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  1. Roy Jr's Ace of Base best friend was in a Nazi skinhead band as a teenager. Says he's put it all behind him, though. I'd normally make allowances for growing and changing, except I saw some of the lyrics and let's just say they merit more than a shrug and Real Housewife-like insistence that we put it all behind us because he did. Sandy would have served Malia much better had she simply lurked and caught him doing it and then laid into him. But I also suspect she HAS overheard some of their other conversations and knowing how Capt Lee took heat for a hostile work environment, decided to come out swinging at first sign of trouble.
  2. I just switch to something else and wait for the hour to pass then fast forward. But they run it into the next hour just to be sneaky. Wonder if the advertisers are wise to it? You know this garbage is going into Disco's deep circular file after the airing. What's stunning to me is that they don't even pretend anymore that Josh is anything but a scrub hangin' out the passenger side of his best friend's ride tryin' to be on tv. Gigantic heaping tables of crab, gorgeous weather...why isn't he sorting so they can move quicker and get home sooner? So the other guys can maybe be a little more rested and a little safer?
  3. Ugh - skip the middle hour on principle and wait for After the Catch to start and it's still the Josh show!
  4. The Jenna/Adam arc needs to be a case study for a course I think should be taught in every middle school - "What not to put up with." Teach them young how to spot manipulation and toxicity and how to spot it in budding relationships of all kinds, call it out, and not play. Jenna, to be fair, knows precisely what this relationship offers and has very consciously opted in. Not sure Adam understands his role at all, but maybe he can sit down with a therapist and dissect his actual behavior captured on film rather than his perception of it.
  5. It shows their utter lack of faith in the Josh show that they awkwardly shoe-horn it into Deadliest Catch, going so far as to run it inside both hours of the material we want to see. My guess is advertisers were willing to pay for DC and not the Phil Harris Memorial Grift-acular, so they call it DC and cash the checks. I went to bed. Next evening I fast forwarded through a lot of what appeared to be Phil clips, and watched After the Catch. Still can't stand Harley no matter how hard Mike Rowe tries to him up support. Bill's crew seem to be afraid of the Russian. They've treated harder workers much more harshly.support Jake and Jonathan are entertaining for now, but Jonathan can be a really scary dude, so Jake the emotionally unstable taking him on as a life mentor is concerning.
  6. I don't get why none of them (including Teddi) have offered the "I don't care if you come or not" = "my feelings won't be hurt if you sit this one out" explanation. So she said it wrong. Good grief. Placecards -gate reminded me of whoever it was on one of the franchises that got huffy because her wine wasn't served in a wine glass.
  7. In the words of Jane Austen, Sutton is "above her company." We get it. You're the richest person in the room. It's one of two things we know about you. The other is that you're so afraid that's all you bring to the table that you spend every on-camera moment turning your nose up at someone or something. And whatever you paid for that dress was too much. I cut Mauricio some slack - if he's been in sole charge of house and kids for 2 months, he's entitled to let loose. Teddi, she's not worth it. Dorit and Kyle may view this differently when they see Sutton digging in for the third time. I'm actually concerned that Denise survived Charlie only to be gaslighted by this guy. Hint: if you had the magic powers, "they" wouldn't try to kill you; "they"'d put you on a generous payroll exclusively to cure their and their friends and families' cancer. Given that they have a special needs child I'm leery of how that reconciles with the magical thinking. I hope he's not practicing whatever he practices on her. I'll go out on a limb and hazard a guess that the magic in some way involves an herb or mushroom or two. The kind that make you paranoid. That make you think people are following you or that going to court in a custody case is something that you must.not.consider.
  8. Because he found a beautiful woman who's willing to sleep with him even while knowing he has women on the side? I know, I know -- she talks a good game, but actions speak louder than words and her actions are what will determine the results she gets. She's sleeping with him. And now he's holding out even on the wedding, probably to offer it back to her as an apology gift the next time she catches him. Which she'll take as a sign that he really gets it and wants to work on the relationship.
  9. "This is HIS program!" Wow! Just as Dr. Now moved psychotherapy far earlier into the process over the years, it seems like the most practical thing in a situation where the incoming patient's partner is overweight is to say "the household has to do it. " He came closest to saying it outright here, but at that first visit getting the partner/parents to weigh in and agree on the record to follow it would at least stop the "my life doesn't need to be interrupted" mindset in its tracks. Even if you're not going to weigh them in, at least it might push them to be supportive at home and just go to the drive through alone.
  10. I had forgotten about Harley. Wish THEY had. If they wanted a villain, why not bring back Elliott? Sure we hated him, but he at least brought actual drama, not just a sour disposition. Read about Josh's new show a couple of weeks ago and had forgotten that, too. No, thank you. Maybe one day Phil will be able to rest in peace.
  11. This was a cavalcade of lowlifes - except for the keeper who lost the arm, it was one jaw dropping personality after another. But I think the reason Carol has touched such a nerve is that we've all known a Carol (likely more than one.) Most of them are sociopaths - she's just the kind of sociopath law abiding citizens would encounter most frequently. Her energy is "off" but in casual acquaintance you'd write it off. If stuck working with or being related to her it would wear on you over time as you watched her collect and discard (or be discarded by) people. So if she's getting a lot of heat, I think it's because she's carrying the baggage of being a pretty specific archetype of someone you need to avoid. Oh, and that comment about what you'd REALLY put on somebody's clothes to trigger an attack was pretty dang specific [insert imitation human laughter].
  12. This was certainly unrelentingly grim. Reading here that much of it may have been faked cheered me up, some, though, so thanks! I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Derrickus' "caretaking" job was to stop by 4 times a week when Mom was out of town and make sure Seana a) hadn't moved a meth lab into the house; and b) hadn't died and melted into the flooring. And when Mom had the chance to move, his services were no longer required.
  13. That's okay - she can just buy another house!
  14. Oh, I don't doubt for an instant that a bunch of the fast food delivery chowing down solo scenes are production giving them menus and saying "anything you want! We need footage of you overeating and sad so when you're all happy picking out a bikini a year from now you look even better!" One major repeating element in this show is generational poverty. Yes, they no doubt spend more money than they should on fast food... but most are probably not getting fat because they're eating too many pizzas, burgers and fries, but because they're drinking gallons of off-brand soda and eating gallons of mac and cheese and other carbage that doesn't fill you up but just triggers more cravings. Remember the woman whose pre-surgery binge meal was some godawful tater tot casserole? That short of thing. Decades of it.
  15. You never know what's going to spook a dog, especially a young one, especially in a high intensity venue like that. Sometimes it's a judge wearing a weird hat. I remember one poor judge who was quite elderly and extremely unsteady and dog after dog was visibly uncomfortable being examined (and so was the audience, hoping he'd get through it without keeling over). He got to my girl and as he bent to look at her she just looked up and slurped his face. And we won. Also saw a dog bite a judge, but it turned out the poor thing had an abscessed tooth so the judge made sure to note it so the excuse wouldn't count as viciousness.
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