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  1. kassa

    S15.E00 Unfinished Business April 2, 2019

    Good insight from Bill. I believe him that he feels himself changing. Sig sharing his feelings with his crew... maybe not quite so much! Run, Monte, run! I know the industry is tight, but If Elliott and Jake were given million dollar vessels to run, Monte seems like a great catch for some boat owner. Hell - maybe the Time Bandit could use him!
  2. kassa

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    I really loved that moment -- not just the funny comment, but the way Kandi lit up and laughed. It's nice to see married people genuinely enjoying each other (especially on these shows). I really felt angry for Eva having her wedding upstaged by intercutting "NeNe, Portrait of an Unhappy Wife" throughout. NeNe's dress was gorgeous, Kandi's look was gorgeous, and for the very first time I really liked what Marlo was wearing, as well as her entire look. Not sure what made her go in this totally different direction, but she looked younger, thinner, and classier than she ever has on this show. I have no idea about the internal workings of the Leakes marriage, but my own assumption was that she was ready to check out before he got his diagnosis, then she got trapped by it. And perhaps so did he. Both miserable, acting out, making an awful situation worse. NeNe's vibe the entire season has been that she is being forced to participate against her will in every scene in which she appears. Perhaps she had pre-selected a different storyline, but the producers are insisting on the Gregg storyline instead? I sense tension with production, not just the other ladies, and not just the hand that life has dealt her with her husband's health. This is NOT how she wanted to spend this season. Porsha isn't bothering me too much, and at times seemed reasonable. Shamari needs to check in for a sabbatical some place warm and dry for 30 days or so. I did like how the other ladies handled her situation in the moment.
  3. This was Scary Island-level good. Favorite moment: Shamari's throwing up, ever-helpful Cynthia runs for paper towels, Kandi pops a sandwich in her mouth and says it's time to go! Editors had a field day throughout - thanks to all!
  4. kassa

    S07.E08: Maja's Story

    Yes, that was asinine. No matter what story she's been told, she has NO idea what kind of information might not have been shared yet. Toxic relationships can have zillions of layers of toxicity, and telling any patient straight off the bat that they need to initiate contact with the estranged parent for their own mental health is pretty astonishing. A patient could be repressing sexual abuse (or simply not trusting enough to share it yet). First order of psychiatric business for somebody with this level of eating disorder may be talking about childhood, but approaching that kind of delicate negotiation of boundaries with an absent/possibly hostile parent isn't something they are remotely equipped to deal with until they've dealt with their immediate households. It also doesn't allow for the possibility (in my opinion possible here) that Dad stopped playing her games at some point and she cut ties with HIM at some point, and retroactively called it abandonment on his part. In my experience, people with this kind of narcissistic disorder can't tolerate being called on it, and will demonize anyone who refuses to accept their version of reality. I think her mother has done this as well (distancing herself from the antics and merely throwing money at the problem. Which, to be fair, is still generous of her.) Not terribly keen on Christian, but I'm just as willing to believe that he was been telling her all along that he would go with her to get her started, and that it was contingent on her really truly committing to it, and that she insisted of course she would, this time would be different, everything would be amazing etc etc. The abuse/honeymoon/abuse pattern holds for male victims, too. If he chose the path of least resistance and agreed to go to Texas, but then instead of being grateful and optimistic in the preparations she was hostile, and then they got to Texas and the straw that broke the camel's back was her behavior in front of other people (on national television!) he may have simply concluded "oh, this truly IS never going to change. That makes it easy. Consider me gone." While she wasn't too hard to read and he's obviously been doing this for years and will have a sense of what games people play, remember that the camera crew has been with them for quite a while (weeks?) and witnessed a lot of domestic interaction. Not sure how much advanced information he gets from them, but he certainly could have gotten a heads up about her domineering/his detachment, and it helps move the storyline along if he highlights the main issues between patient and support people. Oh, yeah. First time ever in Dallas they "upgraded" me to a Cadillac. Like the kind of classic grandpa-smoking-cigars-level Cadillac I haven't seen in New England since the Nixon administration. Smooth ride, but had to do a 3 point turn in it and it took about 30 points. To say something nice -- Maja certainly may be the best dressed poundticipant we've seen. Not sure where she sources her clothing, but others could take a page from her book. That said, she appears to have been much better off financially than the majority of people featured.
  5. kassa

