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  1. This episode was great! Brain scratching Meg’s hairy legs was hilarious.
  2. The guy courting Lavinia has totally got to be gay right?
  3. FYI there is a post credits scene this episode.
  4. Roger is a cutie. Townes has good taste and is very lucky.
  5. Was it just me or does it look as though Annie Potts had some work done recently on her face. Her mouth in particular looked rather tight.
  6. I knew Ms Coulter wouldn’t be happy that Lord Boreal considered himself equal to her. I found it odd that not once did Mary and Marisa come across each other on Cittagazze.
  7. Georgie was looking jacked. Would a 17 year old in 1990 really have looked like that?
  8. I fucking lost it when West was recording Meg’s answering phone message. Couldn’t stop laughing.
  9. Is Montana J a father? There’s a lot of pics on his Instagram of him with a lil toddler
  10. I definitely didn’t get the joke lol
  11. The fly has popped up this season too. So there must be something to it.
  12. Wow these accents are super cringe. It’s really distracting me. They’re hamming it up big time.
  13. I take it this for the Katherine Ryan Netflix series, The Duchess. I’m a KR fan so I was really anticipating this. Could have been better. Must say that poor Evan was treated badly. Enjoyed it for the most part. 6/10.
  14. Penny’s line “ I’d rather be a divorcee than a spinster” is the most perfect line ever and totally in character. God this made me miss the show. It was gold.
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