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  1. Count me in as well as not seeing the chemistry between these two. It’s weird, it’s mostly on her side I don’t feel it. Brühl could have chemistry with a cardboard box. He definitely is one of the best actors I’ve seen. And I like Lara Pulver, so I’m not sure whether it’s the character. Too stiff somehow.
  2. That’s why I’m a little late to the thread this week. After that scene, I slobbered all over the house, took me a while to clean it up. 😁 Luke Edwards is a gorgeous man at the worst of times, but that shot was especially beautiful.
  3. I didn’t think so. I tend to agree with others that Dakota Fanning has bad posture. I’ve noticed it in her movies, it’s just more prominent here. I thought exactly that about corsets, it seems that they would keep your shoulders back all the more.
  4. 🤣 She probably tries to sneak off without him so she doesn’t have to save him yet again. She’s tired of him slowing her down.
  5. I was going to bring that up. It stands out so much. I’ve never seen it stressed in other period dramas. Actually, not only does Luke Evans do it too, but Daniel Brühl does as well, at least in this season (listen for it), so the director must have insisted on it, I’m not convinced it’s Dakota Fanning’s choice. It does sound odd to our modern ears! I too feel it’s overdone and even takes away a bit from their acting, as if they’re concentrating too much to not miss doing it, afraid of provoking the wrath of the director. “Cut! Cut! You didn’t ‘HHHWH’!” 😄
  6. Good question. I don’t think it’s you, they’re being vague on a lot of matters. It looked like maybe she’s just disturbed and lost it. Shouldn’t have let Libby in, Matron. Stupid, stupid, stupid!
  7. Ah, maybe mercury. They used to administer it for STD’s back then. Good ole Osgood may have given her syphillis.
  8. But why “The Woman”? Did they (or Sherlock) refer to her that way? She played Irene Adler.
  9. Interesting theory. But why wouldn’t she just poison the babies themselves, why risk harming herself? They weren’t clear on why Libby took the charcoal (why she would be taking poison herself). I can’t quite figure it out. Lordy, when that baby shrieked to choking level just before feeding... {{shudder}} She must be practically starving the babies.
  10. lol Last season he was beaten up every second episode so I was waiting for it. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t get bopped in the first episode, we had to wait for the second. 😜
  11. I’d forgotten how gruesome the show can get. Bodies being chopped up. Nice meal for the doggies. 😮 Babies being poisoned. When the shadow picked up the baby then grabbed the poison... {{shudder}} Dark stuff. And the dead baby in the store! Poor, poor little girl. So the doctor is going to perform a hysterectomy on that girl, so his rich client can keep screwing her without getting her pregnant. Might be what the first girl meant by “I know what you’re doing here.” Along with stealing their babies and selling them.
  12. lol Sam showing up killed me. So many operations that he couldn’t squeeze in viewing the new doctor’s surgery, yet he can take off for Chicago at a moment’s notice!
  13. I barely watch the show now but I love coming in here to read the comments. They’re a heck of a lot more entertaining than the show.
  14. I wondered about that when George started flirting with the woman at the hospital. My first thought was “You slimy two-timing….!” I figured I missed where Gwen died or he and Gwen broke up. But not even a cursory mention when Cassie was encouraging George to go for it with hospital lady. Maybe the Merriwick trio magically sent Gwen to Never-existed Land.
  15. I had a gander at the show (I haven’t watched it in an age). Good God, what’s happened to it! I watched last week’s episode and had to laugh (not at the lame jokes)… so Cassie’s been hiding an art history degree. It’s as bad as when Grace had a sudden interest in engineering. Next Abigail, florist/rocket scientist! I guess Sam has no sense of smell if he couldn’t smell those blueberry muffins baking in the oven.
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