    S11.E14: Lost in translation

    Did they order their own food, though? I might have missed it if they did. I took it as a planned "event" dinner that had disregarded one of the guests. If she had a menu and didn't go for non-fish protein, that's on her.
  6. kassa

    S11.E14: Lost in translation

    My friend's husband had the same cancer Greg has and it's a rough, rough road. (He chose chemo in addition to/not instead of vegetables). Caretakers have a hard time, absolutely. But Nene wasn't snippy or or irritable, she didn't retreat -- she put on a PERFORMANCE of her displeasure at multiple opportunities. It would be one thing if she was unnaturally quiet and kind of a downer in energy level from her usual life of the party self, but quite another to still demand to be the focus of the party in the state she was in. I practically cheered when they basically ignored her. That's the approach with passive aggressive people just DEMANDING that you suck up to them to find out what's wrong so that they can center themselves. Could be she tried to stay away and was ordered to attend, and they recognized that her open contempt was for the show runners and not them. I give Kandi a pass on the food thing. She was hangry. If I've spent 20 hrs on planes and in airports, I need something to EAT. And if you serve me food you know in advance I don't eat (seafood), a handful of side veg isn't going to cure the hangry. And the people setting up the dinner knew she wouldn't eat most of it, which has got to be annoying after x years on the show. I'm going to assume there would have been things on the menu that she would have happily eaten, but they were not provided.
  7. Another option is an approach I've used successfully with someone like Danielle: quizzical look followed by "what a thing to say." Then NOTHING. A mildly interested/puzzled gaze back at them. You've absorbed the "hit" but not given them anything to bat back to you. Most any response to "what a thing to say" makes them look like a major bitch. Would have worked for Jennifer when Marge made the comment about her husband, would have worked for Marge when Danielle brought up her kids. Basically, first rule of "win a fight with an instigator" club is don't offer anything that furthers the confrontation they're determined to have. The likely response is something like "Yeah I said it" and which you shrug and follow Brindawalsh's advice above. They've been answered and dismissed.
  8. kassa

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    I wish Laura had spoken up more, but she did appear to leave the room when he did it, fall silent, or groan, common responses of younger women to unwanted attention. Traditionally, "banter" involves both people's participation, but while he was throwing it at her, he either didn't notice or didn't care that she wasn't responding in kind. And the thing about "banter" in the workplace is that you can do it in earshot of the boss (maybe not purposely, but not career damaging if you do!) And yet he always waited until they were alone as opposed to, say, when Kate might be around. Because I suspect she would have been quick with a "watch it." He's a quirky dude, but there's a lot of passive aggressiveness there and a tendency to quickly pivot to an aggrieved "I guess they're not as SPIRITUAL as I am" take that... isn't very spiritual. Basically a spoiled kid with a great gift. He might grow out of it given a combination of circumstances. There was something about the "confession" of his body insecurity that seemed simultaneously true (background story) and performative (sharing it as a plot point). Maybe he decided to just overcome it, show his body in the gold speedo and feel like he put it behind him. Or maybe it was a minor insecurity that he played up so viewers would find it endearing and blow him kisses for his bravery instead of ragging on his body on the internet. Seemed like somebody with a genuine enough complex to "confess" wouldn't put the speedo on, guest request or not. I know it's "anything for the tip" but you have an actual stripper on board and Josiah could have plead his religion or done a joke costume or something the guests would have accepted.
  9. Tre laughed with delight at Danielle going after Margaret. I could buy the talking head support as being done for her part on the show, but she also gets a genuine kick out of Danielle so long as she's going after somebody else. They're cut from the same cloth temperamentally and morally.
  10. I call bull on just how strict/traditional an upbringing she got from her family. I live a pretty secular life but I can't think of anybody I know who would make the jerk off gesture a) on camera; b) in front of their father; or c) on camera in front of their father. And there wasn't the excuse of drunkenness that day (unless she day drinks). Not that public drunkenness is typical of strict/traditional/conservative/religious folks of any denomination, either.
  11. Back in my day, Jennifer's lip look was called a "mistake." My spidey senses tell me that the family is putting the arm on her for some of her Housewives money. But obviously she'd prefer putting it away for college funds designer outlet garbage. This is what, her third season? If she mentioned kids in the first season I don't remember. Then last year it was "my stepkids are estranged from me and all I want is them back in my life because I was their mother from __ to ___" (Note: I fully endorse considering children you helped raise "your" children). But now this year it's "as a mother" this "as a mother" that. The distinction is fascinating. And it's probably leading somewhere, even though when she was harping at her husband about her ex's estrangement from his son I wanted to join him in saying "LEAVE IT ALONE!!" There obviously are reasons they're not sharing, and they sound devastating. Too devastating to be a plot point on a reality show. If you're walking around in public with it stuck in your mouth as you suckle it, it's a pacifier. I try not to comment on kids, so I'll just say... these kids are not being well served. By their parents in general, and more specifically, by being showcased on this show. Re: Theresa latching onto Danielle and Jennifer. The major thing they have in common is they've all publicly declared that when they're hurt, ANY angry/hurtful action or lie is perfectly appropriate under the circumstances. They truly believe (and live) this. They see it as perfectly reasonable, which is why they're toxic to be around. And they're incapable of seeing fallout from their actions as anything other than the other person's problem.
  12. kassa

