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  1. The actor playing Lionel, Ned Dennehy, is superb. He’s a character actor in a lot of British shows, and is always good in his roles, just as he was here. He did slimy creep perfectly. He was great as Ebeneezer Scrooge in Dickensian. Fun series. I was disappointed when it wasn’t renewed.
  2. I’m wavering on this episode. It was well acted and had a satisfying revenge fight scene. I’m glad that although they brought the horror of the rapes across, they thankfully didn’t show too much. And I loved Claire’s dissociation scenes from the 60’s. But I’m disappointed in the stones outcome. Could it have been any duller? After the anticipation for a week to find out where Roger, Brianna and Jemmy ended up, it was where they started from! I joked about them spinning in the stones and ending up back in the past looking at Ian, but I didn’t really think it was what they would go with. I was hoping to see them in the future next season and have the past focus on Jamie and Claire. And they never elaborated on it beyond Bree’s quick “we ended up home”. Seemed a waste of a storyline. It also didn’t feel like a finale to me. I would have preferred this episode (minus the travelling revelation) to have aired as the penultimate episode, and last week’s episode as this week’s finale.
  3. We don’t know that the transport is instantaneous. They might spin around in the stones for a while. Just enough time for Ian to start walking away then, Surprise! We’re back!
  4. As I said a couple of posts ago, SassAndSnacks already reminded me of the box.
  5. But then in this show, he could reappear as an afterlife figure.
  6. You can tell by the glasses. 😄
  7. Why hasn't anybody leaked the next episode yet?! 😆
  8. Isn't that the kicker. Offscreen they're adorable together. When Sophie isn't acting. 😄
  9. Yes, SassAndSnacks already reminded me of the box.
  10. Ah, so that was the drawer in the medical kit, not in a desk. I didn't catch that but started thinking that might be what it was. Thanks.
  11. I think you're right, they do that too often. I can't imagine what storyline they'd think up having them that far back in the past. Unless they hightail it out of there right away back through the stones! Seems staying in the past where they were seems more likely. They may have just seen that they're still in the same place/time. Boring as that would be. 1572 certainly would be more interesting. I'm not sure they have the skill to write something like that though. Unless Diana writes another one. 😃
  12. lol I should have said that was Claire's scenario. So it doesn't mean other travellers will follow the same rule.
  13. 😆 Every woman's woe at some point.
  14. But that was Claire. Nothing is certain with travelling through the stones. Claire has said several times she doesn't doesn't know much about it herself. Also, didn't Claire say at one point that she didn't have stones travelling through but that she had Frank waiting at one end, and Jamie at the other. Maybe this lot of three had no one in their own time to "draw" them. So maybe they are back where they started in the past because that's where everyone important to them is. I sure hope we find out next episode and don't have to wait until next season.
  15. Not one much for discretion, is she? Why not a sign with a big arrow pointing to the kit, "Dr. Rawlings practices here, nudge nudge wink wink."
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