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S11.E17: The Grand Finale/Reunion

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"Okay, Christina is a wacko, no question ("I have been loved deeply by many" -- yikes) but Henry has refused to talk to her since the wedding & the only accusations of his that we've actually seen confirmed were the rudeness to production and that amounted to 3 occasions: when production was forcing her to carry conversations for mute Henry or when production was directing a conversation at the party. I can understand why over weeks of shooting & carrying the entire relationship  Christina would have 3 moments of frustration.

We've seen no evidence of the homophobic text b/c Henry says she says she lost it.  As the accuser, the burden of proof is on him. 

She's annoying but she's been nothing but patient while he has been unrelentingly rude & obnoxious with his "pattern of deception" bullshit. Lots of flight attendants don't have one established domicile, Henry, you asshole.  God, I hate him."


Okay, that comment from last week didn't age so well.  The first  & last  words are true but was I off-base about everything else. I'm going to paste this on my forehead to ensure I never serve on a jury, Off to mix up some flour & water

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On 10/30/2020 at 10:07 AM, Neurochick said:


BUT, I have an issue with Henry now.  So, he knew Christina has been in a toxic 5 year relationship and that's why he wanted to stay away from her.  Okay, but did he ever talk about that with her?  Did he ever talk about that with the experts?  If not, he kind of gaslighted HER IMO.


Exactly!  Christina did turn out to be incredibly problematic but to judge her based on gossip gleaned from Trishelle (!) & others on the first night of meeting her is f'ed up. Everyone has a story & to just shut down & never give her a chance to tell her side of things is an asshole move, just what I'd expect from Henry.

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Henry was over Christina the second he saw her. She wasn't his type physically, so he completely closed himself off to her. If he'd been physically attracted to her, the stuff about her alleged affair with the married guy and the stuff about where she was living wouldn't have made a difference. (I mean, if a heavily problematic past relationship made one undeserving of love, then many of us would be deemed unlovable.)

I hated how smug and self-righteous he was talking shit about Christina (and, sure, the woman has issues) when he himself gave about an ounce and a half of emotional effort during the entire relationship. And if he'd told himself nope about Christina at the wedding reception, he at least owed it to her to let her know that so she didn't spend four months trying to elicit signs of life from him.

I recall way back when Henry's dad was warning Christina that Henry pouts. At the time, I thought the dad was being an ass, but as it turns out, I think we just witnessed what it looks like when Henry pouts for several months.

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