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  1. I don't know that anyone will ever see this since I'm watching the series and posting about it 3 years after the fact, but I have to say I'm not into this Amy/Jonah romance. I don't know if the writers had planned this before or if they got the idea because America Ferrara got pregnant, but it looks like they're going to use the pregnancy to prop up Amy and Jonah being the greatest couple ever because he still wants to be with her despite her having a child with her ex-husband. I like their scenes where they're just having fun together, like the one where they discover the tunnels and sp
  2. Even Colin Jost's new intro shots are smarmy.
  3. People also seem to forget that he forced a gay man to out himself on national TV. I've never understood it being swept under the rug and him being a fan favourite with all of this. I've heard people say that this was okay back then, but most people knew it wasn't, or that Rob has changed since then, which I don't really see.
  4. I knew that a man was going to win before the season even starting airing when Probst declared it "the best season ever" and I knew before the finale aired that this meant it was going to be Tony (unless Rob made it from back EoE).
  5. The FBI agent stuff is weird. It seems like it's more about her being jealous of them and/or wanting to be best friends with them.
  6. The best part of this episode was that the therapist wasn't in it.
  7. Glad they didn't go there with Annie and her therapist, but think they might in the future. I don't buy that basically every guy Annie talks to is attracted to her. To me this is the part of the show that requires the most suspension of disbelief. I get that the guys are messes themselves, but she's so unappealing.
  8. Sergio said that women are not weaker "things". That told me all I need to know about his supposed feminism.
  9. Maybe I missed it before but I had no idea Elaine was such a Nancy fan.
  10. Some of her pre-season stuff was very cringe-y. She described herself as a "goddess" in her bio (and I don't think this was tongue-in-cheek) and I found the way she talked about Michele being a fan of hers in some of her pre-game interviews to be dismissive and condescending.
  11. Wow, how surprising! That was my reaction exactly. I think it's a gendered thing. As for why they didn't vote off either Parvati or Rob - I think Michele and Jeremy want to work with them. Jeremy knows Rob from the poker game (that doesn't mean the poker alliance is actually a thing but just that they're friendly) and Parvati talked about working with Michele pre-game.
  12. Same. I want to be friends with him in real life. The only thing that I don't love about him is his love for Victoria. Also, what was she wearing on the runway last night?! She should have been eliminated just for that.
  13. After it's revealed that it's a non-elimination: "What kind of competition is this?" - says the woman who tried to quit a few weeks ago.
  14. I'm so happy we got a break from Jamal's existential crises this episode. I was a little worried that we'd just get them from Kovid instead, but thankfully he was pretty quiet.
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