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  1. I was happy to see the flashback. I find Gaal and Hari’s scenes far more interesting than the Terminus storyline. I much prefer watching Gaal trying to outsmart the ship (even if it’s over our heads 😄) than watching the Terminus shootout and Salvor’s cat fight. I found this was a better episode. And... they’re bringing Hari back! Now we’re talking.
  2. ferjy

    S02.E08: Rock-a-Bye

    Where are you going, Baba? Sibeth is utterly evil. Well, Harlan survived (yay!) so maybe Paris will be saved too. But Toad... 😢
  3. The writeup says Hanover Island in northern Maine. I also found this, so it is filmed in Nova Scotia as suspected: The primary filming location of 'The Sinner' season 4 is Lunenburg County, located in the South Shore region of Nova Scotia. The cast and crew filmed some sequences in Lunenburg, a port town in the county. Scenes were shot at Bluenose Drive and in parts of the Downtown Core of Lunenburg. The town's core is a National Historic Site of Canada.
  4. It takes place in Northern Maine. So it was probably filmed in Canada. 😄 Whenever a show is set in Maine, they use Nova Scotia as the stand-in. It looked like Lunenburg and Chester to me, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, same filming location as the series “Haven” which was also set in Maine.
  5. I hope so too. He’s one of the better characters. A bit of levity amongst all the misery. 😄 I like Toad’s dry humour as well.
  6. That didn’t sit well with me either. She is so adamant that Leland is evil and will use and hurt clients, then she leaves a particularly fragile one alone with him! After they promised they would help him and keep him safe. Good going, Kristen.
  7. Yes, definitely a trigger word. The same word Edward gave Sheryl when she did his bidding. Usually a trigger word is to get someone to do some specific deed. Lexis went straight for the book. I noticed that the page with Daffodil written in had pictures of the ice pick tool like Kristin’s. Seems odd to have it in there. I wonder if Lexis is supposed to expose Kristen killing LeRoux.
  8. lol I’m in, for Sister Andrea at least. I was horrified that she might meet her demise when the winged beast showed up hovering over her bed. Please don’t kill off Sister Andrea, show. We won’t think you’re clever. We won’t find you daring and edgy. We will hate you. Sister Andrea will haunt you for the rest of your natural lives (and beyond!).
  9. Absolutely agree. What was it, 2 minutes after his vows? He hadn’t even defrocked yet. It‘s a major disappointment because it was a powerful scene with David dejected because he was clearly having his biggest doubts yet after Sister Andrea told him about the new reality he will have to face, and then he was saved by helping Kristen, a distraught soul, and realizing how much good he could do and how easily it came to him. It was quite emotional. Then they ruin it with that ending. It belittles his commitment as well as doing the same to Kristen’s commitment to Andy which she just promised. How
  10. I think it’s supposed to be a love story. Not exactly coming across that way though. The writers are probably scrambling now after reading all the comments about it. 😄
  11. The singing ghost may grate after a while and I’m not sure about the hippie girl. She can be a great character, I’m just not sure the actress is pulling it off. I did laugh at her line, “Ohh, lemme hit that,” when Samantha lit the sage. And when pantless guy explained the Internet was an invention for looking up stock prices and porn. 🤣 It was a bit chaotic, but I think once they start developing the characters of the ghosts and we get to know them it will take a better turn. Overall I liked it.
  12. The man was the guy that was supposed to kill her. Creepy Dawn has since decided to spare her for his pleasure and was afraid hit man hadn’t received the memo and was about to snuff her out. So a look of terror when the man approached her, then relief when he passed her by.
  13. I’m tired of seeing Salvor storming around ordering everyone about. I know they’re trying to make her look special and all-knowing, but they’re going overboard. Half the things she says are just a matter of being sensible. They’re making everyone around her look like idiots. Like when they were trying to figure out why the Anacreons really came there... Hugo says “What if I take my ship and go get help?” and she replies “No they’d shoot you out of the sky.” What, he couldn’t deduce that himself?
  14. To elaborate and clarify (or confuse everyone even more 😁 ), it said “17 years later” after the baby was “birthed”. So the 17-year-old Brother Dawn we saw sitting in his room while the servant “painted” his wall was the baby we had last seen. Then Gaal narrated that Empire cycled through a generation of Cleons, so that 17-year-old Dawn became Day, Day became Dusk and Dusk became Darkness and was snuffed out... er... went through Ascension, and these are the ones we’re seeing now. So the baby we saw is now Brother Day (Lee Pace).
  15. So much for my celibacy theory. That cold b... witch Demerezel just had to interrupt Empire Day’s amourous encounter. I wouldn’t have minded a few more minutes of Lee Pace in semi-attire.
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