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  1. Yes, I thought that this was a really important part of the overall mythology, that they saw literally everyone else as disposable and only existing in service to their need for power and comfort.
  2. I'm more seeing this as a way to correct the huge mess they created when they decided partway through phase 3 that everything was supposed to be "connected". It also frees them up to tell different stories without fans expecting everything to be connected now. And given how haphazard their creation process is (per what what has been described about how Loki was handled), they need that leeway because the left hand doesn't tell the right hand what's going on.
  3. Ha! Yes, Disney is in the business of infinite delayed gratification. And as someone elsewhere put it, that's the basic business model of a drug dealer.
  4. Hmmm... now I am also wondering if whatever happened to cause that change Loki came back to in the TVA (whether there are now multiple versions, or if the whole facility was somehow memory wiped and reset, or if just Loki was wiped from everyone's memory, or something else) was something that Ravonna specifically did (or will do), or that Kang himself did when he was messing with that gadget, so that the TVA couldn't effectively interfere with his new plans.
  5. Just a point of clarification, this was Steve & Bucky's song first (and far more poignantly), before it was recycled for Steve & Peggy later in EG. I am so glad that Eric Martin confirmed that Loki has been changed by these experiences, and that they didn't want Loki to regress and fall back into old patterns!! This makes me very happy, and gives me some hope for S2. I think it will be fun to watch Loki and Mobius find their way back to each other, while hopefully reinvigorating Loki the Trickster and god of mischief in the process. And from another of EM's comments, I fee
  6. Exactly. There are no Primes, everyone is a Variant. And all Variants are their own Prime. Miss Minutes was how He Who Remains kept tabs on and directed his minions at the TVA. And Miss Minutes was how HWR gave Ravonna whatever that was that will probably give him some sort of edge in the new phase of his existence, and I think her stepping through that's portal is what started the time lines branching. And I think that was also the moment he'd been waiting for, the moment after which he didn't know exactly what was going to happen, and the moment after which it he had chosen to end
  7. "And Alexander wept, seeing as he had no more worlds to conquer." I have lots of thoughts, but I still need to digest more. Jonathan Majors did a excellent job with a character that could have come across very 'cartoonish' but didn't.
  8. This so rarely happens for me I just have to give a small 'yay' for having some of this be right. :-D
  9. At this point, I have zero trust in the MCU PTB who seem to place such a high value on nonsensical endings that 'no one could guess', but I have very much enjoyed this series, when I wasn't sure I would ever enjoy anything MCU related again after EG. So for that alone, I appreciate what they did here (whatever their choices in the finale end up being). This is part speculation/part my wish list: I think the TVA has to be fundamentally changed when the finale credits roll. What that looks like, I'm not sure. I don't think the TVA will be completely destroyed, though this facility cou
  10. Interesting idea. I could see that if Kang's goal had been to eliminate the Infinity Stones and decimate the Avengers, he would have succeeded in that with Endgame and then once he won, he got bored? And I could see one of the Lokis taking over an abandoned Castle, assuming the superficial glory without having to do any of the work. But then that would make the more important conflict happen at the TVA itself, between Ravonna and Mobius, so there'd have to be a way and a reason to get our Loki at least, back to the TVA, I'd think.... hmmm.
  11. Ah!! Thank you!! That is intriguing... I will have to do some googling!!
  12. Kang references do seem to be showing up a lot (kind of like Thanos did). Re: a Loki Variant as the TVA head - literally anything is possible in the MCU (whether it makes sense or not!! LOL), but probably the biggest thing that leads me away from that possibility is that one of the main, defining characteristics of a Loki is that they are undisciplined. They are survivors (which is a defensive stance, not an offensive, organized one), not leaders (even President Loki didn't fare well). And while Sylvie seems different, even she is more of a survivor than an activist. She's obviously
  13. Easily the best part of the episode for me, he deserves all the cheers!
  14. I could see Mobius releasing B-15 to help him get a private word with Ravonna, but who else would he get? And it feels more like they are setting up a private confrontation between him and Ravonna, especially if she looking for information (aka backstory we'll need going forward on the TimeKeepers and how the TVA was formed, which should tie into Mobius' backstory as well).
  15. Hmmm. That was... fine? I enjoyed it, it was definitely fun to see the tiny Thor (providing I don't think about how long he might have been stuck in there) and the other Lokis. But especially for a penultimate episode, it was almost devoid of new information. It's only purpose seemed to be just moving the pieces on the board from one place to another - Mobius back to the TVA, Sylvie & Loki to the TimeKeeper's castle gates. I can't think of any new information we were given, and it was just rehashing emotional beats we've already covered, especially between Loki & Sylvie. Even the smoke
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