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  1. I like Natalie Dormer, but this show just reminds me how much better Tatiana Maslany (sic) from Orphan Black was at portraying multiple characters. Nathan Lane is great, Tiago, meh, but I'm enjoying the show. Can't wait to see Nazis get their do.
  2. Glory is driving me crazy with the lack of follow up questions with her obviously distressed daughter. I guess this t slow he pacing, but it doesn’t seem necessary. How much could a young child articulate about the dream man? Ask some questions Glory!
  3. The mom seemed to have a heart attack or stroke after swinging the bat ferociously. The son was attending to her, then dad makes a call, next mom is in the hospital, and doc tells dad bad news as evidenced by his reaction. Then a male nurse or maybe same doc comforts the son, brutal.
  4. That confused me too, it looked like they broke through a door.
  5. Love this show, such tight, amazing acting. I did not expect Annie's mom's attempt to kill herself and Annie, no chance, indeed. That Annie sees no gray areas in life is a real problem, mom did her no favors. What will Joy do when she finds out the truth about Annie. And what is that creep doing sidling up to Annie at the bar?
  6. He's also 50's son IRL. Seriously, what mafia hit man brings a knife to a gunfight, this is not prohibition era.
  7. And if it's not a cop, that person will call the cops, or better yet take the $ and never do the job.
  8. Caught this last week when getting epix for another show. Great series, I used to live in Berlin so I came for the Berlin nostalgia, and stayed for an unexpectedly fun spy show. Loved Michelle, Rhys and the guys who played Robert and Stephen. Could have done without the obligatory Daniel/Esther romance, and Keke Palmer was god-awful. I really enjoyed the character's interactions, their varying levels of German fluency, and the deliberate way all the spies spoke seemed believably calculating. I knew Stephen was Diver the minute they showed him in that hat from behind, but would Esther make that connection from a picture, hmmm. Sorry the ride is over,
  9. Now I know why this fool hasn't been killed yet
  10. BigBlueMastiff


    I forget, was she that cop's CI, thus the pregnancy?
  11. BigBlueMastiff


  12. BigBlueMastiff


    I like the twist with Jett's daughter at the end, looking forward to season 2.
  13. While she may have gotten too extra on FB with the new girlfriend, no one deserves what happened to her. I believe her relatives that she had no (not know) idea this back and forth would end that way. Reminds of the Dave Chapelle skit "When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong."
  14. This, and he's a smug POS on top of it. Him thinking he got over on Ghost with his fake hug, did Ghost find his stash? I hope so.
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