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  1. I doubt that it's seasonal because FN has the same holiday programs every year without canceling Chopped. I do watch BBF but just new episodes. I have no interest in reruns of that show. And I'd rather watch reruns of Cupcake Wars than DD&D. :)
  2. I hope we'll be lucky enough to have Ron Ben-Israel for multiple episodes. He and Eddie and Harry make a team of judges I love to watch. I thought it was all over for that team when the big green mountain starting coming apart but they managed to salvage it. In the end, it looked the best. The bedroom was a cute idea but the fondant was a mess.
  3. I haven't understood a lot of things since Bob Tuschman left but I can't imagine that they'd just drop a program that's almost a signature for FN. I'm wondering if it's on hiatus while they move back into a refurbished set.
  4. I didn't remember either of those people but I did remember the one's final cake that didn't win. Heh. I'm sure those yellow raincoats refer to some well-known horror movie but I don't watch horror stuff so I don't get the joke. ??? I didn't get the judges' criticism of the guys' cake not being two halves of one face. It looked like it was to me. For some reason, the two halves just weren't pushed together like the other teams' cake halves.
  5. This is Tuesday and there's no Chopped listed for tonight. Is the cataclysm upon us?
  6. I preferred the original version of this show with Jonathan's goofiness and PUMPKINS. However, what they did to HW last year was so bad that this version was sort of a relief. I'd never heard of Zac Bagans. His part was OK but pretty much unnecessary. I agree that his being there (but not really) is probably a Discovery cross-over. I liked the pig best. I recognized the woman on that team with long dark hair as someone I've seen on numerous baking shows but I can't remember her name. I didn't recognize anyone else. I like Aarti but I don't think she's a good fit with this sho
  7. I had no idea Season 3 had been on until 4 episodes showed up on my DVR, all aired on Saturday. That makes me think A&E didn't get the viewers they wanted and is burning it off. They went back to the original arrangement of having 5 dogs in the first round and moving 3 forward based on times. I didn't like the way they did it last season at all so I was glad to see that. I still hate the zip line. That has nothing to do with "trust" because the dog isn't being given any choice. I liked the comedian this time around. He settled down from trying to be funny/silly and just ac
  8. Huh! I watched Chopped Canada and I don't remember him. I just remember Dean McDermott. Thanks.
  9. I'm happy to see a forum for this show. I've watched it from the beginning and enjoyed it. I like that the teams are people who work together in real life. They come in with a plan and each one knows what his or her responsibilities are but they all work together to get everything done. The focus is on the baking and decorating and there's no nonsense. The only "twist" is that they have to add something halfway through but anyone who watched the first season ought to see that coming and be prepared for it. I've been delighted to see Eddie every episode and I like Harry very much too.
  10. I'm glad that's over. I was meh on all three of them but pulling for Suu because I liked Kelsey and Autumn less. All three of them did seem to make impressive dishes in the time they had available. I wonder how much time actually elapses because they obviously clean and reorganize between courses. The finale seemed lackluster with no one around. I was wishing someone would tell Anne to cool it. Her "enthusiasm" just grates. That little Lucite trophy is sort of an embarrassment.
  11. I liked Caleb and Jacob's best so I was actually shocked when they got third place. I have no Lego expertise so I don't know what the deciding factors were. Their nighttime effect didn't have a lot of pizzazz so maybe that was it. In any event, I liked the brothers who won and I'm happy with the ending. I didn't time anything but Will and his antics must have taken up a third of the air time if not more. I'd much rather watch the building process and learn something about the various Lego pieces. Maybe next year - but I doubt it will ever happen as long as Will is the host.
  12. I love love love John Henson so I'm very glad they brought him back. He's witty and funny without going over the top. I may be in a minority but I also like Zac Young a lot so I'm happy he's back too. Most of the bakers have real world credentials. Some handle time limits and the pressure of competition better than others. I don't have any of their names straight yet but I think the pretty gal who won the first round will go far.
  13. Lots of disappointments tonight. I hated seeing ninjas I really like - Joe, Jake, Jesse, Adam, Sean and even Vance - go out either too early or when they almost had it. That reverse grip at the end seems almost brutal although several were able to do it. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Kaden. 100K at 15 y/o is a pretty nice consolation prize.
  14. It's actually an English language distinction which is the language the instructions were given in. Presenting something that didn't meet the definition of what was asked for should have disqualified the entry IMO although I'd be willing to bet that the judges didn't understand the definition either. And yeah, I know I'm being pedantic. That kind of thing just bugs me.
  15. A palace is a royal residence. It can be anything. A castle was a defense first. That's why Buckingham Palace, built originally as a residence, is not considered a castle but Windsor Castle, built by William the Conqueror as a defense, is a castle even though it's also a royal residence. I don't know anything about Korean or Chinese palaces. Or castles for that matter.
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