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  1. mlp

    Best Baker In America

    I think judges with credentials/experience are necessary to a serious competition partly because I, as a viewer, have more respect for an expert opinion than for someone who just responds based upon what tastes good. More importantly, expert judges know what ingredients belong in particular recipes and what is required in "construction" for something to meet the definition of whatever was assigned. I could judge a row of desserts if the criterion was whether or not I liked it but I wouldn't necessarily know if it actually met the definition of that particular dessert.
  2. mlp

    Best Baker In America

    I was afraid they would send one of the men home just to keep a woman in the competition. I liked Marian a lot but she didn't meet the challenge and her cake looked sloppy. She was the right choice. All three of the finalists are talented. I like Eric very much but his work seems less sophisticated than that of the other two. I won't be terribly disappointed if Eric or Jeffrey win but I'm really hoping it will be Joshua.
  3. Daniel Gil has been a favorite of mine since his first appearance so I was delighted to see him do so well. I had mixed feelings about The Kid's run. He's really good so I wanted him to hit a buzzer but I was apprehensive about the possibility of him making it to the tower and competing against Daniel. He might be able to beat him and I don't want to see that. I am really sick of the back stories about people who fall on the third obstacle. Why? I'm even more sick of all the "mom" comments. Who cares who is the first mother to make it up the wall? I don't remember them making an issue out of the first time a father did it. Maggie looks a lot better without all the garish makeup she usually wears.
  4. mlp

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Totally agree. 🙂 He looks like a big friendly dork to me but he looks clean. The woman with the dyed red hair looks like she hasn't washed it in some time and she always looks grim. The one with blue hair looks like she's in a world of her own. If she's even spoken a few words, I missed it. Ew. I've never watched that and now I'm glad of it.
  5. mlp

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Agreed. That actually creeped me out. I'm totally opposed to all the hugging you see everywhere because it strikes me as hypocritical. We try to teach kids not to let strangers into their personal space and then we see everyone hugging everyone else whether they know them or not every time we turn on the TV. I would have rejected that woman's hug even if the TV camera had been right on me. I like this season because they're spending the most time on what the teams are doing rather than on them driving around looking for some place to park. My least favorite truck is Baby Got Mac because I think the name is stupid and the two women are, um, unappetizing. I don't care for Sol food either for the same reasons others have stated but at least they look neat and clean and seem to be cooking good stuff. I like all the other trucks so far.
  6. mlp

    Chopped 2019: Put Down the Chopsticks

    I should have said that the way she presented herself on Chopped was phony. She came across as a poor little immigrant who needed help when she already had a food truck and a thriving business in Portland or Seattle (can't remember) and, as I recall, she was smart and savvy and doing very well.
  7. mlp

    S06.E02: Tainted

    Donny and Ray were my favorites from a personality standpoint but, when I heard Donny talk about his heart attack, I was relieved to see him go. I thought he was quite a bit older too. I'll bet his wife was worried from the minute he stepped out the door. I was surprised that he got so sick from eating meat he had obviously cooked almost to cinders. Maybe the parasites leave toxins behind like botulism bacteria do. I don't know.
  8. mlp

    Chopped 2019: Put Down the Chopsticks

    That's an interesting article about Chopped. I can see what she means about some of it but I can't say I agree with her in large part. I can't imagine how they could do that show in 30 minutes for example. She's right that the format doesn't let you get to know the contestants but, having said that, I'm often surprised by how many of them I remember. I'm trying to remember Elise whom she mentioned at the end. The name rings a bell but I can't recall the episode. I do remember the Thai woman because it turned out she was a complete phony.
  9. mlp

    Making It

    Huh. Making It seems like a show that would NEED multiple episodes. I can't picture how they will condense everything into two hours - unless there will be more than two shows in that time frame.
  10. I actually like Bite Club and wonder what it is that isn't engaging viewers. It has accomplished chefs just cooking with no silly twists, no interpersonal nastiness, no villains and so on. Tyler seems to be popular on other shows and the guest judges are from the food world, not grade D celebrities. Why aren't people watching?
  11. mlp

    Making It

    I read somewhere a couple months ago that a Season 2 was in production but I've never heard any more about it. Does anyone have any information?
  12. mlp

    Masterchef (US)

    I was hoping they'd give Kenny another chance and send Evan packing. He's arrogant and, so far, hasn't put his money where his mouth is. I won't miss the woman with the awful red lipstick at all. Gordon's skills demonstration was interesting to watch. I wish I could chop an onion like that. I didn't think he gave the contestants near enough time but most of them finished so I guess he did, assuming they really did all that in the time we were told they did. I can't think of the name of the septic guy but I like him so far. He may be a big ol' country boy but he has a nice open face and seems genuine. I have a hard time taking Aaron seriously when he's covered in tattoos and dresses like he's going bowling then acts all pretentious. Joe is nasty but at least he looks like a professional.
  13. mlp

    The Great Food Truck Race

    I thought they got off to a good start despite the foolish accident and equipment that needed repair. All the teams appeared to have cooking chops and all the dishes looked good to me. Sol whatever and the other team of three women need to stop squealing and jumping up and down. That makes me nuts. I'd like to know what really happens when there's an actual accident like that. They make it look like everyone just soldiers on but I would think that the area would have been swarming with police and producers and that production would have been held up for quite awhile.
  14. mlp

    Back Stories

    I don't mind stories about the regulars we "know" or about newcomers who turn out to be contenders but, as already said, I hate the back stories about people who don't even do well enough to make it to the next level. If they come back next season and do well, tell their story then. I do not care if someone is a Mom. I have kids. A very large percentage of adult females everywhere in the world are "moms." It doesn't make you special. It's very annoying to watch a long story about someone who falls too soon to go on and then see that someone else made it to the buzzer WWWA.
  15. mlp

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    I'm glad they ended the season with a family I liked. I did feel sad for the dad because people with pancreatic cancer don't usually survive but a few months after diagnosis if that. Both women seemed genuine and sincere. I wasn't crazy about the living room they ended up with but they seemed happy with it. I did not understand why there was plastic on the upper cupboards when the problem was a leak that ruined the floor. The homeowner said something about dust but I must have missed something because that didn't seem to add up. I wonder how Nate and Jeremiah's mothers feel about them moving clear across the country with the grandchildren. I don't know how many close friends they have in NYC but it seemed like they were leaving all their friends and family behind. OTOH I live in Illinois and my grandchildren have grown up in California so I haven't seen them frequently and we've all survived.