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  1. They must be thinking of adopting or fostering. Would be a difficult pregnancy due to both her age and weight.
  2. If I were a guest; wouldn't want to stay in a RV.
  3. Can't believe they bought that rat trap #2 house.
  4. Mandeville house buyers better keep an eye out for alligators in the pond by their back yard.
  5. Don't remember him being this this previously, almost anorexic type.
  6. He looks really way too thin to me.
  7. He needs to reign his daughter in.
  8. How old is the actor who plays Billie's son. Certainly looks older than 17/18.
  9. Sorry if my Daddy had an illegitimate child while still married to my Mother I wouldn't like that either and certainly wouldn't want to be friends.
  10. Reminds me of when I would see Robert Vaughn at my hair dressers with his hair definitely on the red shoe polish side. Not sure why my hair dresser even agreed to doing it.
  11. At age 67 he looks really old to say Kevin Costner who is the same age.
  12. Everyone has their own opinions.
  13. New season started with single Mom and obnoxious daughter. Seriously think they were trying out for a reality show. Somebody needs to reign that kid in.
  14. Tampa Bay wife's voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard.
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