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  1. On his best day, Memphis has all the energy of a stoned area rug. He doesn’t seem like he cares about being there. Ian is another one who is basically existing; I heard him tell someone that he signed up only because the appearance fee would substitute for some income he’s missing due to Covid. I hope people like this get voted out soon so the people who really want to play, can play.
  2. Can someone please explain to me what is the point of slop? It hasn’t been mentioned on the regular shows since people were first chosen for it, and that was very quick. I’d be willing to bet that most viewers aren’t even aware that some HG’s are eating slop. If it were part of the narrative or an occasional punishment like wearing _tards, fine. But as is, it seems to exist only for the live feeds and general misery. I don’t get it. Also, did anyone get a screen shot of the recipe? That looked to be a long list of ingredients, whereas I thought it was basically oatmeal + protein powder. LOL at Christmas grumbling how the oats were in pellet form rather than flakes (in haute cuisine, presentation is everything!) and Enzo’s description of it as “hamster food”. Really. I love Janelle, but she is basically a 3-time loser, and Kaysar couldn’t even make it to jury in 2 tries. Why are they considered the Big Scary Masterminds who threaten everyone’s game?
  3. FFS, Kaysar. First round?? No, I think it plays into the show’s misconception that only Julie is worth protecting. She sounded a bit frantic with her last minute instructions: “Put on your mask! Head straight to that chair that has been placed a safe distance from me!” I’m surprised Keesha wasn’t hustled to an airtight limo and forced to do the interview on her phone.
  4. Didn’t Kesha say something about heading back to the sequester room as she was evicted? That, combined with Janelle’s comment about not being released until mid-September, leads me to think the show is still at least considering a returnee twist. They may not even know what they’re doing yet. Maybe they’re waiting to see if any Must-Returns (aka Janelle) get evicted early.
  5. I have seen them talk in the past, but last night they had a long strategy conversation that led me to believe they were each other’s main person. I could be wrong, and maybe they were both lying, but they looked very comfortable with each other.I think they’re a pair. Why does everyone want Rachel there?? I saw approximately 20 minutes of BB13, because once she walked into the house, I was out.
  6. So as far as I can tell, the confirmed pairs are Nicole A + Kevin, Nicole F + Cody, Memphis + Christmas, Janelle + Kaysar, Da’Vonne + Bayleigh. And a whole bunch of alliances flowing from there. Nobody seems to trust Janelle. Everybody seems to want Kaysar out. I’m not feeling good about the chances for those two.
  7. Bayleigh gave Keesha every. single. opportunity. to try and sway her vote, and of course Keesha picked up every hint and brokered a sweet deal. Just kidding, she was completely clueless. If I were Bay, I’d vote her out simply as an act of mercy. Keesha made mention of Bay and Da’vonne as if they’re a package deal, and Bay wondered aloud why everyone does that. (I’ve noticed that, too. I think we both know why.) Keesha: “Oh, it’s because you’re both such cool people! I think you’re really cool!” Nice save, Ace.
  8. I want to hit Like on this post about 100 times, but it won’t let me.
  9. Why is Keesha so afraid to play? She doesn’t want to campaign, she wants Janelle to campaign for her, she needs Janelle and Kaysar to write her campaign speeches... Forget Nicole F., Keesha’s the one who is becoming exhausting.
  10. Cody and Nicole: “We’re fooling everybody by pretending to hate each other. Nobody knows we’re working together!” Janelle and Kaysar: “Cody and Nicole are totally working together.” This is shaping up to be a great season.
  11. LOL. He explained the origin of “meow meow” to some of the houseguests on the live feeds. I’ll put it in a spoiler tag, because it’s from the live feeds, but this is in no way a spoiler for the season. Warning, it IS a weird story, and possibly a little offensive. I always wondered where that stupid name came from, but I can’t say I’m really better off for knowing.
  12. Once Janelle saw Kaysar heading to the door, she should have stopped herself. I know she’s fiercely independent and doesn’t want to rely on anyone else to save her, but if she had saved her pass, both of them might have been safe for 2 weeks. As it is, odds are at least one of them will be nominated next week. I hope all that bravado was just Kaysar playing for the cameras. Because if he really is feeling that cocky, I’m afraid it’s going to catch up with him, and fast.
  13. Enzo keeps getting the feeds cut off... he started explaining why he had a probation officer at age 6 (?) and- STARS... then was talking about how all the houseguests are getting paid to be there and- .STARS... and describing a dream he had last night where he was surprised to find himself back home, having sex with a Chinese woman and- STARS. Pretty entertaining guy, though. He used to sell crayons door to door, and got the “meow meow” nickname from a farting girl. Kaysar is driving Janelle crazy with the aggressive play. If he doesn’t calm down, she’s gonna cut him loose.
  14. When the plots get more interesting, I will stop obsessing over the distance between characters. But for now, it’s all I can think about. When Diane and Alexis were on opposite ends of that sofa, I was like, “That’s 4 feet max! And stop leaning forward to talk!!” I really hope things pick up soon— my anxiety can’t take it. I have actually wondered if there might be some green screen action in a few scenes. Some people have appeared to have those weird, overly defined edges that come from a process shot. But I assume there’s no money in the budget for such things? I really liked Molly Burnett when she was on, and always hoped they’d find a permanent role for her. She might actually make a good Sam recast. I don’t know what it is about the current temp Sam, but I’m not feeling her. She is a much better actor than KM, though. (Faint praise, I know. Wiley’s stuffed giraffe is a better actor than KM.) Count me among those who like Michael’s new ‘do. With the new hair and the leaner, more angular face, I actually find him attractive for the first time since, well, ever. He finally looks like a grownup. Neil’s Covid hair is out of control, though. I guess his Flowbee broke?
  15. X I was really, really hoping for Danielle and Marcellus, too. But once the flamboyant dude from a season I didn’t watch was introduced, I knew we’d met our quota and there would be no Marcellus. Same with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. I was fine with Cody when he first played, but then Paulie existed and now my opinion of Cody is somewhat diminished by association. Not his fault, but I really hated Paulie. I was kind of over Janelle and Kaysar (because I only recently saw their previous seasons and enough was enough) but I caught a little of them on the live feeds last night and they have both become such charming and level headed grownups, I’m in love again. How? Are they supposed to build giant tilting wooden ball mazes in their backyards?
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