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  1. Oh, I never thought they'd do that. But I can see him sitting like a King having the wife of the night cook dinner in "his" kitchen, hang out with him in " his" livingroom, and just retreating back to her bedroom to bed. No need to decompress because the other wives will be holed up in their apartments watching the Hallmark channel and they'll gather with the kids for "meetings" but otherwise avoid his space for fear of running into each other. I could have sworn at some point he said something about at least having a closet so he wouldn't have his clothes spread out.
  2. I don't know, but I'm thinking the piano came from there? Because when have we seen her (or anybody) playing a piano? Unless it's an heirloom, who would move it? If Kody's clever, he purposely gave her one fewer so she can bitch and he can graciously grant another. But he's not clever, of course. I'm sure it's painful, but she really does appear to have positive relationships with the younger kids. They run to her and hug her in a way that seems genuinely affectionate. Which makes me wonder if she was chased off from "mothering" the other women's children. I have no kids of my own but am deeply involved in my niece/nephew's lives... but that's with the blessing of their mom. If overtures to the kids are nixed by their moms, that would create even more resentment. We keep saying "so many kids, why don't you help?!" but maybe they don't let her. There are times when one of them slags him and they all laugh in agreement - I think he probably thinks those rueful moments of solidarity = friendship. Isn't the plan that the house is literally built around HIS section, containing the master livingroom/kitchen, and the WIVES come and go? Can't remember if he had his own bedroom, but even if he doesn't, he'll just park himself in the livingroom 18 hrs/day. Aside from jacking off to his artist renderings, what exactly is he doing with his time? They don't even try to offer anything cryptic. The waterfall/water feature sounds lovely... unless you've ever had water damage in your house. The sound of any dripping or trickling water will chill your very soul.
  3. I think the Northwestern is maintained to a high standard for their own protection and peace of mind, and they (or Sig) obviously were raised to treat the NW as a second home and prioritize good business practices in terms of taking care of their biggest investment, as opposed to stretching it to its limits while taking money out of it (see Saga, Phil-era Cornelia Marie, etc). And I remember a few years ago when a ship went down and the show narration was talking about how we'll never know why and in the same episode Edgar stated quite bitterly that "they got greedy." And yet... Edgar would light people on fire in their bunks and in the galley and Sig would laugh. I wonder if their insurance company ever caught up to them on that, because it's been a while. Same with John Hillstrand firing weapons at ice. Can you imagine the insurance blowback for a ricochet bullet wound and medical evacuation at sea? Even the saner people have far greater tolerance for risky behavior than most of us. (I admit I still laugh at Keith's panic when Freddie jumped overboard onto the walrus. Can you imagine the paperwork on THAT had it gone wrong?)
  4. To me it reads as major depression compounded by rage at his parents for uprooting his life for bonehead reasons, conflicting with a need to not add to his mother's burdens by openly opposing her. These kids know their moms have gotten the short end of the stick in their marriages, but pointing out the obvious only makes them dig in and defend Kody more. In a previous episode Gabe expressed a pretty sad but honest admission that fighting the move would ultimately hurt his mother and since it was going to happen regardless, the best he could offer was unenthusiastic compliance.
