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  1. Unpopular opinion: The way Hope runs the school is my idea of school heaven haha.
  2. Waiting for Christa Miller to be somehow shoehorned into this show.
  3. I love that there really is a "Roy is sorry for not understanding Keeley" playlist on Apple Music. When Roy said it, my apple homepod started playing it.
  4. Ive never liked Nick Mohammad/Nate. He has a spoof persona called Mr Swallows and he is fucking cringe as that. Put me right off him. Roy Kent just massively turns me on ngl. Even the way he walks is sexy haha.
  5. are we just ignoring the fact that Adrian is clearly a friend of Dorothy too?
  6. Wasn't really a fan of this episode and it wasn't helped at all by that really annoying kid. Do like Rebecca being a Boss Ass Bitch though.
  7. Doc looked really uncomfortable riding that electric bike. But she’s slowing warming to Ted and I love it. He’s irresistible. Roy continues to bring me joy. I wonder if he mouths his lines when swearing at the kids and they ADR his lines in afterwards. I’m torn about Jamie Tartt. I understand what Ted is trying to do but clearly the team aren’t on board. I never warmed to him but did enjoy his chat with Ted in the pub.
  8. Apart from the death of I really enjoyed the first episode of season2. Roy was fucking hilarious. Love his character.
  9. Refreshing to have a MFF love triangle. A lot of shows tend to only show FMM.
  10. I must have missed it but what did Vaccine Doctor say to Nico that was flirting? also I hope vaccine doctor comes back I enjoyed him.
  11. Anyone else find it bizarre how happy Maggie is to call herself and Meredith sisters but yet basically treats Richard most of the time as a nobody.
  12. Freddy died of ass fault. Man so much got past the censors. 😂
  13. Interesting to see that Melissa Joan Hart directed this episode.
  14. Seeing Sarah do the Elliot hair blow made me incredibly happy. The actress who plays the young Kate does a very good job at sounding like Sarah. In some parts it seems so good I was convinced they must have dubbed it.
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