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  1. Oh, Sweet Jesus , you ain’t kidding.
  2. Not sure if this counts as an Easter egg, but Annie sure reminds me a lot of the Broadway ( i.e., relatively sympathetic) interpretation of Margaret White in Carrie: the Musical. I bet I’ve given like 1/50th of the readers out there a ferocious earworm. 😁
  3. I don’t know what this says about me as a human being, but
  4. I thought Esparza’s turn in “Lady’s Man” was hilarious, mostly down to the way he and Dinofrio were deliberately getting in each other’s faces. At one point Esparza smiled at Dinofrio with absolute poison in his eyes,( after D. had fiddled with like the dozenth personal item of E.’s) and you have never seen a pair of lips and a pair of eyes on the same face communicate such polar opposite messages. That and “(innocent face) Oh darn, I forgot to send a fax. Just a minute. (Door and face simultaneously) SLAM.
  5. I stumbled across some of Raúl Esparza’s Broadway footage (Hot shit, that man can sing!) and the above posts mentioning his periodic absences make me wonder, “Hmm, when was he in that revival of Company?” (IOW, you think he had them put it in his contract that they’d work around his Broadway schedule? Also, Google his name plus “ Rocky Horror Show.” Because, damn.)
  6. Just trying to think outside the box :D
  7. Oh, I agree the boss was a clodhopping boob, and that they should have not hinted at concern but expressed it, but I think they were trying to save Russell from burnout. Agreed, in other words.
  8. I'm gonna really throw my hat into the UO ring and confess I kind of feel for Sanjay. I though there was a brilliant nuance in the way they handled the whole job competition arc-- Randall immediately read their interference with his account as pure sabotage, and maybe getting one up on Randall is a perk for Sanjay, but ISTM that both the boss and Sanjay seemed to be operating from a place of concern. While the actors spoke lines that read like typical corporate manouvering, the tone of voices, the body language, the exchanged glances over Randall's head suggested that somewhere in
  9. Do y'all think she might hand off the baby to Jessa and Adam?
  10. A few predictions: Gunther is dead, and has been for a long time. Noah is involved somehow. Noah's mom did not request him to put pills in her pudding. Now that we have we have discovered that Noah was kind of one of the Lockharts of his own town, we will discover that Noah's family has some connection to the family that cursed the Lockharts. Bonus pounts to the writers if they work it out to resemble the lyrics to that crazy ass Fiona Apple song.
  11. Well, I continued with the marathon, so I guess that means I found that place you did vis a vis the zen of bad acting. And anyway, if they were shooting 30 episodes per season, I guess I have to give them a pass given they probably had little time to rehearse. And I'm a Walking Dead fan, so I'm not particularly squeamish, so the fact that the wood chipper scene made me jump kind of surprised me. But then I saw the acid swimming pool ep and thought,"Bitchplease, woodchippers ain't nothing."
  12. Was it John who was pronouncing the word "mole" like he was a freaking toreador? Or was I hearing things. Accent on the second to last syllable. If the word is only two syllables, that means the first syllable. Sorry, it just bugged me. But the dish itself looked... Lickable, I guess, so that's the important bit.
  13. Hi, people. I am new to CSI anything and I just saw the season 7 wood chipper episode. I feel the need for some PTSD counseling-- for everything from dripping wood chipper guts to really really crappy acting. Any advice? Or are you all going to just laugh at me and say, "Bitchplease, that ain't nothing."
  14. ... And was very glad that Lisa Schmeiser called Noah a Mary Sue in the Talk it out piece, because seriously, if the shoe fits...
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