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2 hours ago, Valny said:

I don't always pay attention, can someone tell me who was this Mark guy again?

Information taken from this website:

Luther season 5, episode 3: Who is Mark?

Mark North was is a character who fans will remember from seasons one and two of Luther.

He was the new boyfriend of Luther’s late wife Zoe (Indira Varma).

Viewers will remember back in season one that Zoe and Luther were estranged and Zoe began dating Mark.

Both men ended up in a violent altercation in the very first episode, so there is a lot of history there.

Luther and Mark are polar opposites and saw each other as rivals both vying for Zoe’s affection.

Zoe was murdered back in season one by his former partner DCI Ian Reed (Steven Mackintosh) whom Luther was chasing.

The detective was even framed for the murder in the series which gained the show its cult flowing. (Stupid website the correct word is following.)

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13 hours ago, Valny said:

I would think she is, but is she really?  Did anyone read any spoilers where it said she's definitely dead? Because you never know, unless I have it confirmed, I won't believe it yet.

Entirely possible, but during that scene where he's holding her before she falls, it made me think of the first ep and a similar situation. Found the ep on Amazon Prime and sure enough, the series starts with Luther having a child serial killer cornered and holding on to a walkway that fell through. Luther didn't "help" him off, but he didn't help up either. The guy fell and right before we meet Alice for the first time, the mention the guy who fell is in a coma not expected to wake up.

There were a couple of other callbacks to the premiere, so who knows?

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Well shit, I kind of expected Halliday to die, as much as I hoped it wouldn't happen, but I didnt see that coming at all! I thought it would be this season serial killer, not Luther's serial killer bestie! 

But, as Alice herself said, what exactly did Luther expect here? He has known who and what Alice is from day one, but still had this weird friendship/romance/fascination with her, but he had to know that she was a wild card who might turn on him or someone he actually liked any second just because she felt like it. I do wish we had seen him really break ties with her instead of her getting to choose to die. Or probably die anyway. 

That house with all the dead bodies with masks on was super creepy, and while I found the serial killer couple rather underdeveloped, considering how much time we spent on them, they were certainly creepy and enough of a challenge for the last season. I did giggle at Luther very pettily telling the shrink that no, she can NOT have a glass of water! 

Not an awful season, but I do think that they ended with a whimper instead of a bang. The awesome acting could only do so much to hide the dumb character choices from people who should know better, and the lackluster plot. 

That being said, ending on "Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood" was a great song choice for the last scene. Its basically the DCI Luther theme song. 

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I found the serial killer mystery/chase much more interesting than the whole Cornelius and Alice sideshow.  I really liked Halliday and her interactions with Luther, and the fact that she proved herself quite capable to the skeptical department.  I was shocked when she was killed.  However, I think that finally pulled the blinders from Luther's eyes where Alice was concerned.  

Just a bit confused-was this the season finale or the finale for the entire series?  Thanks.

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On 6/23/2019 at 7:55 PM, Ohwell said:

In general, I thought this series was rather lackluster compared to the previous ones, and it kinda went out with a whimper.  

I actually think this season was a thoughtful evolution. Luther has always been presented as a cop that stops just short of rogue. He bent a few small rules at first. But he has continued to evolve, as the world around him has gone to shit.

This season, events pushed him over the edge to breaking the law. AT one point, Luther takes Alice to the police station, and she mocks him about doing the right thing (turned out he was doing online research, but still). So Luther's character is still there.

Later, Luther positioned it nicely himself at the end, talking to Halladay about how waiting for backup and a warrant could mean that women who are currently alive would then be dead. He wants to break all the rules, regardless of cost, because that is the quickest way to take action, and maybe save lives.

This season, Luther firmly and completely crossed to the other side of the line, because when you are dealing with murderers (George) and psychos (Alice) all day, your perspective changes. Plus, Luther always had this potential flaw in his make up. That's what made him such an interesting character from the pilot.

The interesting thing this season was that, when Luther did cross the line at the end, it made no difference. All the people in the house were already dead. AND Halladay was shot and killed by Alice outside. So he fully threw away his last vestiges of integrity, *and it didn't matter."

Now, he has been arrested. Will it stick? Guess we won't know unless there is more. If there is no more, then the show's ending message, and our character's arc, is sure depressing.

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That's a thoughtful analysis.

However, I still thought the series ended with a whimper.  I really enjoyed the first four seasons, but this last one was tired. 

That's just my opinion.

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I think the problem with this season was Luther was always reactive, instead of proactive. Luther was behind the eight-ball and never got in front of it. Other people solved his problems, his only real victories seemed to be against the female psychiatrist, everybody else got the better of him. If the writers would have found a clever way for Luther to solve his own problems, I think I would have had a more positive opinion of this season. 

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1 hour ago, AnimeMania said:

think the problem with this season was Luther was always reactive, instead of proactive. Luther was behind the eight-ball and never got in front of it. Other people solved his problems, his only real victories seemed to be against the female psychiatrist, everybody else got the better of him. If the writers would have found a clever way for Luther to solve his own problems, I think I would have had a more positive opinion of this season. 

ITA. I kept waiting for Luther to flip the tables and surprise the bad guys. But honestly, the bad guy stories were all over the place. There was George, then the crazy dude, then the crazy psychiatrist, and Alice, and it was not a tidy set up for Luther to outthink everyone.

