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  1. I'm watching this but I can't say I'm very excited about it. The dearth of comments tells me I'm not alone. So far, it seems like the season of MC when Gordon, Aaron and Joe each had a team but with the addition of the levels. I like the cute fellow who won the last episode but the fact that he won after all the problems he was having seemed a bit, um, questionable.
  2. Guy seems to be doubling down on making Hunter happen. Now he's including him in many sentences and having him "help" with things Guy has never needed help with before. If he plans to turn this show over to Hunter and thinks it will continue to be a success, he's in for a rude awakening. In other news, Christian Petroni finally got some new clothes. Finally.
  3. Is it my imagination or is this group louder and wackier than the usual cast of misfits? I'm finding most of them annoying rather than entertaining. I was actually sorry to see Denise go. I knew she would never make it to the end but I was amused by her quiet but funny (to me) comments and reactions. I can't stand the blonde English teacher so I was disappointed she got to stay. I really like Cliff in his role. I also enjoy watching him work when the camera focuses on what he's doing. The way he uses his hands is so smooth and fluid that it's obvious he has years of experience and e
  4. I was the opposite. I was afraid Ben would end up staying just because he was on the winning team. I was happy and relieved to be wrong. I get a kick out of Caroline. She's a little quirky but nice and she talks like she's being brought up by adults who talk to her in adult language. Ellora is smart and charming.
  5. What do you mean? I don't tend to notice things like that so I haven't been aware of anything unusual. I was really sorry that the one team didn't win because they didn't present an actual cake. They should have known better. Their fantasy creature was spectacular but I can't argue with the decision. I don't know who the female judge was. She was fine but I missed Harry whom I really like.
  6. I can't say I was sorry to see Gary leave. He may be the nicest guy in the world but that beard just grossed me out. I read somewhere that Gordon said it cost $4 million to build that set. Ye gods. I guess his production company can afford it but I kind of hate to see a frivolous use of money when so many chefs and restaurants are struggling and closing.
  7. You're probably right. In fact, I hope you are because a female drag queen doesn't really make sense. I was going mostly by hands and body type and, as I said, I just couldn't make up my mind.
  8. AFAIK Cliff is controversial because of his behavior on Top Chef years ago which he's probably regretted ever since. If there's anything else, I don't know about it. As it turned out, I quite liked him on this show. He was low key in an amusing way which was a nice counterpoint to all the shrieking and nonsense going on around him. The only one I took an instant dislike to is the blonde English teacher. Any respect she gets in a high school classroom is going to take a big hit after her students see the way she was acting on the show. Are both of the drag queens female or is th
  9. I don't really like Gordon Ramsay but I do admire his talent. I end up watching all his competition shows. So far he seems to be acting more Master Chef than Hell's Kitchen - thank goodness. I do like Richard Blais (!) and Nyesha and I'm very glad Aaron isn't one of the judges. I thought the contestants were going to be chefs or at least professional cooks based upon the name of the show. It seemed to me that most of them are home cooks or people who have web shows of some kind - which anyone can do regardless of talent. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  10. Thanks. I didn't remember that she was a runner up but I did remember her very elaborate hairdos and her very high opinion of herself. Looks like we'll see more of same.
  11. I can't quite decide if I like the format. It's interesting but it does make the playing field uneven. The guy who placed second definitely misused the horrible egg but there wasn't much he could have done to make it palatable. I thought that Ted looked like he's lost weight. His face was too thin.
  12. The degree itself does not give Hunter the right to critique chefs far more experienced than he. My younger daughter has the same degree but ended up in a field that has nothing to do with food. She wouldn't presume to criticize a working chef who has years of cooking and restaurant experience she doesn't have. Admittedly, Hunter grew up in his father's shadow so he's had a lot of exposure and he can cook at some level but he's still a 20-something a couple years out of school with no experience beyond working with dad. Guy has elevated him much too far much too soon.
  13. I thought so too, especially when the others started making negative comments while Guy was out of the room. I also thought it was curious that he just happened to have a camera on him when he called Guy about his reservations. That first day was way too frantic. There's no way a restaurant would try to train anyone on everything all in one day and then expect that person to remember it all. Was Ebony on Master Chef a few seasons ago? I remember a woman who looked like her and was just as impressed with herself and just as abrasive. Hunter has no business sitting in judgment
  14. I did and I've been wondering where we could talk about it. I think it's only four episodes so probably doesn't rate a forum. Whoops. I just found one. :0
  15. I guess I'm remembering it all wrong then - which happens easily any more. :) I thought the girl with the blue streaks in her hair made the non-butterfly cake.
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