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  1. I'm enjoying Alex on this show. She seems more relaxed now that she has a fiancé. He's had some brief appearances on her supermarket show and they are cute together. I agree that she and Anne make a good team. I really can't stand any of the women this season. They're all annoying in their own ways. I don't mind any of the men. I liked Yo and was surprised to see him go. I like Evan too but I don't think he'll last much longer. That woman who talks constantly needs to go or shut up. She thinks she's a lot cuter than she actually is.
  2. mlp

    S07.E04: The Fly

    I've thought the same things. I can't remember the name of the gal in the previous season but I think she was the one who made a puppet out of a rabbit hide. I also can't recall if it's Callie or the other woman this season who lives outside all the time. That is so far removed from anything I would choose to do (or be capable of doing) that it seems flaky to me, probably unfairly.
  3. I watched and also thought it was interesting. I had no idea that so many people are involved. One thing that has always irked me about the show is that the judges are usually in different seats after the break. Now I see how that happens. I don't know why that bothers me but it does. The camera operators must all be physically fit. Those things look really heavy and the guys are often running with them.
  4. I appreciated the discussion of all the equipment and cameras they have to cart around. It gave me a better understanding of the mechanics involved in what we see and also of the difficulties they deal with in addition to surviving in the wild. Obviously, they know what they'll have to contend with and agree to do it but I'm sure that doesn't make it any easier.
  5. mlp

    S07.E04: The Fly

    I cringed all the way through Joel's bit with the bug in his ear. When my son was a young man, a bug with pincers flew into his ear and started stabbing at his ear drum trying to get out. He ended up having to go to the ER. Even now, after 4 years in the Marine Corps and 20 years as a sheriff's deputy, he still says that was the worst thing that ever happened to him. I really like Joel so I was very relieved he didn't have to tap out. Poor Mark. I can't imagine how he cleaned up after such an awful incident with no detergent and only icy water to work with. Discussing that on TV must have been embarrassing. Callie seems to have knowledge and skills but she's maybe a bit flaky. I was impressed with her pottery making.
  6. I've watched this show since the beginning of season 1 and I still don't understand the cameras. I thought that they have one camera that they are required to move around with them so there's footage of their activities. While Joel was chopping trees to make his platform, we kept seeing him working from two different angles. While Amos was listening for a possible predator, we saw him in his shelter and also saw footage of trees in the dark outside. I suppose Amos could have taken the camera with him when he went out and the editors just spliced the outside shots in where we saw them but we definitely saw Joel from two different angles while he was up in a tree. I remain confused.
  7. Interesting. ^^^^ I have to give them credit for coming up with something novel to fill air space while production is halted. I wonder if they'll run Lance's episodes. WRT this week's episode............... You would think that any chef planning to appear would have watched the show and would know not to use raw red onions when they see Scott sitting there. Gah. I liked the guest judge whose name I didn't catch and I was very happy that Nemo won.
  8. We'd have to know what exactly the contestants agreed to when they signed on. The promo says whoever goes 100 days wins the money. I would think the game would stop and a winner would be declared as soon as someone reached that point. However, we don't know what happens if two or more contestants are still in it at the 100 day mark. Do they keep on until one person is left or do they split the money? I would think they'd have to award everyone still active the same prize if they fulfill the criterion but we don't know what the small print says. I'm sure the producers thought about all the possibilities before contracts were signed.
  9. I'm glad this show is back on right now because Top Chef is over and there isn't much else to watch other than endless repeats of DDD which I don't like. I'd love to know how much correlation there really is between the occupations they list for the contestants and what they actually do. I have a hard time believing any of those "teachers" really are college graduates who teach in schools. I'm sure this will change but, so far, I don't mind any of the men. I thought I'd dislike the model based on his intro but he settled down quickly. The only woman who isn't ridiculous is the one with the southern accent. I don't have any names straight yet except Yo. Next they need to get rid of the one with the make up and the one who talks constantly. And all the women need to keep their hands out of their hair. That always bugs me. So far I'm liking Alex as one of the "mentors."
  10. mlp

    S17.E14: Finito!

    Why was Gregory standing with the others at the end? He wasn't family and he wasn't a sous chef during the final plus he was having serious back trouble. I like Gregory a lot but I didn't understand why he was included in that group.
  11. Yes, and then Correy said he'd been going to physical therapy for his knee for seven months (if I heard him right). I ended up confused.
  12. I always root for Marines and I liked Correy so I hated to see him tap out but it was the smart thing to do. I had surgery two years ago for a torn meniscus so I know he had to be in pain. Until he hurt his knee, I figured him for going the distance. I like Amos. I hope he lasts quite awhile. I sort of wish they'd find somewhere to film that doesn't have dangerous predators. I don't really think they're going to show someone being mauled or eaten alive but I get nervous watching anyway.
  13. I saw her on FN exactly once after the oh-so-stupid joint win. She showed up as a judge on something - Worst Cooks I think. If she was on anything else, I didn't watch it. I couldn't stand her so I haven't missed her at all.
  14. That really bugged me too. I'm surprised Anne didn't jump all over him for it. I ended up liking Wells quite a lot and I'm glad he won the money for his animal charity. He made some reference to being in college and also made a rather witty remark about Dostoevsky so he must be brighter than I usually expect reality "stars" to be. I wish him well.
  15. mlp

    S17.E13: Parma

    Agreed. I've seen Kevin's sister on FB praising him and blaming all the negative comments people have made on, of course, editing. Some impressions can be created that way certainly but the above scenario happened as we saw it. No editing necessary.
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