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  1. Denali: Lip synch assassin, indeed. That was inspired. Kind of ironic to see Kahmora just standing there like a big wooden tree. I don’t know why she didn’t make a tearaway skirt, because you just never know and should always be prepared, but I don’t think it would have mattered. Denali was just too good. My advice to Kahmora is, take some improv classes (once such a thing exists again) to build performance skills and confidence, get a new boyfriend, and don’t worry about what your family thinks. If they can’t support you, they’re not real family. They’re just relatives. Maybe I’m just partial to Tamisha, but I don’t know why she was so down on herself. Ross had to draw that performance out of her, but once she got it, she was great! Kandy can just STFU any time now. What’s the point of stirring up shit just to make your irrelevant opinion known? I really hope Elliott outlasts her, if only for spite. Symone’s do-rag look was gorgeous. I actually do see Rihanna wearing that. And her performance (“feck-trih!”) really elevated what would otherwise have been a forgettable role. She’s definitely the one to beat. Rosé is a sweetheart. I was trying to figure out why they would need face masks outdoors, since outdoors is generally safer. I’m guessing it’s because crew was present, but does that mean there are no camera operators indoors? Are the cameras all mounted to the walls and ceiling?
  2. It could be worse. He could be holed up in a cabin with Angel Boris.
  3. Not a bad idea... but let’s wait to enact it after Kandy goes home.
  4. Yes. My thought when I heard this was, You need a different boyfriend. And it’s not like this is a minor hobby; it’s a major part of her life. I also got the sense that he wasn’t just disinterested, but actually anti-drag. Dump him.
  5. The Pork Chop Queens make me happy. This was perhaps the sweetest, most positive Untucked gathering in recent memory, and I loved it. Drama and backstabbing may get ratings, but the mutual support (when it happens) is what makes this show special. That, and the fabulous gowns. Rosé is turning out to be a welcome surprise. Based on initial reactions, I was expecting an arrogant, condescending queen, but she seems to be the total opposite. Also loving Tamisha. In truth, there isn’t a person in this group I’d want to lose, at least not yet.
  6. LOLOL. “Mind over matter...makes Pooh un-fatter!”
  7. Agreed. Knowing that events on reality shows are often recreated, my guess is that there was some prior conversation, but the producers decided not to use it. Maybe it was too whispered, maybe the lighting was off, who knows. Or maybe (again, I’m guessing) they just thought it would be more dramatic for the conversation to happen in the makeup room, so they asked the queens to recreate their conversation there as if it were happening for the first time. Because there’s no way this many outspoken, gossipy queens would keep their thoughts and observations to themselves for that many hours. Ut-uh. Not buying it.
  8. Ok, so I had a few minutes of boredom and decided to watch that full Catfish episode. Hoo boy. I don’t know what was the weirdest part... That Cowboy fell so hard for a woman who avoided visual contact that he was talking about having babies with her before he ever met her, That even after finding out she is a wannabe nun virgin who stalks reality stars and sent nude pics to James Huling and covered up the camera on the Catfish zoom call because she was too darn shy to let Cowboy see her yet is fine with appearing on the TV show, he was relieved to find out she is the Real Deal and went all in on the dating, Or that he is friends with Russell. Freaking. Hantz! Oh, Cowboy.
  9. I finally got around to watching Wednesday’s episode. On any other show, the declarations of undying love/ loyalty between Carly and Jason would be a clear precursor to romance. But I’m not buying it. This show has teased a hookup for so long without delivering that I think we’re supposed to think of them as tragic star-crossed lovers who never quite get the timing right. Or something. I just want them to shit or get off the freaking pot. Did anyone else get a chuckle out of Cyrus growling “Son of a BITCH!” while hurling barware? Makes me wonder if he is not actually Laura’s brother, but Sonny’s. (Just kidding, but really, the resemblance was uncanny.)
  10. That was sort of confirmed when somebody asked “who’s single” because we’re all going to be stuck here seeing nobody but each other for awhile, or words to that effect. Based on that exchange, I got the sense that a stricter-than-usual sequestration was in effect. I get the show wanting to shake up the format and keep things fresh, so I was ok with the LSFYL blindside. If nothing else, it revealed who can bring it with just a moment's notice, and who needs prep time. However, the practice of voting each other out can just go away forever. Nothing new or fresh about that twist; it just ends up being either shady or mean, and unfair to everyone. It looks we may have a Pork Chop Alliance forming, which could be fun, or... could be a little disturbing. Alliances ruined the last season of The Amazing Race, and I don’t want them taking down this show, too.
