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  1. I'm glad Ariel won. The final two Brett and Mia were no match for her. Motto was. Good for her she was the best. I hope she sticks with Gordon too. Nice outcome of a finale.
  2. Crucial

    Worst Cooks In America

    I thought it was unfair that Anne let Brett use his mushrooms. They weren't on the plate when time was called. Why have a timed task if it's not followed. Then he wins best dish because of that too is even worse. Anyway I just hope the model on Tyler's team doesn't win. She is the worse by far for me.
  3. Crucial

    S18.E13: An Episode of Firsts

    I figured it was Heather going home so her faltering again wasn't a surprise. Just irritated that Kanae didn't get a shot but oh well. I loved how Mia stood her ground tonight especially with Brett. I loved how she didn't get mad and just talked at him when he was trying to bring her down. I loved it. He is just a disgusting, gross person. She has been the only one to call him out. Maybe my earlier comments that she wasn't ready to win are wrong.
  4. Crucial

    S18.E12: Break On Through

    I am shocked Kanae didn't make it through. I really, really thought Gordon was going to give her a jacket too. They had 2 jackets showing when he gave the last challenge. Last year they had 3 in the finale. He kept her at the end for a while. She is far too good for this who. Glad you went out with grace Kenae. She actually deserved to go through in round 2 over Brett. I just don't get Brett going through at all. This guy brings nothing at all. None of his dishes tonight looked good at all. He brings no drama. The only thing he brings is that stupid chest pounding crap from his season to this one. His fake crying and over the top crap talk is gross. Way to go Gordon you have this craptastic in a black jacket on your show. It's a joke you mention anything about good/great/elusive at all. How did this become Ariel's team? Did I miss something to where she is running the show now? She had a few good services and now she is queen bee? I hope Motto wins it all. He is the only left to root for.
  5. Crucial

    S18.E09 What Happens In vegas

    I love Shirley Chung when she was on Top Chef and she was great here too. I hope she is on more too. Nothing at all like Blaise. One down (Scotley) and now when Bret and Trev are gone this will be a nice battle. There were so many more competent contestants to pick from. Did they all say no to Gordon? I would have loved if Julia was on this season.
  6. Crucial

    S18 E8 One Hell Of A Party.

    I hope either Jose or Motto win. I did like that Mia called out Brett while they were eating. He's just so disgusting. I'd bet anything he was faking. If the whole team doesn't do the punishment task the one who skipped out should be up for elimination no matter if their team won or not. What's the point in giving the punishment if members don't do the punishment.
  7. Crucial

    S18.E06: Hot Potato

    I agree with you on Heather. Hopefully she exits soon too.
  8. Crucial

    S18.E06: Hot Potato

    I hope Chris gets the help he needs. I felt so bad for him. I hope Gordan was serious when he said he would help. I'm glad he saw that he couldn't go on. He has come far from the accident he had and for him to see he needs help is good. I was hoping T would win it all and then she goes and does this. She deserved to go home. I no longer have a favorite but I hope it's not Trev or Bret. The most annoying this season and on their own.
  9. Crucial

    S18.E05: Fish Out Of Water

    I'm sure Kevin saw this as a BS thing and wanted to go. Honestly, this is the worst one for Hell's Kitchen. There are some on this team who can really cook but I would not want them in a kitchen leading anything. Mia is one of them. She is way too frantic and unstable. Same with the other one who left her station last week. You can cook but you cannot lead at all. I actually thought this season would be really good but it's becoming worse than a hot mess. You have Trevor here who should have been gone last week. Honestly I hope the only one that wins is T.
  10. Crucial

    Top Chef Junior

    Honestly I thought Nikki should have gone home but yet again she stays. I'm sure she will be the one to win since - to me- it seems they want her to stay on. My opinion. I just don't see how she has stayed when at certain points she had the worst dish in this competition. But whatever. I really hope it's Londyn that wins it all.
  11. Crucial

    Darlene Conner-Healy/Sara Gilbert: Mother Goth

    Is there a place to show that is the case? Because of Sara Gilbert Roseanne got a chance to be back on tv? I'm honestly shocked it's her but love to read where it was Sara. Never heard anything about Sara being behind Roseanne getting her chance to get back on tv. I mean Sara isn't even on a major show to have that kind of pull. Does she?
  12. Crucial

    S18.E03: Hell's Riders

    I'm glad Jen is gone. She was way too focused on primping for the camera. It's like she was there to show everyone up and she did nothing at all. Done with her drama. Now get rid of Bret next. I can't stand his over drama ways. I think if the veterans get rid of a few more on this team they could be unstoppable. But Brett and the bald guy with glasses who needed a drink need to go.
  13. Crucial

    The Cool Kids

    I was looking forward to this show and it didn't disappoint. I love the cast and a show that I just want to make me laugh and that did it. It's only one episode but I like how the 4 main characters work with each other.
  14. Crucial

    Top Chef Junior

    I love Carson. Can Nicole go home already? She should have been the first to go. She had Ricotto and wantons. Her other dish sucked too (Sorry but when we first saw her with Vanessa and how she was with her, then with her food, she should be gone). Richard liked the meatballs. She better not win. I saw the clips and it looks like she is there in later rounds. The envelope is stupid. You lose, you lose. You want to save someone, have a last chance kitchen then. You could save someone who doesn't deserve to be saved. Oh well.
  15. It was nice to see New England win. I just wish the lady would talk less (or they show her less). Chop Shop's food looks so good and I am so happy they won the bonus. It's weird, though, to see two Worst Cooks in America (Just Wing It) compete on this show. That is some good help Tyler and Anne did, lol