In fact, I wonder if that was intended. Because this entire season featured a tired and almost fatalistic Luther still trying to save people but also barely giving a shit beyond that for laws, his own life and, possibly, the lives of those close to him. if so, that would fit the concept of Luther evolving as a character. But it leaves him in a dark place. And the only message I can take from that is, good people on the police side can't win in the long run. It changes you to something else. Which, when you think about it, isn't so different from The Wire.

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Just caught season 5 on Amazon, as I waited til it was free. 

As the Brits would say, I'm gutted.  It was so disappointing, dark, and not worth the wait.  

I hated it.  Literally. 

But then again, it was free, so maybe it was worth exactly that much. 

Idris is so much better than what they gave him.  Ruth is better than what they gave her.  There was too much torture, too many pointless "GOTCHA" trying-to-be-shocking moments that they lost all impact.  Too much bizarre, kinky and physical pain for the plot points.  Detective Elizabeth did NOT need to die. 

And of course the last 10 minutes of the John/Alice cat-and-mouse chase was beyond predictable.  A blind person could have seen exactly what happened coming a mile away. 

I loved the first 4 seasons of this show, so I'm going to pretend these last 4 episodes don't exist.    

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Yeah I've watched season 5 eps 1 and 2 and I'm disappointed so far so I got spoiled on the rest.

I figured Alice would die but I don't think the storyline was (is) being handled very well. The thing is Alice is a psyco narcissist so I could see her turning on John when he was not exactly what she wanted, but killing the cop, the guy's son, meh. 

The whole jewel thing was not in character for her. I feel like they forgot Alice was also supposed to be brilliant. If she needed money I'm sure she would have found better ways to get it. Same with the kidnapping of the son. It was all too ridiculous and mundane to me, didn't fit Alice.

I hope they are thinking this is the end of the show, bc I personally wouldn't watch it without Ruth Wilson.

Also enough with the serial killers. At least in the first two seasons there was some variety- the jewel thieves, the guy that had been in the army.


ETA Well I've finished season 5. My opinion above is slightly revised- Alice killing Cornelius' son and Halliday made a little bit more sense when watching then just reading the spoilers. But all in all I was still disappointed with the season. Like others said, it was just so dark and dreary, both Alice and John seemed suicidal. 

I ended up fastforwarding through the serial killer stuff because I just had enough of it. Cornelius was an interesting character imo- they are capable of doing something other than deranged serial killers when they try. I also liked Katherine (and Emma before her).

Poor old Shenk. I was a little surprised fans were so upset over Benny dying. I was much more upset over Ripley, I really enjoyed him. 

One thing I would have liked- when Luther and Alice was talking about the past Luther said the problem said she was scared, and she said the problem was he left. I can imagine both those things being true, but I would have liked a little more of the gradual shift to things going south then this let's kill one another all of a sudden in s. 5.

It's still hitting me how dreary this was and seemed so different than the earlier seasons....I don't know why showrunners/writers feel like bleak misery is the best artistic way to go. Bleh. Not sure I would watch any of this season again and not sure I would watch any future seasons.   

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I don't understand his fixation with a movie, bc he has been on about this for yrs. Frankly limited run series are equally prestigious at this point. 

I feel like a sixth season would have better potential. If there is any good story left here at all.

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I'm assuming Ruth Wilson isn't in it....? 

I'm almost sorry he is doing this bc I don't think it will do very well. So my disclaimer is I am pessimistic by nature but I just don't see this being successful, especially without Wilson. 

I also don't fully understand why he wants to do it. They had a lot of freedom with the short run tv series and they could have done another if he wanted to character to continue. Tv series like that have just as much cache and acclaim as movies, if that is what he is after. 

I feel like this show is like Idris Elba's baby and he is looking at it with rose coloured glasses, and not necessarily making the best choices for it. I just get a vibe from him that he is not really seeing the show clearly the last couple years. I would hate to see it decline to total crap. 

Convince me I'm wrong! I would love to be wrong.

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Luther: The Fallen Sun, is the name of the upcoming Netflix movie arriving in March 2023. 


A gruesome serial killer is terrorizing London while the “brilliant but disgraced” detective John Luther sits behind bars, haunted by his failure to capture the cyber psychopath who now taunts him, Luther decides to break out of prison to finish the job by any means necessary.

Cast includes starring Idris Elba as Luther,  Cynthia Erivo (as the detective who is also Luther’s nemesis), Andy Serkis (as a criminal villain) and Dermot Crowley, who returns as Martin Schenk.

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Looking forward to the new movie, I always loved the series and the character. I just came out yesterday on Netflix so it's high on my to watch list.

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Luther: The Fallen Son.

I think the bad guy was way over the top i would have preferred a more grounded killer. But then we wouldn't need Luther as the regular homicide unit.

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On 3/12/2023 at 10:29 PM, Raja said:

Luther: The Fallen Son.

I think the bad guy was way over the top i would have preferred a more grounded killer. But then we wouldn't need Luther as the regular homicide unit.

True, but I just did a rewatch of the series. Most of the murderers were over-the-top serial killers with elaborate setups and twisted motivations. 

Luther has always had a comic-book, Gotham City vibe, so the over-the-top moments have never bothered me.  

Loved the movie. I never realized how much I missed Luther till I saw Idris Elba on my screen in that famous coat. And I loved his interactions with Cynthia Erivo.

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