why we keep repeating the same patterns through the decades. No one seems to realize there is no finish line, you always have to stay vigilant and keep fighting injustice, because there will always be selfish assholes trying to cause someone pain (which is another reason the ending they chose for Steve's character, of all characters... burrrrnnnnns so fucking much). Fandom is the best of us and also the worst of us, and I think it always has been. The only thing that changes is the technology.
  14. There was a lot of valid reason for dissing Sharon and Steve as a romantic couple, but Emily definitely did not (and does not) deserve to be treated like she was. I actually loved her character in WS, it was the PTB's story decisions in CW that were poorly done.
  15. I would hope for that too, and it seems like it might be possible: (the tweet that Spellman apparently 'liked' said: "i trust u.. give us buddy cop shenanigans without forced het romance.. please it's all i ask.."). So... maybe.
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