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  1. It wasn't as bad as I expected but, judging from the previews, it's going to get worse. I get really sick of all the fawning over Martha but I have to admit that she looks wonderful for someone just shy of 80 y/o. Chris was the only one of the four chefs whom I liked so I was glad he won. I agree with the person above that the winner of each segment should get something. They have to pay their own way to be there and then to stay over if they win. There should be some reward especially now when a lot of them are probably struggling due to Covid fallout. I understand that they know what they're getting into when they agree to do the show but still..................
  2. I think what may have done Cody in was his "romance" with Mary Lou. I'm sure Gordon knew about it. It made him look immature and had overtones of fraternizing with the help/co-workers - not something an executive chef should be doing. I thought he did well at the pass.
  3. BFD was the best truck throughout the competition. I don't believe for a minute that the screaming and squealing team beat them by $5. Bah. I watched the Rehab show. It was less than believable and rather boring. I didn't hate it but I won't watch it again.
  4. I was so happy that Darnell beat Tiffani that I actually jumped up and clapped - and there's no one here but me. I wish I could try that chicken with date sauce. Now, if somebody can just beat Brooke, I'll be overjoyed. I was very happy that Maneet won too. I've always liked her. I don't dislike Christian but he's so unkempt that I tend to find him less than sanitary, probably unfairly. His wife needs to burn the bulky sweater he's been wearing since FNS. I love Antonia and I looooove Jet so I was sorry they were facing off against each other. I wonder what the odds are of a tie like that happening - with no producer hanky panky. I also wonder how much real time they had before having to cook again. They were both stressed out.
  5. It is for sure. I don't really blame Tyler for most of it though. He probably didn't enjoy working outdoors in below zero temps any more than the contestants did. Heck, he couldn't even put his hood up sensibly because it's his show and the cameras needed to see him. I put a lot more blame on the PTB. I would have been crabby too. Anyway, I'm glad tonight is the last episode of this season. Food Truck Rehab sounds like a food truck version of Restaurant Impossible. Robert Irvine isn't involved so I'll watch at least the first show.
  6. I was a bit shocked that Gordon eliminated Cody first. He does seem like he has some maturing to do but so does Mary Lou and he looks a lot more acceptable. I can't decide if I think the final two will be Cory and Mary Lou or Cory and Declan. I do think Cory will win even though there's been so little focus on her that I don't feel I know much about her.
  7. Danny was my favorite throughout the whole season last year so I was happy to see him again. I also liked Lee a lot so I enjoyed seeing him too. I think we have a good final four but I agree that the final 2 will be Scott and Zeus. Poor Swifty is going to be absolutely devastated if he doesn't win.
  8. "". Along with Deen, the “Legends” include Emeril Lagasse, Roy Choi, Nancy Silverton and Iron Chef staple Morimoto."" One of these chefs is not like the others. Why on earth resurrect Paula Deen?
  9. I thought so too and I thought the right chef won. The dessert baskets were really awful.
  10. I am delighted that this show will be back and I very much like the change to Carla and Gesine. I've never understood why Scott was hosting this show or hosting and judging on Chopped Sweets. Just for the record, I subscribed to Discovery+ and I'm very happy with it. It's not expensive and there are more shows available than I can watch in a lifetime.
  11. Making people run around in the woods in dangerous temperatures also involved making the crew work in the same conditions. There were probably two or three dozen people put at risk. The producers should have their collective heads examined. I usually enjoy this show but, this year, I just want it to be over.
  12. Presumably with chopsticks for all. Gah. I guess the producers are doing all these new things to try to freshen up an old show. What they don't seem to realize is that one of the reasons Chopped has lasted so long is that people liked it the way it was.
  13. I was sorry to see both Volts lose. I don't dislike Christian at all but I like Bryan better and I wanted someone, anyone, to beat smug Brooke. Her dish did look good. I just don't like her. I do like Maneet so I was happy she moved on. Also.......... C'mon Guy. Stop using all the stupid nicknames at the top of your lungs. You're hoarse from yelling and you sound like you're announcing a wrestling match. Try a little dignity.
  14. I do too. She's been so low key that I've barely noticed her which is probably a good thing because that means she hasn't been a problem. I'd prefer Declan myself but Gordon never picks people who are that overweight and I think he prefers someone younger who isn't set in their ways. Cory is cute but he seems a little immature. Mary Lou seems to be a good cook but she looks cheap with that awful wig. I doubt Gordon wants that image in his restaurant. I was soooooooooooooo relieved when Amber left. I was holding my breath after Gordon said "Amber" because I was afraid his next words were going to be "Back in line." Based upon her resumé, she must be a good cook but she doesn't get along with anyone, male or female, and she doesn't take responsibility for anything. I keep wondering if she's been watching the show and if she's learned anything from seeing how she comes across. From what we've seen of her, I imagine she's blaming everything that appears negative on editing.
  15. I liked Sara from the very first time we saw her. I hope her win gives her confidence. Most of the chefs seem quite congenial so far. Even Padma seemed nicer than usual. Tom looked bored. Is this the first season in which they've sent people to LCK right away? I could be remembering wrong but it seems to me that they've started that about half way through in the past. I was sure I recognized Shota but couldn't think from where. I'm glad the poster above recalled that he'd been on Next Iron Chef so I can stop trying to remember. I don't dislike Richard Blais but his hair was even more ridiculous than usual. He has to know that people make fun of it but he's so desperate for attention that he keeps making himself look silly. It's kind of sad really.
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