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  1. That house had a prefab shower/tub combo. Surprised that she didn't balk at that feature.
  2. And Henry telling the Chief of Staff how to handle Potus. Think not. Time to step back Henry and remember your place in the pecking order.
  3. Totally agree. While it wasn't a Scarlett O'Hara colonial; it was certainly a colonial style that came into vogue in the late 1960's.
  4. Whoever picks out her clothes for the formal events needs to be replaced. They are all hideous. Last night's choice looked like an old trench coat in long length. Agreed about how she looked dumpy and hair style was really old fashioned.
  5. Found another site on the entitled Chicago diva: Soo Park Eng. She goes to restaurants and gourmet food stores and tries their food and writes her blog. It's her own business so she can do whatever she likes. Don't think that the Trib would hire her.
  6. cameron

    SEAL Team

    Jessica Parre looked unhealthy type of thin to me in this episode. Don't remember her being this thin before.
  7. Has Krissy Metz put on a lot of weight or do they have her in a fat suit.? She looks gigantic.
  8. Guess the realtors don't know how to dress in Cookesville, Tennessee. While she seemed very nice, looking professional wasn't big on her list.
  9. Davenport Iowa couple. Her voice and over extended nails drove me crazy. No furniture in the home that they moved into.
  10. Smart man. Wilmington NC beaches have really taken the brunt of the hurricanes the past few years.
  11. What I found really interesting was that Micah was upstairs in the gallery. Wonder if this was filmed before his Go Fund site.
  12. I actually was a Dorian liker since day one. Subha deserved any yelling directed his way in that team challenge. He was a complete dolt.
  13. The Amelia Island couple. He was a complete jerk. She should dump his asap. I have had both Viking , GE monogram and Wolf professional gas cooktops and never saw a flame go that high. Definitely makeup for the show.
  14. My take on the final four. Actually glad that Dorian won MC title. Of the final four, she could probably use the money the most. Nick (even though he should have been sent home last week for leaving a string on his meat) and Noah would probably have benefitted the most from apprenticing at the different restaurant. Sara leaving her three children would have been hard. Just my opinion.
  15. Lansing NY couple. Another Daddy's girl. I am getting tired of bickering couples.
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