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The Last of Us in the Media

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Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal)
Ellie (Bella Ramsey) 
Tess (Anna Torv)
Sarah (Nico Parker)
Riley (Storm Reid)
Henry (Lamar Johnson)
Sam (Keivonn Woodard)
Bill (Nick Offerman)
Frank (Murray Bartlett)
Tommy (Gabriel Luna)
Marlene (Merle Dandridge)

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The Critical Drinker made a review of the first three episodes. I always think it's interesting what more conservative leaning people outside my bubble think about shows and so I'd recommend watching it. Just don't click the related videos, because for the youtube algorithm it seems to be a very small step from conservative leaning to "batshit insane bigot".

Warning: There are some comparisons to the games in the second half, but I wouldn't say there are spoilers.


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2 hours ago, cardigirl said:

Yay!  I guess this is because of Super Bowl Sunday?


58 minutes ago, DanaK said:

Yes, according to this and other articles

D'oh!  I didn't read the article, just noticed ads (or something) on my tv saying I could stream it earlier next week.  Now the temptation is ... do I watch it early and thus have to wait longer for episode 6 or do I watch it on Sunday, and have the same long wait I usually do? 😆

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This article is a couple of months old, but it turns out I’m as far behind with reading my New Yorkers as I am with watching TLoU. It’s a really good in-depth look at the challenges of adapting a video game for a TV audience, and what the creators were trying to achieve. It was published before the show started airing so no spoilers, just interesting background info.



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