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  1. Yep. This is the first episode where I thought the wrong person won too. I just didn't like the loud-mouthed woman who won and I thought her macaroni looked very dry in the second round but the judges didn't ding her for that even though they talked about the importance of creaminess earlier on. I liked the guy whose roux kept breaking. He's probably still kicking himself.
  2. She has a BF even when she's not resting. Even when she's smiling, the look in her eyes is pure scorn - not that the teams don't deserve derision but she's a judge and she should at least attempt to appear neutral.
  3. Bah to the tenth power. I am so mad at FN for ruining one of the shows I look forward to every year. This is what? The 3rd or 4th episode? and they still haven't really explained the rules. Raven might not be so bad if she didn't look so awful. Erin is just too impressed with herself and nasty and she has no sense of whimsy. I question their judging too. The female "nutcracker" the team of women made looked nothing like a nutcracker. The judges criticized the mouth on the woodsman because it didn't have the characteristic teeth (because the team didn't get done on time) and the female one just had lipstick that didn't remotely look like nutcracker teeth but they said nothing about it. Most of the bakers are just a step or two above amateurs. Worst of all, there is no fun. All the grumbling and tears and fighting do not make for a jolly holiday feeling. Poor Shin Min. I wonder if she hated it too. Bring back Jonathan and all his goofiness and get Charles Phoenix or Jason Smith or.............. I don't know - someone pleasant and cheerful. CandyLand is a much better show.
  4. I have no idea but I do wonder about the timing of what takes place on this show. Last week I watched a rerun of an episode from last year and I noticed that one of the men had a wedding ring on in some shots and not in others. I suppose he might have taken it off while working but it made me wonder how much time actually elapses during filming.
  5. I saw it and liked it much better than Making It because it focused on the crafters and what they were doing instead of on Amy (and Nick to a lesser extent) making the show all about herself. I had no idea who any of the judges were but they were fine and basically unobtrusive if you don't count Jay's wardrobe. (I liked him.)
  6. There were a LOT of comments about him in the episode threads while the show was on. I'm guessing there just wasn't much to say about him in this thread after he was eliminated. After he died, this thread wasn't the nicest place to add a negative comment most likely.
  7. I thought Mitzi was slated to win when the judges let her get by with a lettuce concoction in the first round that was in no way a burger. Some times the decisions seem very inconsistent. I was happy that the young man won. I like Maneet but she needs to find some new words to describe what she likes. Everything good is "amazing." And everything "needs something fresh." I was glad that Chris disagreed with her on that.
  8. The combination of peppermint and lemon sounds so ghastly that I had a hard time believing that anyone who professes to be a baker would even consider putting them together. The judges expressions upon tasting were comical. I would have been inclined to eliminate Kess for lack of judgment. Of the actual bottom two, I thought they'd send home the woman who underbaked her pie. The Atlanta guy's pie didn't look good but it sounded like it tasted better than the other one. Guess not. So far, my favorites are Eva and Lashonda but I don't dislike any of them.
  9. I like Jason Smith. Otherwise, I totally agree. This show seems to have been filmed before the pandemic so I wouldn't think limited availability would have driven the selection. Between her hairdos and her wardrobe, Raven seems to be going out of her way to look as awful as possible. I try not to watch her. Erin may be very good at what she does but she's obnoxious. Those two plus all the changes and poorly explained rules are just ruining one of my favorite shows.
  10. I'm sure I don't know but it does seem like he's under-utilized. I've never seen a word against him on any forum and he's certainly nice to look at. Maybe his availability is limited by whatever he has going on in his life that doesn't involve FN. He isn't on often enough for FN to be his only career path.
  11. The round was over and the judges were discussing the next elimination.
  12. I agree with that. I just think he's better when he's not scripted at all. Some people can do the scripted stuff without sounding a bit stilted. That's not Eddie's best subject.
  13. I have always thought that Eddie is much better when he's just himself. He's great on BBF when he's not scripted. I've always had the impression that Eddie and Ree are friends in real life. I don't think she's the problem.
  14. You may be right. I'm an introvert myself and would probably come across as very reserved if I were on TV because it would never occur to me to squeal or scream or jump up and down. Whatever Elizabeth Falkner is, I respond to her like I do to Brooke Williamson - off-putting and I can't explain why.
  15. Ditto. I have never liked her either and I've never been able to say why exactly. She used to be on many competition shows and never, as I recall, won. Despite the kick-boxing. 🙂 I kept trying to read the tattoo on her right arm but the camera didn't stay on it long enough for me to make it out.
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