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  1. I'm puzzled too. I've seen Cruise to Nowhere quite a few times and when I went back to watch All In after reading here, I didn't even recognize it as the same actor.
  2. Yes, I liked Tomorrow, as well! I actually loved the twist of the soap opera. And funny you mention Merritt Weaver because she made such an impression on me (especially that scene at the end of the episode), that I immediately recognized her on Nurse Jackie. It's one of the first I looked for when I got Peacock. She is super talented. Lol, Egg Cup! That was a decent episode too. Too bad her real parents both turned out to be horrible people. As a side note, CI has a lot of actor crossover with The Sopranos, Falucci included. I was bummed that Peacock Original Recipe L&O st
  3. I didn't realize this until I read your post in the old forum! She looked so "harsh in "Art". Maybe it was the hair? Sorry I can't think of a term other than "harsh" to describe it. Sorry for the continuous posts. I'm just so happy to be with others that love CI like me. Well, at least the Eames & Goren CI 😉.
  4. Yes, it's definitely possible and maybe even probable. I saw the last episode for the first time a few nights ago but didn't realize it was the last episode until there were no more episodes to watch and then I got to a few posts about it here and was like, ugh, I didn't even pay attention the end because I was Twittering while watching. Lol. I think they would be good together but I just never saw them that way. Goren did really care about her though. The way he freaked out when Eames was kidnapped. After I posted above I came across a few posts about Barek (sp?) And yeah, it was Annabe
  5. I agree that red is best on her. I do like that she changes it up though. And she can pull off every color! I envy anyone who can do that.
  6. I've paid for Peacock for two months now to get my fill of CI. I got rid of cable in 2007 (I've been streaming ever since) and although I bought season 1 on Prime video, my favorite episodes are in seasons 3-5. I've also been reading through the CI forums. I can't get CI's forums on TWOP with the Way Back Machine for whatever reason. Love to read others comments since I'm the only person I know who loved CI IRL. Early Goren is a masterpiece thanks to VDO. Love him and absolutely abhorred the personal crap they brought into the show in later seasons. That's what made CI a good show. It never go
  7. I completely agree about the self-worth issue. And yeah, CSR would be a great way to take her mind off of food and give her confidence. And she can work remotely. She doesn't have to be seen, just heard. She has so much time to think about food and dwell on her resentments. Not to mention how easy it is to eat when you're bored.
  8. Since getting Hulu, I've been watching seasons 2-7 and reading your comments and live chats at the same time. Thank you all for being so entertaining with your thoughts, comments and delicious snark!! So I'm always curious why there's no medication prescribed like Naltrexone for addiction? Not saying medicine is a cure all because it's not. I just know that a drug similar to Wellbutrin and Naltrexone are often prescribed by doctors to curb addiction. I suppose these people don't visit a doctor but I don't get waiting till you're at deaths door to do something. I understand feelings of depressi
  9. So I loved thia show and agree with all above who mentioned NH knocking this role out of the park! I don't know much about Russian history so accuracy it didn't matter one way or the other. Am I the only one who was bothered by Leo's height and lack of attractiveness? As an incredibly handsome, renowned lover I found him... wanting. Just me? Okay then.
  10. I've watched this show in it's entirety about 6 times now and it will never get old. I still LOL every few minutes. Excellent cast!! Hope for season a 3 soon!
  11. I can't begin to understand how this show is getting higher ratings (IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, etc.) than The White Queen. Am I missing something? Is it because this focuses more on the Tudors instead of the Plantagenets? I despise both "Lizzie" and Henry. I don't remember hating Lizzie this much in the book. She redeemed herself a bit at the end of this last episode, but still. I recently reread The King's Curse and it never mentions Margaret Pole believed Perkin was Rochard. And she thinks about him when remembering her brother. It's been a long time since I read TWP. Does Maggie believe i
  12. I suppose white washing was the wrong terminology. I don't doubt any of what you stated but the character comes across as having very little personality. We finally see her tipped over the edge by Phillip's comments in one episode and it was quite refreshing. Perhaps this series is portraying her with amazing accuracy. But as you said, who really knows?
  13. So Ben is in love with Kate this season? I don't buy it for a second.
  14. Admittedly, the only monarchs that fascinate me are the Plantagenets. Don't know much about QE II but this show has to be whitewashing her character, right? I'm watching this series because it's gorgeous and I'm interested to learn if I agree with Dr. David Starkey's opinion of her as a monarch. I don't agree with Starkey on many things but I've grown to respect him as a historian.
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