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  1. I'm reasonably sure they do. I don't think there's any way that the teams, on all the shows that require large pieces, can whip out a pad and come up with an elaborate plan that everyone agrees on while we watch. Also, as we saw tonight, the sugar artists already have molds for exactly the pieces and parts they need. I was sure I knew which team would lose at the end but I wasn't sure whether the giant rabbit or the one with the fountain would win. I was happy with the judges' decision partly because I wanted that team to win and partly because Tator is so obnoxious. He does have talent but he's not the world's greatest as he seems to think.
  2. They look like a man and a woman to me. I imagine the cupped hands are symbolic of something but I don't know what.
  3. My hair is so thin and fine that it's been the bane of my existence all my life so I can't even imagine having that much hair. I couldn't stop watching her. 🙂 I can, however, imagine coming up with a neat and tidy way to pull it all back in a kitchen. I did like her and the other gal too so I would have been happy with either of them winning. I was glad to see Jewel go out after the first round. She was congenial enough on Chopped but I haven't forgotten how nasty she was on Halloween Wars.
  4. I thought it was a rubber mask that just pulled on over his head. Maybe I didn't look closely enough. Katie lowered her voice to sound more like Wednesday and it was a decided improvement.
  5. Sheldon needs more experience and practice. Maybe this experience will motivate him to pursue those things or maybe he'll decide he's happy just being a home baker. He does seem to have latent talent. I think Karl, Pete and Julie will be final three (I hope). Jessica can go any time.
  6. I enjoy this show because they spend the most time on showing what the artists are doing instead of "drama." I wouldn't have the skill or patience to design and construct those impressive creations. I like having Clinton Kelly as host too. I do not like the 20 minute penalty part. It contributes nothing and seems unfair. Actually, I think requiring a tasting element is totally unnecessary. Jorge used to be on the old Challenge quite often and I always liked him. I was glad he won.
  7. I thought the t-rex skeleton was one of the best, if not THE best, small scares ever. So often the lack of sufficient time causes those to be amateurish but that one was terrific. I was happy to see Rebecca Milliken join the team that I hope wins. She's been in quite a few competition shows over the years and I don't think she's ever won. She tends to get flustered under pressure but I've always liked her. I like the big guy whose name I still don't know. He's seriously talented and he's pleasant. I agree with Spunkygal about Froggy. He's very good and I like him but I can't stand Tator so I can't hope his team wins.
  8. I enjoy the costumes. Carla seems to have fun with them and she has the carriage and flair to carry them off. I suspect that Zac is less enthusiastic about dressing up but he's a good sport about it. I just love John Henson. He's funny and clever and cute and doesn't overdo it. I wish he'd host all the holiday cooking/baking shows including Halloween Wars. I don't really dislike Jonathan Bennett but his juvenile goofiness is OTT and gets on my nerves.
  9. I enjoyed the first round of the sweets tournament. I liked all the chefs and they were eliminated in the right order IMO. Making fancy things out of chocolate is so far from anything I know how to do that I find it quite interesting. While watching the quick shots of all the competitors, I caught a glimpse of Jewel who was so unpleasant on Halloween Wars a few years ago. FN brought her back once for a second season of HW and she went out early. I can't think why anyone at FN thought people would want to see her again. I hope she gets chopped after the first round of whatever episode she's in.
  10. I like Sheldon too but, yeah, he just doesn't have the depth of knowledge and the experience of the professionals. I did feel bad for him because I'll bet that his semifreddo really was set but started melting while he was waiting his turn and he couldn't really argue with the judges. My money is on Pete. He has super credentials and I just plain like him. I like Karl too.
  11. Thanks for this link! I can't imagine why he wasn't selected. I especially like his fish.
  12. Add me to the group hoping Tator makes an early exit. I watched the Road to............ show and was very impressed with the sugar artist/instructor from Toronto. I can't recall his name but he was of Asian descent and seemed good-humored. He didn't make the cut and I can't imagine why they chose Tator before a professional with obvious talent. I was sort of sorry to see the 18 y/o go because some of his creations shown on Road to.......... were terrific and I was hoping to see what he could do but his character on this episode wasn't good at all.
  13. I liked Karthik on his season so I was happy that he won this time. Bryn's cheesecake and spiderweb looked very nice but the colors weren't very Halloween-y. I think what hurt her also is that the judges are always very "letter of the law" and the instructions were clear that the spider was supposed to be ON the web. I totally understood why she put her spiders on the side but I think doing that plus the colors cost her the win. I enjoyed the re-run from a previous season with cute little Peggy too. She was on Chopped Junior a couple years later and then on another show, GGG I think, a couple years after that with kids from the baking show and Rachael vs. Guy. By then the kids were young teenagers. I get a kick out of seeing the kids growing up (as long as one of them isn't Hunter).
  14. I thought the show did a very nice job with the tribute before and after the episode, heartfelt but not maudlin. Most of the chefs who judged alongside Carl weighed in on FB and they were all shocked and saddened. Clearly, he was very well liked. The guy who was dressed up like Carl was an absolute doppelganger. The resemblance was almost startling.
  15. I really enjoy this show. I love the comfortable way Bobby and Sophie interact as if they're not even on camera. They both seem to be enjoying themselves. I'll probably never get to any of the places in New York that they showcase but I wish I could try every one of them. I'm enjoying the street scenes too.
  16. Thanks for the link. He's an interesting guy. I hope he does well on this show.
  17. Did anybody else recognize Pete Tidwell? I know I've seen him before but I just can't remember where. It must have been one of the cooking/baking shows. I like him.
  18. My older daughter's name is Adrianne and she gets that a lot. 🙂 Marcus Samuelsson once said that Bobby is one of the best chefs in New York. If Marcus says that, I'm willing to believe it.
  19. It's on again right now. I agree with your other comments. Katie Lee is very pretty. IMO That's all she has going for her. She just loves being the center of attention. I was annoyed with her right off the bat tonight because, as the "new kid on the block" on this show, she had too much to say, especially as she was sitting next to two people with actual baking credentials. I hate the twists on every competition. As far as I can tell, everybody hates twists. Contestants are already under a lot of pressure with time constraints while trying to do good work. They don't need an unnecessary complication. I wish FN would just stop it.
  20. mlp

    Top Chef in the Media

    I don't think that white dress did Padma any favors. IMO Gail looked great.
  21. Oh, OK. I didn't see that movie so the reference was lost on me.
  22. I don't understand that comment. I wasn't trying to be mean. I seriously thought he looked cute.
  23. Yo, Adrian! I live alone and I actually started clapping even though it was pointless LOL. I was somewhat surprised because the person I want to win never seems to even when their dishes look best to me. I liked Adrian more and more as the season went on so I'm delighted for him. Bobby was smart to choose a menu that reflected Adrian's heritage. Adrian is cute with his hair pulled back. 🙂
  24. Crap. I can't stand Katie Lee and her awful voice and playing to the camera. I like Lorraine.
  25. You weren't wrong. He went to Johnson and Wales for culinary school. That's not the same thing as being a college graduate.
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