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  1. I was surprised because I thought Robin would be one of the finalists for sure. I like Bridget but I don't see her being calm enough or quick enough to survive the final cook-off so now I'm thinking it may come down to the two young guys. The robot who "works for nuts and bolts" made me laugh.
  2. I have never been a big fan of Kevin and I've liked him less and less as this season has gone on. I see by the numerous comments to similar effect that I'm not alone. I feel like Tom really, really wants Kevin to win. If he does, I'm going to be disappointed. I'm very happy that Stephanie made it to the finals. She always comes across as genuine - no putting on airs. I enjoyed seeing Sang Yoon again. I loved him when he was on Top Chef Masters. I also enjoyed seeing Hunter Lewis. I like his editorial column in Food & Wine and it was nice to see him "in person."
  3. I agree. I wish they'd explain why they keep showing him saying, "Cut it out." I'm guessing it's a line from some show he's on but I don't know the reference. My guess re the finalists is Wells and Robin Givens.
  4. I enjoyed the Armed Forces episode because two of my favorite DDD chefs were on - Panini Pete and John Conley. I don't even watch DDD but I've seen them on GGG multiple times. It's really neat that their involvement with DDD led to them forming their little organization (Messchefs?) which has taken them all over the world cooking for the troops. Life changing really.
  5. Fascinating. That guy is brilliant. Thanks for sharing this video.
  6. Me too. I don't think Stephanie is the best chef there but I really like her and I'm happy to see her doing well. I hope she gets her trip deferred or is given a substitute trip to somewhere she'd like to go. Overall, I liked this episode better than the camping last week but I have no interest in a progressive dinner of tiny plates with even tinier bites of food for, I assume, huge prices. I'd rather have a steak and a baked potato. It was interesting to watch the chefs adapt to the challenge but I'll bet most of them weren't thrilled about it. I like Malarkey even though he is annoying. He somehow hasn't figured out that his bragging beforehand always seems to make him look foolish afterwards. I was very happy to see Karen go. I thought she'd never leave.
  7. I agree although I have no idea if Darnell is interested in that kind of commitment. He's very personable and he was quite popular when he was on GGG and the Thanksgiving show.
  8. I watched the "best of mess." LOL It was mostly goofy stuff but I did enjoy seeing Joshie again. I didn't understand why they kept that housewife contestant (who is terrible) because that made the teams uneven. Now they've sent home one of the guys so there are 2 on Tyler's team and 4 on Anne's. I wonder how they'll handle that. Robin Givens seems to be the most "normal" and the brightest of the remaining contestants but then.................. She married Mike Tyson so maybe not. 🙂 I'll be very surprised if she doesn't make final 2. I'm guessing Wells for the other. He's cute when he stops horsing around.
  9. I have no warm, fuzzy memories of cooking from my childhood. One grandmother died when I was very young, the other lived in a different state and my mother was not a good cook. She was divorced, raising three kids alone and working full time back in the '50s when all those things were uncommon. She taught high school history and, when she got home, she was more concerned about correcting papers and making lesson plans than cooking plus, when we got old enough to stay home alone, she went to night school to finish her master's. Looking back, I don't know how she did it all. Anyhow, her idea of cooking was browning some ground beef, adding a can of tomato sauce and serving it over Minute Rice with a canned vegetable and a salad. She was very happy when TV dinners became a thing. We kids could even make those ourselves.
  10. I noticed it once or twice but have not noticed that it's become the rule. I'll have to pay more attention. If it's a permanent change, I wonder why.
  11. I didn't see the first Top Chef, excuse me - "cooking show," so I don't know what went on between Dave and Tiffani but I can't stand her so I'm sure she wasn't an innocent party to whatever. I'm probably going to start skipping episodes when I see her on the panel. When the chefs were introduced, I figured the cute immigrant girl would end up against pretty Maneet, also an immigrant, but, as it turned out, she deserved to be there. Maneet earned her win so I have no quarrel with the decision.
  12. Most of this group is highly annoying but I'm glad Tyler is back. I couldn't stand the "housewife" and I lost track of how many times I saw her run both hands through her hair and then go right back to cooking. The two young guys aren't nearly as amusing as they think they are. Juvenile. The heavy-set woman in a green tank top and red pants should have let someone else pick her outfit. She looked awful but I rather liked her. The only one I'd ever even heard of is Robin Givens so I don't have the names of any of the rest of them straight yet. I watched the "worst dishes" special that came on afterward and the most interesting part was seeing the changes in Anne's hairstyle. Yike.
  13. I've wondered about that since LCK began. Tom usually tells them to "exit the kitchen" then they show up with the others the next week. Why don't they just walk over and join them? Makes no sense to me.
  14. I have never liked Karen so I was hoping she'd be eliminated because her dishes weren't good and neither was her attitude but I have to agree that Kevin was the right choice despite hating to see him go. I didn't understand Kevin's menu. Fancy appetizers and curried chicken aren't things I'd ever associate with country cooking. I like Brian M. even though he is exhausting. He did a great job. One of the best things that team did was have the wait staff sample the dishes. That way they felt like part of the team and, importantly, they knew what they were serving. I noticed that Brian thanked them at the end too. The contrast with Karen's attitude and behavior was, um, interesting. I like Bryan V. but I think I'm on team Gregory for the win.