    S02.E03: Power of Veto #1

    As I recall he was saying what a whiz he was at connecting directly with people while the black people sitting directly in front of him were thinking "CERTAIN people." Somebody else was there (Tom?) who also didn't respond as enthusiastically as I think he expected. I actually thought he was trying to start drama, and it was a wise decision to not give it to him.
  13. kassa

    S02.E03: Power of Veto #1

    Shout out to the editors for the wide shot as Mooch was praising Trump and Kandi and Ricky just chewed their food and stared at him. Far better than cutaways (which you can't trust)
  14. kassa

    S02.E03: Power of Veto #1

    I love Kandi, but she's definitely somebody who laughs when she's nervous. Armchair psychology, but given her mother (and her own temper) I assume it's a habit she picked up to deflect rising tension in situations she's not particularly invested in. When she's invested she'll walk away because she knows her temper, once activated, is pretty wild, and it's obviously something she consciously avoids giving way to (mostly). I'm not sure why she couldn't manage an "I'm not sure what you thought you heard or saw, but we never had a problem with you. " She tends not to like drama, though, so maybe Tamar was over the top on the tour and the butt of some jokes because of it, and now she sees that dynamic appearing again and doesn't care to indulge. Tamar did make some comment about how they (presumably xscape, not just Kandi) were too conceited. I hope they send Tom home. The sad trombone act is oppressive. If Scaramooch and Ricky Williams are funnier than the comedian... that's not good. Cupcake's energy annoys me. Kato surprisingly doesn't bug (except the cue card stuff). You really do appreciate the reality show people who know how to provide narrative. I really like the purple hair. It's an excellent shade that almost looks like it should be a human hair color.
  15. kassa

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    The dynamic around that table was fascinating. Commentary has focused on Meri vs everybody, but Christine ordered Kody to "stop" three times and Robyn literally told him to shut up. I know in past seasons people have surmised that off camera he was more controlling than he cared to show, but If it was true, it doesn't seem to be working any more. They shut him down to the point he had to leave the room. Poor Ysabel. They are torturing her over stopping something she has no power over, putting her through physical suffering. If surgery is likely inevitable, let her have high school without the discomfort of the brace and the time spent on the useless "training" now, before whatever physical limitations she may face after surgery. Investigate the surgery and see what exercises will help her bounce back quicker and stronger from it. Find people who have had it and live their best lives. i don't mind the catfishing storyline. I understand they're omitting the infidelity aspect, but I can see where Meri wants people to understand that this person is an actual predator, and predators succeed because they are really good and thorough about what they do. Yes, her faults were used against her, but it wasn't casually done - it was a full scale operation by someone who does this full time. She wasn't simply betrayed by a jerk - she was targeted by a skilled manipulator. And I don't doubt for a second that Kody would fall for somebody posing as a sweet fundamentalist gal looking for plural marriage (especially if she just inherited a lot of $$/property from a deceased parent/husband and wanted to bring it to share with the family she never had cause she can't have kids).