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  1. turbogirlnyc

    The White Princess

    I can't begin to understand how this show is getting higher ratings (IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, etc.) than The White Queen. Am I missing something? Is it because this focuses more on the Tudors instead of the Plantagenets? I despise both "Lizzie" and Henry. I don't remember hating Lizzie this much in the book. She redeemed herself a bit at the end of this last episode, but still. I recently reread The King's Curse and it never mentions Margaret Pole believed Perkin was Rochard. And she thinks about him when remembering her brother. It's been a long time since I read TWP. Does Maggie believe it's him in the book?
  2. turbogirlnyc

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    I suppose white washing was the wrong terminology. I don't doubt any of what you stated but the character comes across as having very little personality. We finally see her tipped over the edge by Phillip's comments in one episode and it was quite refreshing. Perhaps this series is portraying her with amazing accuracy. But as you said, who really knows?
  3. turbogirlnyc

    Ben Robinson: Sexy Chef With a Side of Sarcasm

    So Ben is in love with Kate this season? I don't buy it for a second.
  4. turbogirlnyc

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    Admittedly, the only monarchs that fascinate me are the Plantagenets. Don't know much about QE II but this show has to be whitewashing her character, right? I'm watching this series because it's gorgeous and I'm interested to learn if I agree with Dr. David Starkey's opinion of her as a monarch. I don't agree with Starkey on many things but I've grown to respect him as a historian.
  5. turbogirlnyc

    The Girl on the Train (2016)

    My mistake. And yes, I agree.
  6. turbogirlnyc

    The Fantastic Beasts Series

    Jared Harris please and thank you!
  7. turbogirlnyc

    The Girl on the Train (2016)

    Can't decide if I liked the movie or book better. Maybe I was underwhelmed by both equally. Read the book first & thought the movie might be better but meh. I liked the addition of Lisa Kudrow's character or at least that character being more than a memory. Emily Blunt was good. Haley Atwell was alright though she didn't have much to with. Rebecca Ferguson's talent was sadly wasted in her role. Any comparison to Gone Girl is beyond me. Gone Girl blew TGOTT out of the water in both mediums.
  8. turbogirlnyc

    The Royals and Company: The Cast Thread

    Unpopular opinion: I'm sure Claire Foy is a tremendous actress and human being but I didn't care for her performance in Wolf Hall and find her just meh here. I haven't seen the last 2 episodes of The Crown yet so maybe my opinion will change. But as of now, I don't get the the hype. Can someone recommend another film or series of hers? I know she has to be talented to land this type of role. Maybe it's just me. Holy under use of Jeremy Northam! I was thrilled to see him listed in the credits but he's had like 2 scenes? Shame. Jared Harris is phenomenal. All around class act. Wonderful to see him again. I hope we get more flashbacks!
  9. turbogirlnyc

    Benedict Cumberbatch: Not Your Father's Sherlock

    Wish we could watch Stateside. Read great things about BC'S performance. We'll see... someday. I'm a Plantagenet freak and I just realized (duh) that BD reading poetry at Richard III's burial was for basically publicity for his role. Also read he's not an ancestor to Richard III but instead the Duke of Somerset, Henry VI's advisor and Margaret of Anjou's confidante. Disappointed.
  10. turbogirlnyc

    Peaky Blinders

    What did Tommy change his mind about? Grace? Anyone seen season 3 episode 1? Can't wait to discuss it here. I found the episode good but so much time went by off screen, it took a while to get back into the groove. Won't post spoilers but I'm so happy PB is back.
  11. turbogirlnyc

    Absolutely Fabulous

    Recently saw Ab Fab in a movie line up for 2016. It didn't mention Saunders or Lumley (sp?) as the 2 starring actors. How could that ever work? I should look into it further because that cannot be.
  12. I'm so happy they watched Million Dollar Listing LA but I wanted to hear more Josh Flagg love. I loved the one family's son being defensive of the wacky lady on the dating show. It was cute and endearing. Edit: Omg, I just saw the same comment in the post above. Sorry! I second your Sam comment.
  13. turbogirlnyc

    S03.E07: Storm's A-Comin'

    Fair enough. But Kate does have it out for Leon. And I've been a Ben lover since season one. Her and Ben had a few issues, as well. Kate is doing better this season but last season, a few guests were less than thrilled with her. I'm not saying Leon isn't at fault. But Kate isn't always above reproach.
  14. turbogirlnyc

    S03.E07: Storm's A-Comin'

    Leon is being a jerk but... I'm calling Kate a hypocrite regarding the chef's jacket. Ben rarely wore a chef's jacket. And I distinctly recall him talking to guests before, during and after meals in a polo shirt. Kate never said anything about it to Ben. She needs to pick her battles. Lol. Now that I'm watching previews, Ben has a chef's coat on in one upcoming scene. Must be a new rule. Leon is a pain in the ass but I'm not giving Kate a pass for her snotty attitude. I'm wary of Kate after her WWHL appearance and over the top Rocky bashing/hate. Girl is annoying but Kate isn't a saint. The way Kate spoke of her team member on live TV was beyond unprofessional. Dane is a jack ass. Connie is odd with her peanut butter and whipped cream. Rocky and Eddie is production playing tricks. Eddie has said Rocky is scary crazy so I think he knows to stay clear of her.
  15. turbogirlnyc

    S04.E07: The Biermann Carnival

    ^ Word. Ariana better get a bigger party and better car when she graduates. She's a much better kid who gets good grades. Too bad Kim's ass will be broke by the time Ariana's big day comes along.