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  1. A whole lot of overreacting in this episode. A whole lot of timeouts needed, but not given. A whole lot of people who need to mind their own business. And way too many tears. Good god. I realize that a certain amount of conflict is inevitable in this type of high-pressure situation, but I am not here for the manufactured drama. Less sniping, more sewing, please. I get that having a white man model a piece of Haitian-inspired culture is not ideal, but he’s just a model. The garment is what’s being judged, and if it’s good enough, it will stand on its own. Prajje should have been told
  2. I didn’t realize this was such a short Addison visit. That sucks. The show needs more characters like her. More grounded, likable doctors with interesting stories to tell, and fewer quirky caricatures. I don’t hate Schmidt either, but he serves no purpose. He’s just there. Same with the Sun Worshipper.. Do they have any real fans? Does anyone tune in to see what’s happening in their storylines? Recently, it looked like they were going to introduce a new batch of residents who might have actual personalities, but I don’t know where they went. As for the veteran characters, most of th
  3. So did I, even though it didn’t sound right to me. My husband actually said “Roxanne” and I told him no, that can’t be it, the Police didn’t release anything before the 1980’s. I so hate it when I’m wrong and he’s right.
  4. Exit interview with Genie: https://ew.com/tv/survivor-41-genie-chen-interview/ Aw. I would have preferred to see Genie fishing, too. Yes, she played terribly and yes, she was too naive, but I can’t really fault her for thinking Shan would keep her over Ricard. I would never keep Ricard. He’s practically the dictionary definition of untrustworthy, and who wants to take that to a merge?
  5. Yes! I haven’t quite pinned it down— John C. Reilly is in the ballpark but not quite right; I thought Elf-era Will Ferrell for awhile but that’s not right either; then I thought Fortune Feimster. (Sorry, Fortune.) But at least for now, I give the edge to Cabbage Patch Kid. I don’t know why I don’t like Jonathan. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy, and there’s nothing inherently wrong about the way he’s playing. He just bores me, and trying to identify his doppelgänger at least gives me something to do while he’s onscreen. This has bothered me for YEARS. Once in awhile, a woman with ba
  6. I didn’t even see this clue (“…Enjoli!”) but I think the Lost reference might have thrown me, too. Plus, it’s been awhile. Now, toss in a bit about Piggy’s glasses and I’d have been right there. As for Dred Scott, as soon I saw the bit about self-evident truths, my mind filled in “…that all men are created equal” and it was an instaget. So, -1 / +1 for me. I break even!
  7. Please allow me to clarify that I was not complaining about actual diversity, or saying that diversity is the reason I’m not enjoying this cast. I was joking that the casting department selected a group of disparately unlikeable people because they misunderstood the definition of diversity. A joke that, apparently, did not land. (In summary: Diversity is good!) I will agree that that the main problem is probably not the cast, but the way they’re being portrayed— or not portrayed, in some cases. While there are always those invisible people who pop up here and there, causing everyone to sa
  8. I was torn. On the one hand, it was kind of hilarious that Shan’s dumb theme song got scored and orchestrated. But on the other hand, let’s not encourage her. Thank you for clarifying. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one confused by that. This season’s cast is a huge disappointment. Coming off a season of Big Brother where CBS’s new diversity initiatives resulted in the most likeable and rootable cast in maybe ever, I had high hopes for this group of Survivors. But in this case, the casting team seems to have interpreted “diversity” as finding multiple examples of dumb, egotistical
  9. I missed the interview portion of this episode… Did Mayim happen to ask her if she brings home the bacon? And fries it up in a pan? And never, ever lets you forget you’re a man? (Cause she’s a wooooman.) Honestly, every time Mayim said her name my brain flashed on that stupid jingle and I ended up missing a bunch of clues, too. As for that previous, seemingly controversial interview segment: I’m really surprised it caused so much offense. I didn’t even see it as snark, just a lighthearted bit of banter meant to amuse the contestants and put them at ease. It was the kind of teasing comment
  10. Interesting, because that’s the reason I choose subtitles. There’s a lot of acting that goes into tone and inflection, and you lose all that with the dubbing. Maybe I just read fast, but I feel like subtitles are the only way to experience the full performance. When smoking was common in movies and TV, lots of kids picked up the habit so they could look cool like their favorite actors. Some stars were even paid to smoke, as a way to advertise it. Of course, now people know what smoking can do and should be smarter about it. But thinking that teenagers are not impressionable? You m
  11. I see blue and black! No, white and gold! Wait… actually, it’s teal and gray. Phew. Glad that’s settled.
  12. I am surprised, but happy for both of them. Surprised because while I could see they had a genuine friendship, it seemed like more of a playful brother/ sister vibe to me. Good for them. Hilarious that they had to have one-on-ones with Hannah about it. Ky has ruined all of their lives. And those pictures are absurd. I have to believe they only agreed to the Harlequin pose so they could laugh about it later.
  13. The show was half over before I realized “Oh! There’s no host!” Just proves how much we needed one. As in, not at all. I want to know how many production assistants were needed to pool Elaine’s dress around her ankles in such precise waves. Bones: “I am not the leader. Don’t you dare call me the leader. I will not take responsibility for this team.” Judges: “Who is the leader of this winning team?” Bones: “MeMeMeMeMe. I am the leader! I take full responsibility for all wins!” Douche. No matter what you may think of Christian, Bones rejecting his advice was just stupid. If
  14. There is a hierarchy. The Circles are the lowest level of worker and do the menial tasks. The Triangles are a level up— they get to carry guns and shoot people. The Squares are the bosses and direct the triangles. The Squares answer only to the Front Man. As displayed in the diagram for the final round, all shapes are required to play the game.
  15. A little Internet sleuthing tells me that, until recently, Shan worked as Associate Pastor at Emmanuel-Brinklow Seventh Day Adventist Church in Maryland. Her programs seemed to be targeted mainly at young adults, so Youth Pastor sounds right. Before that, she was Pastor-Chaplain at Pacific Union College. I also learned that she grew up in the foster care system, and has MS, which she decided not to disclose to her fellow castaways. Her musical composing skills are apparently self-taught.
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