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  1. I thought Sophie was a darling girl but I also thought Trevin deserved to win based on the cakes presented. I would never have thought "alien" if I'd seen Sophie's with no explanation. Those cupcake "antennae" made no sense and the face didn't help. Tarek's concept was good but his execution wasn't. I really enjoy Duff and Valerie together. The atmosphere during these competitions is so much better when the judges actually like each other.
  2. Congratulations to Drew. I really, really wanted Daniel to win but I have to admit that I softened toward Drew when I saw him in tears after Stage 3. Now Daniel knows he can do it so maybe he'll get there next year. Alone. Someone told me that a winner has to sit out the next season. I have no idea if that's true. Does anyone know for sure?
  3. That sounds like the kind of thing Food Network does. Glad I missed it.
  4. I was hoping it would come down to Adrian and Father Adam but I knew he was doomed when he forgot the cookies. I got a kick out of his sense of humor. At least Bobby got rid of the ditzy blonde. That whole thing with Bobby's glasses was ridiculous. I hope Adrian can calm down long enough to win.
  5. The menu made me hungry all over again. The price is a lot more than any dinner would be around here but not as bad as I expected considering it's a fancy restaurant in New York City.
  6. I really like Sophie. She's very natural and unaffected and she doesn't play to the camera at all. Katie Lee should take a few lessons from her. I also like the easy camaraderie between her and Bobby. I'm sure there are things they plan to talk about and get across to viewers but they don't come across as scripted. I seldom watch the travel around food shows but I'm enjoying this one. I wanted to eat everything in both steak houses. I'd love to know how much a porterhouse steak dinner costs in NYC. I was going to Google the restaurant but I forgot its name.
  7. I don't know if Carrie's episode was new or not. I had a vague feeling that I'd seen it before but I wasn't sure. In any event, I liked her on Top Chef and I was glad she won. In the first round, I didn't think either chef made the bacon the "star" of their dish. I was surprised that Michael Symon didn't say anything.
  8. I honestly would have preferred to see Noah go on instead of Dorian. I just don't understand what the judges see in her. Joe's comment about her serving "you on a plate" was very unlike Joe and seemed calculated. She usually cooks good food with no particular wow factor. And she cries about everything. I don't get it. Tonight she made meat that was no better and no worse than the others, some insipid potatoes and a nice trifle. Not impressed. I will admit that I haven't liked Nigella Lawson since The Taste. Her behavior on that show didn't give me any respect for her abilities. She didn't seem to contribute anything to the episode except being British and decorative. At this point, I'll be OK with either Nick or Sarah winning.
  9. I don't usually watch anything but the competitions but I like Bobby, watched the first couple episodes of this show and really enjoyed it. Sophie is bright and articulate and low key. I like the dynamic between her and her father and the shared sense of humor. I'm not sure how old she is and I wonder what else she does. Is she in college perhaps? I can see why Bobby is so proud of her.
  10. I'm sure the entire season including the obstacles was all planned out before the competition started. I doubt that they made Stage 2 easier on purpose for whatever reason. My thought is that the PTB expected the Grim Sweeper and the backwards grab thing (forgot the name) to be a lot harder than they turned out to be. Simple as that. Drew is a super athlete and his ninja skills are impressive. However, I've never been crazy about him because he doesn't seem to have any warmth to his personality. His attitude this season has brought me close to actually disliking him. I wonder what his girlfriend really thinks of his sleeping all day and then spending all his waking hours at the gym. I'd like to see Daniel Gil make it all the way. I've liked him since his very first run during his first season. He doesn't do any posturing and showing off. He just goes out and kills almost every course. With a smile on his face. The very few times he hasn't succeeded, he's been gracious about it. If Daniel doesn't win, I hope it's Joe, Ryan or Adam. Not Drew.
  11. Apparently they should have used the Baltimore course for Stage 2. 🙂
  12. Finally! Gina should have gone three weeks ago. She seemed far more interested in acting "cute" and being on TV than in learning to cook. Adrian is hyper but he seems to be serious about doing well in spite of that. I'm finding him likable despite his antics and the ring in his nose. The best part of tonight's show was watching Bobby crack up. He had me LOL. I like Father Adam and I hope he wins.
  13. I don't care for Ree Drummond either. I don't know if it's her voice or her chirpy affect. Probably both. At least, she seems to have toned down the heavy black eye makeup and too pale foundation. OTOH I'm enjoying Bobby's show with his daughter. Sophie comes across as bright, articulate and unaffected plus she has a sense of humor. Very pretty too. The show is largely unscripted and I'm getting a kick out of watching them interact.
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