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Editor's note: This topic replaces the old Masterchef Junior (US) forum which has been vaulted at the location below: http://forums.previously.tv/forum/1098-masterchef-junior-us-v/


Original Mod Note:

This is a competitive show, and it's fine to snark about the show and its participants. However it's important to remember... this is also a show about nonfictional children- some as young as eight years old.  

A few guidelines for posting -

  • Consider the same rules of the classrooms these kids belong to the rules here:  Please don't be hateful.  (Posts saying that a contestant is "punchable" and/or referring to them by a profane nickname instead of their name may be removed.)
  • Don't be confrontational toward or combative with other posters.  The show's participants are fair game for criticism, but this is a friendly community and everyone is expected to be civil toward each other, even in their disagreement.  Disagreement is to be expected and you should try not to see someone's conflicting opinion as a personal attack.  However, if you think someone is attacking you, report the post, don't engage.
  • If you don't like someone's opinion (ex: they're not nice or they're annoying you) and would like to never see it again, hover over their name/avatar and select "Ignore User" to use the site's handy Ignore function.   If you think someone's breaking the rules, report their post- the moderators will check it out and take action if necessary. 
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I'm confused. Did this season start yet? (I can't open any links, if that helps.) TIA.


I believe it starts tonight. I'm looking forward to watching it for the first time. There were a lot of commercials during yesterday's Top Chef season 5 reruns on Esquire channel. I never bothered watching this or Masterchef because I assumed the chefs were not up to par with Top Chef contestants (that's not saying much anymore). But seeing children compete is impressive enough as it is.

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If you are in the SE USA, Logan is on press tour for the show right now and doing various Fox morning shows. He's in Atlanta today, and was in Nashville Saturday. I don't know if the other finalists are doing anything similar or not (since Logan is homeschooled, he's got a little more flexibility-school can be done almost anywhere), but it may be worth it to check.

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I'm surprised. It seems like Logan is in the news constantly, so I assumed that was something Fox was pushing for all the contestants. I know each contestant was encouraged to have an FB fan page (and there was a contest where the kids with the most likes on FB got a trip to the World series with Graham), and that except for a couple of local paper articles, most of the stuff Logan has done has been with local Fox stations in the region.


Here's a clip from "The Soup" this week.


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Interesting. The writer of the Buzzfeed article was escorted off set while the judges/producers deliberated about who was going home. She also wasn't allowed to go to the backstage kitchen to see what food, if any, the MC staff had prepared during taping.

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Not surprisingly, the Commercial Appeal was on hand for the party last night



Local news




Except they're wrong-Logan lives in midtown and is Memphis all the way, not Germantown (which is a suburb, BTW-totally different feel than midtown!)

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Just saw a commercial for today's Rachael Ray show, Abby and Adaiah are going to be making holiday cookies with her.

Rachel treats Abby like she is very young!:



Adaiah is a natural on camera- She does a nice job with her segment!




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Several articles-I've been traveling for 2 weeks, and phones aren't good for posting links on (at least, not mine....). Some are season 2, some Season 3






http://belletraveler.com/2014/12/29/great-british-bake-off-or-baking-show-premiered-in-the-usa/ (comparison and reference to season 2)












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And the reference to this show being a "ratings juggernaut" explains why it came back so quickly, though I think there was also some shuffling of other shows at Fox that left a hole to fill quickly.

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I don't like that article at all; I think it's offensive to all of the contestants.  Not everything is about race or gender.


You "looked" the best out there means you looked the most comfortable, it doesn't mean you look the most white. 


And using the popup restaurant challenge in S2 as an example?  Samuel did a great job at team leader but Sean was zoned out and Oona was massacring squash blossoms.  The other team outperformed them and the judges saved one person.    

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