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  1. Why is Brick there? If it takes 3 to make a “mob”, can’t we get Max back instead? And please don’t flex your flabby biceps, Steve. It’s not a good look.
  2. My latest JPS sighting! He was the “Desperado” lover on an old Seinfeld episode I caught today. I had forgotten that one. His moony face when the song came on the radio was the same look he had when pining after Anna, lol.
  3. Interesting. I hadn’t considered that outcome, but it makes sense, plot-wise. It would allow Carly to gain the upper hand over Britt, which is what she desperately wants because she cannot stand the thought of Jason having a relationship that does not involve her. That would create a roadblock in Jason and Britt’s burgeoning romance, which has to happen anyway because it’s a soap. It would also set up conflict with Sonny, should he chase Nina like a puppy to PC and then regain his memory. And of course, it would allow the show to finally examine the Jason/Carly relationship, in all its dysf
  4. Trina needs to go back to work at the gallery, because if she’s only sharing scenes with Joss, I can’t see her because Joss is insufferable and when she’s on I find I have many chores to do in other rooms. I like Trina, so… get new friends, please. Of course Jordan has to stay. Her crime-fighting eyebrows are the only things keeping PC safe. They just waggled Cyrus out of town, didn’t they? I don’t know how I feel about Cyrus being gone. The character was pointless, but I will miss Jeff Kober. But the show loves reincarnation, so perhaps he will return as a new character...: Housto
  5. Xx I agree that Liz and Finn are not a recipe for melodrama, but I like the prospect of a supportive, loving couple who are friends and have each other’s backs. And have decent chemistry besides. It’s a good counterpart to the kind of volatile relationship that Brook Lynn and Valentin have, which I also like for different reasons. They remind me of Nik and Ava (who have been backburnered for far too long), with the kind of flirty antagonism that brings out each other’s most interesting qualities. BL + Val= fireworks. BL + Chase= solid friendship, which the show needs and should not mes
  6. And this is why I would dread a return unless the role was recast. But that probably wouldn’t happen because the actress has so much history. Although… original Maxie comes to mind. So we could get lucky.
  7. I love Brooke Lynn. 10-years-ago-Me cannot believe I just said that. Nina, why are you spilling secrets to your loose-lipped grandchild in a town where listening behind corners is practically a career choice? If it doesn’t bite you one way, it’ll bite you another. I am just hoping Wiley’s first word will be “Smike!”. What is up with Roger Howarth’s return? A few scenes, then vanished. Did he get a look at the first episodes with himself in that ridiculous Boy Scout getup and say, “Nope, try again”? Nothing about that character made me eager to see more of him, but I find it weird th
  8. Yes, it’s nice to see that the White Savior trope is alive and flourishing in Nixon Falls. /sarcasm off. The fawning over Smike is ridiculous, but not surprising since people fawn over Sonny wherever he goes.
  9. But he works on GH, so he has lots of experience in how that’s done! It would not be a problem. He could also coach her through a trans-pants delivery, if needed.
  10. Or a holiday. I’m sure there are plenty of observances we left on the table. National Pissing Day, anyone? (No, really. Second Saturday in March.) Oh, yes it is. One of us. One of us. There’s no escape. The cupboard is stocked with popcorn, and there’s a case of wine in the fridge. I’m ready to go!
  11. I was going to comment, but I think @GHScorpiosRule said it all!
  12. Sonny: “I gave Nina some of my special sauce so she won’t forget me.” Ick. Gag. Please tell me he was referring to the marinara. Millow looked so crestfallen by news of Chase’s relapse, but not because he was sick— because now they have to keep the charade going. Damn that Chase! Why can’t he either get better or just die already, and let True Love triumph! So rude.
  13. I understand now why Willow fell for Michael. When he pouts, he acts just like a six-year-old. She does enjoy taking care of small children. I wouldn’t put it past them to have him impregnate her now. Since when have they let biology or logic get in the way of a storyline? Also, Sonny’s magic sperm cannot be denied. I don’t care who samples the spaghetti as long as they instantly drop their fork and bellow, “Sonnnnyyy! I’d know that sauce anywhere!!” before collapsing in a dead faint. If the reveal is going to be this dumb, might as well go way over the top.
  14. Can Millow please move to Nixon Falls? And then can somebody please just build a wall around the entire town? I’m finding it hard to believe that Valentin is accepting BL’s entire birth story without wanting more details. At the very least, he should be demanding to meet the dula. Whether for business reasons or because of cute-baby fever, how long before Brooke decides little Bailey belongs to her, now and always? My prediction: Maxie finds out Peter’s dead and tries to reclaim her baby. Brooke says “Your what, now? Stay away from MY baby, crazy lady!” and Valentin has Maxie commit
  15. Coming back to correct myself... I’ve since read that Jesse Williams might be open to a spin-off that would feature his character working in Boston. I assume April and Koracick would also be there (or at least be asked to participate). Could be interesting!
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