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  1. And forgot about her cat that crawled all over her kitchen counter, drinking out of her glass and licking her food. Yuck.
  2. Colorado buyer's voice sounded like actress Carole Kane to me. Found it annoying.
  3. Charlotte NC couple seemed like a well grounded duo.
  4. Just want to smack Theo alongside his head. That smirk he wore in the truck when they left his home during the height of the hurricane. He thought that he was just so righteous.
  5. Day of the Dead covers November 1 - all Saints day, & November 2 - all souls day. November 1st is a holy day of obligation for catholic church.
  6. Boy, Amy Madigan has not aged well in real life.
  7. Normally not a fan of Alex G. but she went out of her way to be really understanding in the sushi challenge to her team members who had never heard of sushi or eaten some. Provided them pictures and told them no shame in their not no knowing the term.
  8. Arizona family. Where is their furniture? No wonder they were able to move so many times previously. Big house, no furniture.
  9. Brother Michael V. sure doesn't look healthy to me. Not sure what's going on there.
  10. And those kids who couldn't sleep upstairs. Watched their antics in his office.
  11. I am a practicing Catholic who has been married 52 years and was never taught or told to believe that you should obey your husband. Not in my books.
  12. The husband in Flint Michigan would have driven me up the wall. And how old was the daughter with the child that was living with them? Looked really young.
  13. Totally disagree with "that was the way things were truly back then". Same age at Betty and never would have put up with what she went through with her husband during the marriage. Women would more assertive then, unless they wanted to be nothing more than a doormat.
  14. cameron

    S17.E12: Lucca

    Actually thought that Tom looked good in that hat and jacket that he was wearing.
  15. cameron

    S17.E12: Lucca

    Totally agree. I'm so over congee.
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