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S11.E17: The Grand Finale/Reunion

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Just now, LennieBriscoe said:

It's a commercial on now, so I'm going to predict that Woody's big revelation is that....he got her a dog! 

Came here to say the same. The fake drama is a bit much!

And Amani, you could have worn a bra, hon. 

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Olivia:  What business is it of yours that he's "dating like wildfire"?  What business is it of yours that he's spending money on dates?  You're divorced!  If you weren't such a damn vengeful sourpuss maybe you'd be dating too.

2 minutes ago, Suzy Rhapsody said:

Oh, Olivia, jealousy looks as good on you as that way-too-light shade of makeup you’re wearing.  (Sorry, I’m an asshole like Brett!)

And that neck was blazing red!

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3 minutes ago, Suzy Rhapsody said:

Yes, Bennett and Amelia.  We know you’re different.  We know you’re eclectic.  (Cats from houses three doors down just woke up.)

Still trying way too hard. My cat woke up & we're several states away.

The good hygiene thing is new for them.

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No, Christina didn’t want to force someone to do something they didn’t want to do, but she had no problem weaponizing sexuality and accusing Henry of being gay just because he didn’t fall all over himself trying to “woo” her.  But she’s really a great person!  I knew Henry would get the last laugh. 

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29 minutes ago, TheMediumBopper said:

Watching Olivia's neck and upper chest turn redder and redder was pretty fascinating. I was waiting for her to burst into flames on the couch. Apparently she's been paying attention to what people say about her on social media and forums. Hi, Olivia!

I am hysterical laughing.  Burst into flames.  Hahahahahaha

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Miles’ purple suit is fantastic (and not just because I’m one of Prince’s many spiritual wives).  As for Karen, it’s interesting that she needed him to express frustration before she opened herself and her heart to him.  At the end of the day, I’m just glad this poor man is finally having sex.  I can sleep tonight.

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1 hour ago, CSunshine76 said:

And Amani, you could have worn a bra, hon. 

Agreed. The nipples and side boob were a little much.

Love that Woody has a great relationship with Amani's dad and stepdad since he doesn't have a good one with his own father. He got two bonus dads!

Olivia was furious. She was through with this from the get - you could tell from "how are you, Kevin?" Her tone screamed "I am contractually obligated to be here; let's get this bullshit over with."

48 minutes ago, gonecrackers said:

She's angry she wasn't matched well. She really needs to get pissed at the 'experts' though.

She does. They fucked this up; kids/no kids is a fundamental incompatibility. Brett is the one who keeps using the word "compatibility" and he's right - they are not, were not, and will not be compatible. I agree with Brett that Olivia wants someone to slide into her life - I'm remembering how she said she sees her friends every day and talks to her mom every day, and Brett was like "where do I fit in?" It's a valid question. When she says "experience life with her," she means "do the stuff she wants to do."

47 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

What did Brett do or say that gave Olivia the idea that he didn't want to "settle down"? He's already got the job, the house, and the cat! Oh, wait; to Olivia "settle down" means "travel and see the world and do what I want to do."

Her whole "he's dating! That means he's not ready to settle down!" thing makes no sense. You have to date in order to settle down. He is divorced, or getting divorced; he's out there trying to find a person to settle down with. (I think "tell me something positive" is a good opening line. I'd respond to that.) And even if he's not ready to settle down right away, he's allowed to date. He's single now.

The difference in color between Olivia's face and neck is fascinating. They're all shiny though.

Henry is killing it. I was seeing a guy briefly some years ago who told me he was divorced, but he didn't tell me until later that he had only gotten divorced nine months before and his marriage had lasted a decade-plus and ended abruptly (she was cheating). I was like, you are not ready for this at all. So I totally feel him on the concern that she was fairly newly out of a 5-year relationship.

When I tell y'all I HOWLED when Henry said he was "indifferent" about Christina seeing someone ...

7 minutes ago, Silver Bells said:

A salesman?  I thought he was a writer.  I get those annoying solar panel calls every week.

Day job, I assume. I doubt very much he makes money as a writer, hence all his side gigs he had in NOLA. No shade to him; it's just hard to make money as a writer. Didn't he say he'd never made more than $20K a year?

I do not like Karen's faux locks. Her face looks great though. She's the only one whose makeup isn't all shiny.

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So happy for these comments. I recorded and started to watch an hour later only to find that this rainy weather we are having wreaked havoc with the recording. I now tuned in to real time but have missed over an hour. 

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1 minute ago, gonecrackers said:

So that's what was missing- Karen just wanted him to be real.

Which means?  Karen talks in circles.  What made her change her mind in one week?  I think it was all phony baloney.  They were probably intimate from the get go.

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6 minutes ago, Crashcourse said:

And now I'm confused.  I thought he was too real for her.  Did she think he was faking it before?

I don't understand that either. She wanted him to tell her he was annoyed by the lack of response he was getting from her? Didn't he do that? He told her he wanted to have sex with her and she left the house.

Karen doesn't want a dog. I saw her eyes drop when Miles said one might be coming.

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1 minute ago, Crashcourse said:

So, I wonder how recently these people been tested for COVID.

I low-key think it's irresponsible of them not to mention testing. I might be home like Brett if they don't test.

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21 minutes ago, Silver Bells said:

Which means?  Karen talks in circles.  What made her change her mind in one week?  I think it was all phony baloney.  They were probably intimate from the get go.

True, could have all been crap for all we know.

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