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  1. For your consideration: "Andy Richter Controls Your Uterus" You know, to start the year off on a classy note.
  2. I think the logic behind the SNL robe is that the show is on late at night, so people go to sleep instead of watching it. And those people...still like the show enough to buy themed merchandise? In conclusion, Go Team Valued Guest.
  3. Oh, how I love the dramatic background music in America's Next Top Model.
  4. If The Rock has time to star in Ballers (assuming that's a real show and not just Showtime trying to gaslight everyone), surely he could be Magnum PI instead.
  5. "Y'all are brutalizing meee...."
  6. I loved how unhelpful most of the clues were. Normally Yancy Butler and Jon Bernthal are not the most recognizable names on a list of tv stars.
  7. I love Marc Evan Jackson in everything. One of the things that makes Thrilling Adventure Hour so great is that he uses pretty much the same ultra-dry delivery, but as an action star who rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars with both a laser gun AND a pair of robot fists.
  8. It seems like it would be easier for everyone if the client just flew to Laos and killed the gibbon there. Then you just have to smuggle the breastbone, which is presumably easier to conceal than an entire alive monkey.
  9. Connections is such a great show. Massively informative AND massively entertaining.
  10. Green Acres turns out to be legitimately funny. I was surprised!
  11. I'll start from scratch. Home Movies was a cartoon by Loren Bouchard and Brendon Small. Loren went on to create Bob's Burgers, and Brendon made Metalocalypse. Brendon's also been on Bob's Burgers a couple of times as "Animal Control Guy". H. Jon Benjamin was one of the lead actors on Home Movies, and one of the characters he played was a lousy soccer coach called Coach McGuirk. Another main character was Melissa, played by Melissa Galsky, who's a production coordinator on Bob's Burgers and has done a ton of "little girl" voices on Bob's Burgers. In this episode, she played "Mara," one of the s
  12. Yes! I was barely over recognizing Melissa's voice when Brendan's cameo happened. I think Bob's a better coach than McGuirk. Not that that's difficult.
  13. I can verify that Stephen Colbert's "Charlene" was in Rock Band. I know because it was a very short, simple song, which means that it was the only song I could get 100% on when playing guitar on the hardest setting.
  14. Aw, good for Mr. Frond! He so rarely gets to have a success instead of being a dope who gets dunked on.
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