  15. That was a favorite bit of mine too. I love Amanda. I loved Chopped After Hours. I wish they'd do it again. Marc is one of my favorites and I didn't care for the woman he competed against so I was happy to see him win. The part of the judges' competition I've liked least is having them come out and "surprise" the chefs while they're cooking during the second round. That is totally pointless and highly annoying.
  16. I was rooting for Arin all season but I also liked Sohrob a lot. In the end, I was very happy that he won. Tati's cake was pretty but cluttered. I suspected the texture would be off when she discovered it wasn't done inside and put it back in the oven. Arin's cake was sort of ugly IMO. It didn't remind me of prom or spring. Sohrob's cake was rather plain but it met the criteria and apparently was delicious. I enjoyed seeing him so happy. Commercials for both shows have been on ad nauseam. I've heard of Amy Schumer but I'd never seen her before. I'll be happy if I never see her again. I'll probably watch Martha's show. I have no interest in Amy's. "I was really surprised Tati didn’t go with those mod/hippie flowers like the ones on the Laugh-In set. That would’ve been such a fun cake and still looked spring-like." Tati is too young to have watched Laugh-In. Those flowers would have been fun but she probably never saw them.
  17. Well, that turned out just as people here predicted but, to my surprise, I wasn't unhappy about it. The highlight of Duff's presentation was Yoda and his presentation was on the poor side even though elements of his plane were good. Buddy's detail was less than crisp but he did a great job with his presentation. Turning the partitions was a bit awkward but the overall effect was impressive. Natalie is very talented but I wanted to slap her when she was arguing with Sonny. He was right and she was acting like a petulant teenager who wants everything her own way. Buddy was fine on BBF. He was good-natured with his razzing Bobby and he really is good at what he does. Bobby's cake was pitiful.
  18. That's probably true but I'd be willing to wager real money that there was a lot of discussion about his concept that wasn't aired because it would have been seen as politically incorrect.
  19. Melissa's dish did look great but it would be hard to mass produce and serve properly in the chaos that is Restaurant Wars, especially when she'd have to rely on others doing or helping with the preparation and plating. My guess is that the judges took that into consideration. Yep. Eric doesn't seem to get that no chef is going to be successful if he or she doesn't please the customers. In Top Chef, the judges are his customers. They aren't there to be taught a lesson. They want good food presented well. His concept was poor and so was his food. I'm sure he's a very nice guy but I'm not sorry he's gone. I've always liked Stephanie but she sure didn't acquit herself well during this challenge. She just looked over it. I'm inclined to think that she and Lee Anne, in one order or the other, will be the next two PYKAG'd but anything can happen, and often does, in Restaurant Wars so who knows?
  20. I actually expected that she was going to be the losing judge, sacrificed to "prove" to the viewers that the outcomes aren't predetermined. I liked Tristen and was happy when he made it to the final round but, when I saw him try to cook the double thick pork chops in a short time, I figured he'd lose. One of the slices on Scott's plate looked OK but the other was obviously way too pink. Amanda's "slightly" under-cooked pork looked perfectly acceptable to me. She deserved to win.
  21. True and I think that's largely a result of having Clinton as host. He's not stiff or stuffy and the contestants relax with him and feel free to have fun. My favorite has been Arin since the beginning but I was very happy to see Sohrob get a win. I like him and his flamingo dessert looked great. I could see the problems with both Val and Tati's desserts so I would have accepted either being eliminated. I wonder what tipped the scale.
  22. As much as I like Duff, I have to agree. I don't like the fake-y judging either but Duff shouldn't have said that in a public forum. I kind of suspect he wouldn't have said that if he'd won. I like this idea overall but I'm not sure how either of them would do without a team. Duff's forte seems to be creative ideas and details like hand painting. Buddy is a master of piping and he makes beautiful flowers and so on. I really can't quite imagine either of them creating a work of art a la Karen Portaleo. And yeah, Keegan, Kerry and Sherry would be a better judging team. I do like Florian but he seems to be following the lead of the other two.
  23. I agree with everyone above that Buddy's was mostly construction project. The judges criticized Duff a couple weeks ago for using a foil pie tin but they didn't ding Buddy for 3 huge plastic seats. ???! The cake part of Buddy's sort of turned my stomach when I saw that it was all broken pieces mushed together that they then basically threw buttercream at and spread around with their hands. Yuck. At least Duff's cake portion was neat. Duff deserved to win but the point spread should have been greater.
  24. When is the international version on? I had it on my calendar for Friday but it wasn't on. I don't even see it listed on the HGTV website.
  25. I was very happy with the outcome. The editing made it look like the Lunch Ladies were doing less well all through the episode so I was braced for the usual switch where the team that appears to be losing pulls out the win. I liked the Mystikka crew and their food looked like things I'd want to eat. I'd love to know if the LL sold more than one of those crepes. Who on earth would pay $15 for a sad looking crepe with a couple slices of strawberry? Besides someone who wanted to be on TV that is. The lead LL annoyed me with her crusading in the THs and screeching on the street. Her aspiration of taking a food truck across the country to motivate schools to change their lunch menus was naive and totally unrealistic.
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