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  1. I wonder if someone has been reading viewers' comments and actually taking them into consideration. Lorraine is tasting the food, Nancy seems less obnoxious and the twist didn't involve incorporating rutabaga at the last minute. One can hope. I like all the bakers. My least favorite is Melissa but that's because of her gross tattoos. She seems nice enough. I really liked the woman from Hawaii and was sorry to see her leave but I didn't want Kobe to be eliminated either, especially after he did so well in the first challenge. I enjoyed the "Best of..." show that came on afterward - can't remember the correct title. I still think Bill should have beat Erin. And I still can't stand Cheryl and Maeve.
  2. Thanks. I looked him up. I would have been more apt to know him if he'd ever been on Lawrence Welk. LOL
  3. Revenge show.................. I liked Lerome during his season so I was happy for him but I actually think Steve should have won. The assignment was, specifically, to make an elegant centerpiece cake. Steve's was lovely. Lerome's was rustic and would have been suitable for a kid's party. IMO He didn't meet the challenge.
  4. Huh. That sounds like a completely new show with the same name. I wonder who the judges will be. I've never heard of Ian Ziering. It sounds like it could be interesting if they don't hoke it up with twists and other nonsense.
  5. I was hoping they'd eliminate Melissa. Devon's cake may have been a little dry but it looked right. Melissa's was a mess. I find it hard to believe that the taste was so much better that it outweighed the poor construction. I like Janet. She seems very pleasant and (shallow) I like her hair. I have to laugh at that because I grew up in Buffalo and sounded just like that when I moved to the Midwest. After decades here, I've lost the flat A but she sounds normal to me. On the FN site there are two videos about this show with Jason Smith. The first one is short and shows him talking to the contestants. The second one shows him making his own whatchamacallit - cookie tower cake. He is absolutely a natural on camera. I really enjoy him when he's just being himself and not throwing in all those silly sayings.
  6. It never crossed my mind and wouldn't have mattered one way or the other if it had. In fact, I thought he was from New England somewhere but I don't recall now why I had that idea. I just liked him.
  7. This article popped up on my phone this morning for some reason. Pete is a very interesting guy. http://www.ldsliving.com/Latter-day-Saint-Who-Won-Cake-Wars-Twice-Competing-on-Food-Network-s-Halloween-Baking-Championship/s/91696
  8. Martha herself wasn't too obnoxious except for the chopsticks but having her "present" the fourth ingredient was. They really need to stop fawning over her and just treat her like they do any of the other judges. I was disappointed that the woman who came in second didn't win. I liked her. I didn't like the winner during her first round or the finals. Her grim expressions and the stud below her lower lip just put me off.
  9. I wish they'd dress her as a mime and tell her to keep her mouth shut.
  10. I liked Karl and I'm happy for him but I really wanted Pete to win. They both have serious skills. I was afraid Pete was dooming himself when he was describing the flavors and colors he planned to use - much too light and summery for the challenge. I wonder if that's what tipped the scales.
  11. I am astonished that Buttercream Beasts didn't win. I thought their display was much better overall. The pieces made by the pumpkin carver on the other team were great but I didn't like the rest. Thumbelina looked like an old lady and the frog was bad and pulling away from the wall. "Queen of the French fries" made me laugh but that's exactly what the yellow things looked like. I have no idea what swayed the judges. Neither team came close to the final pieces we saw in the early competitions.
  12. Yum. That sounds a lot better than everything that group last night made. The only contestant I liked was the young woman who owns an ice cream store and who went out after the second round. I didn't care who won. I've always liked Florian so I was happy to see him on the judging panel.
  13. The young girl won and deserved to. I think her name was Meghan.
  14. I was happy that the buttercream team won. I like all three of them and I thought they had the best and most coherent display. I couldn't decide which of the other two I liked better. The Krampus was marvelous but the display had a lot of empty space. The other team had a good character and water slide but it wasn't obvious who the character was supposed to be and the rest of the display was merely OK. In the end, I was happy with the decision because it eliminated Tator although I was sorry to see Froggy go.
  15. I thought the winner of this episode was pretty clear cut. The young girl with the awful hair had an interesting display with some great characters. It's too bad she had a last minute problem with the cotton candy because most everything else looked good. I liked Kara. She was cute and seemed very nice but that tree looked more like a cave and her electrical wires were showing. I couldn't imagine how the two men thought their volcano display was good. They are both pastry chefs and they work at the hotel that hosts the national gingerbread championship. They must have seen hundreds of marvelous creations over the years yet they came up with a display that was downright ugly and had absolutely no redeeming features. I'm going to be very surprised if any of the episode winners come up with something that beats Jorge. The only person who was close to being his equal was in his episode and is out of the running.
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