  11. Just binged the whole first season (thanks, new iPhone!) and really liked it. Based on others’ comments, it appears that bingers had a more favorable reaction than weekly watchers, and I wonder if that was more than coincidental. Maybe this is a show that just needs to be consumed in quick succession. I’m also puzzled by the initial critical response. I remember a lot of critics wishing for less of a focus on sexual harassment, and wonder if their negative reaction was based on MeToo fatigue rather the merits of the show. I thought the show did a great job of displaying the “spectrum” of inappropriate behavior. On one end, you have the totally consensual relationship between two coworkers who, while having the same imbalance of power as Mitch and Hannah, had a much different outcome. Early on, I thought Claire would end up accusing Yanko of taking advantage of her, and I’m glad they chose not to go that route. If anything, it seemed like he was the one being used. (As a side note, I never understood why she would be embarrassed to be seen dating him. How could anyone not love Batmanuel??) On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is Martin Short, who knows he’s a predator but doesn’t care because he is a total narcissist who thinks he deserves it. Fantastic skeevy performance, by the way. And between those two poles is Mitch, whose position on the line seems to shift between episodes. Early on, he comes off as a man who, while misguided, is maybe being unfairly maligned. When he tells Martin Short that they are NOT the same man, I believe him. But as more aspects of his personality are revealed, it becomes apparent that they are more similar than not. The main difference is the degree to which they lie to themselves about their behavior. And then you had all the various iterations of enablers, from the willfully ignorant (Alex) to the passively self-serving (Chip) to the actively complicit (Fred). While the show veered a little too far into soapy histrionics at times, I thought the performances, across the board, were first rate. This is the first role I have seen Jennifer Aniston play that did not constantly make me think “Rachel”. Billy Crudup was deliciously malevolent. (I do NOT see the character as a “good guy” in any way— he is just as manipulative and self serving as Mitch, just not in a sexual way... so far.) Steve Carell brought such nuance to his character, it was riveting. And while I’m not sure we need to see any more of Mitch (including his rehabilitation, which I fear is next), I definitely want to see more of Steve’s performance. I have loved Gugu Mbatha-Raw since Undercovers, and thought she brought a wonderful combination of vulnerability and strength to Hannah. I don’t think Hannah committed suicide, not after having just decided to meet with the LA show, so I hope the final verdict is accidental overdose. Because my first thought was that someone had her silenced, and I don’t think that’s a good direction for the show. In any case, I’m looking forward to a second season and hope it won’t be long! (I do plan to stick to the binge method and watch after all episodes have aired, as that seems to suit this show best.)
  12. +1. Anna and Finn have never worked. They exude less passion than a Millow Vanillow handshake. Gonzo and Anna, on the other hand? Definitely something there. Also, it would be karmic payback for Finn and Jackie. Maybe Chase doesn’t know Chase’s birthday. Did Jackie happen to be alone on extended vacation when she gave birth? Was Chase “premature”? There are plenty of hackneyed and cliched ways to explain the inconsistency. But yeah, Finn is being willfully ignorant. Of course we do. There’s no point otherwise.
  13. 😆 Good times! (Not really.) I can’t believe I actually liked her when she started. She really is dreadful. Brando’s turning out to be a big dud too. I’m not sure if it’s the actor, the writing, or merely the proximity to Sasha. All the Corinthos toadying doesn’t help, either. Yeah, not a big fan of Brando at the moment. (It’s also hard to get past the stupid name.) That’s EXACTLY who I thought she meant. I do think the writers were having fun with an obscure callback. Because crane-flattened hookers are always fun!
  14. I think it comes down to intent— both actual and perceived. I’m going to give Julie the benefit of the doubt and assume she only meant to share something that is special and meaningful to her, without further agenda. And if the recipient welcomes that gesture, lovely. However... the fact that it’s a bible makes the intent harder to discern, especially for someone who is not a close friend. We’re not talking about a bouquet of flowers here. We’re talking about a book that, at its core, is a manual for how to live your life. Gifting a bible can imply that the recipient’s current belief system is lacking, or they are otherwise in need of “saving”. After all, if they were following the right path, they would already be adhering to the Bible and wouldn’t need another one, right? There’s a fine line between sharing and proselytizing, and sending a bible to a casual acquaintance, without context, is not the way to clarify your intent. In Kevin’s case, I would understand if he took it as an insult, given how often the Bible has been used to condemn homosexuality. I’m sure he’s heard enough about Adam and Steve to last 3 lifetimes. I would like to stress that I am not opposed to religion in any way. My family contains Episcopalians, Baptists, Jews and Atheists, and we all get along famously. I just think religion is a personal thing that should be embraced (or rejected) on an individual basis. By all means, discuss and share your beliefs with family and friends, but when it comes to strangers, give them a meaningful book of poetry. Or a bouquet of flowers. Just my .02.
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