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  1. Arlington Va. couple -Thought that a lot of the background footage and when they were walking around at the end was done in Old Town Alexandria. Recognized the houses immediately.
  2. They are all trying to emulate the ousted olympic track star.
  3. Both the buyer and realtor were sporting those long fake eyelashes.
  4. Sorry, not a fan of pockets in a wedding dress. By the end of the day/night, they will probably be soiled fabric from continuous use.
  5. The son is a real drama queen. Get over it kid. And I guess that the guests never heard of the pandemic. Not a mask insight or any kind of social distancing.
  6. Did anyone figure out why the virtual bride had only 24 hours to shop because of covid? She's from Tennessee, not some other country.
  7. Dance Mom's family a Kardashian wannabes. And a lot of valley talk "for sure". Didn't know they did that in the Pittsburgh area.
  8. Looked up the house and it has parking in the rear access by an alley. Very common for the area.
  9. And that's a great location too!!
  10. Found it interesting that none of the contestants made their pasta by hand; all use a cuisinart type of machine. Especially after they had Nancy S. making her pasta by hand.
  11. Not with her 9 year old living with her. Could end up being a single mother to a second child.
  12. Might work if she didn't have her 9 year old living with her; could be a single mother again.
  13. She needs to tone down the sexy vibe with her 9 year old living at home.
  14. Atlanta divorcee is a little old to be styling the Beetles' Carnaby Street look.
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