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  1. The Tammy Faye wannabe looking sister kept looking at herself in the mirror. What a fake.
  2. If you look at Alex's videos of Ava on Instagram, it's very obvious that her weight problem encompasses her whole body. She should be old enough to be able to control her eating habits or since she is such a great inspiring cook to cook herself something healthy.
  3. Their children won't have anyone around them to play together.
  4. Ever notice when Ava was on the show and Alex did her cooking segment and they tasted it afterward. Ava forked in with a vengeance.
  5. All you have to do is see a full length picture of Alex and then would probably understand. She is bordering on obese. Notice they always shoot her from the waist up or behind a counter. Her daughter has the same body shape.
  6. Kyia sure is a sore loser.
  7. Always think that they look like stuffed sausages..
  8. Just looked up the Pantora bridal colleclion. She is giving Pinina a run for the money in who come design the sluttiest lookin bridal gown.
  9. And the dress she ended up with certainly was very low cut, especially since that was what she said she didn't want. Hanging out there for a church ceremony.
  10. It's amazing the accolades that her daughter is receiving on Alex's instagram site. Unbelievable.
  11. And her gigantic boobs hanging out of the first dress. Not a good look for someone who wanted a classy dress (anything but).
  12. Loved the long sleeves and high neckline. Not a fan of having your boobs hanging out in your wedding dress.
  13. Thought that the bride who liked the slit dress was beyond wanting to twerk at her wedding reception.
  14. Thought it interesting that the cook on Bryan's team from Asbury Park made her hollandaise both times with whole eggs instead of just the yolks. Could be why she was having a hard team with it.
  15. Good show - no mention of Eddie or Wolfie.😁
  16. Missing belt bride's hair looked so dirty and greasy on her wedding day. Not a good look.
  17. Some one should tell the New Rochelle realtor that he is in New York, not Texas. Lose that 10 gallon hat.
  18. Traffic on the BW is horrible most of time and it always has a lot of accidents.
  19. The second in Jessup is a long way from DC, much closer to Baltimore.
  20. Don't think so.. Heart attack maybe.
  21. And she sure has lost her pageant body big time.
  22. When I lived in Chicago, you never went to Greektown for a philly cheesesteak sub, gyro yes, philly cheesesteak no. Call foul on this one.
  23. Thought the same thing. Oak Brook or Hinsdale were the big ones in that area when we lived there, plus North Shore and Barrington in the Northwest suburbs. Downers Grove, not so much. Maybe its changed.
  24. Another lets talk about Ed and how they met episode. Really. If my husband ever brought up his past girlfriends constantly like she does about Ed, I would show him the door. Sorry to watch.
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