  5. It appears from what Captain Lee has said that he was initially asked/told to be on the show by his boat owner who had chartered the boat to the production people for the show. So, basically - "this is what the boat is doing this year, so be on tv or I'll get somebody else to run it." He agreed to do it, and turns out he enjoys it and is good at it. Presumably as part of this deal he relinquished a great deal of hiring/firing power in favor of the casting choices of the show runners. In the normal course of running a boat, he would have seasoned professionals who required very little supervision other than from their department heads, and even the greenest of new hires would have the same strong incentive to behave professionally as most of us do in our work lives. In the context of the show, the lower level employees are largely hired for mental/emotional instability and pre-hire expressed willingness to engage with their coworkers in entertaining ways. I think part of the Lee/Kate dynamic is that he sees her as part of the professional old school team. Comments he made about Simone on twitter were basically "this is the big leagues - you can't open a bottle of wine, it's not our job to TRAIN you on our time/dime." He was holding her to standards of real-world hires -- but she wasn't hired for the same criteria as non-show 3rd stews would be. I'm sure he's used to a fair share of deckhand drama, but from people who overall respect the hierarchy (or who can be fired/replaced at will with someone who is). But the "cast" of this show are precisely that. They're employees of the show, and seek to please their real bosses first, the tv crew. I think Lee respects Kate because she's still delivering the above-deck service in the manner to which he's accustomed and generally at least one of her stews is also delivering at an expected level, so he doesn't care how messy she gets in talking heads or with other employees who AREN'T delivering at the same level. He loves Courtney for many of the same reasons, I think -- hard worker, doesn't let up in the front of the guests, lets down her hair below deck, no problem with that in his eyes. I'm not the biggest Kate fan in the world, but I think to a certain extent her behavior towards the obvious production stunt hires/less capable stews is to isolate them where they can do the least damage to the above deck service, while simultaneously providing fodder for the show. So she's serving two masters which has to be exhausting, especially when she feels ganged up on with no support from either side. (Which is not to say she's not unfairly harsh sometimes, too). Unlike everybody else, Lee really does have the real world responsibility of moving the boat and passengers around, and the luxury of considering the tv show a side gig. Since this season being out of the tv show loop is reflecting poorly on him, I bet he is reexamining future vigilance on crew behavior, especially sexual harassment policies stated up front, and explicit "this is what 'embarrassing the boat' means" policies. I think the Ashton/Rhylee drama and much of Ashton's behavior is influenced (not caused by) production prodding. If you watch his talking heads... he's gleefully recounting his worst behavior in a manner that suggests that it's being received positively by the person he's talking to and therefore he believes he's coming off great, even charming! Which makes me long to see the questions posed that prompt his sexual bragging. I suspect that having gotten some really rotten behavior on tape (unprovoked), they decided to home in on every worst instinct and amplify it. There was no love for him in the camera angles of the photo shoot interspersed with his "I'm so amazingly hot being with these models" giggling confessions. He thought SOMEBODY was lapping it up (because they must have been). I don't let Rhylee off the hook of course - she truly is her own worst enemy. I hope she gets some clarity that the show is invested in her worst behavior/outcome, and it might be in her better interest to move on and try to grow out of the limelight.
  6. I definitely had that thought, too - no way would I let the landlord break the lease as I moved in without a lot of compensation for the considerable expense and inconvenience. And I can't believe the Browns would overlook a money making opportunity. So I concluded that the situation was not quite as it seemed (maybe the filming wasn't disclosed, or something that weighed heavily in the landlord's favor.) I'm fascinated by the legal implications of the discrimination accusations. The home was on camera, multiple times. Whether you used my name or not, if you filmed my house (which presumably people in the area can identify) and accused me on national television as the owner of said house of having committed religious discrimination, I suspect I'd have a pretty good slander case (assuming I have documentation of something reasonable/legal). So it will be interesting to see if said owner has a side that she would like to share. Run up debt on one wife, declare bankruptcy, run up debt on second wife, declare bankruptcy, repeat. The simultaneous mortgages in Vegas were a daring departure, aided by show money. But as I recall, when they first bought them people said they were interest only loans - perhaps those mortgage payments ballooned as scheduled, forcing the "sudden" need to move?
  7. Nah, honest, just a figure of speech. Which I regretted, but not enough to spend the time to think of another one, I guess.
  8. My mother fell and hit her forehead once and it swelled up something fierce as/during/after the stitches were put in. There's actually more space for expansion than you'd imagine!
  9. Yup. Watching every episode of this show last winter got me through the first few months of keto. My problem may not have been as large as theirs, but occasionally I'd hear them say aloud some rationalizations I've made internally, and it was very good for calling me out on them. Of course, I also used to spend every Hoarders episode puttering around finding something to clean/put away.
  10. Damn! 😄 I think I will stick with this show. Where some see awful people, I see desperate people. And that can be hard to witness, but it also opens the door to somebody drastically altering the path they're on, which of course I can root for. Some of the contestants on these shows are the result of generations of poverty, lack of education, and child abuse. These sisters kind of exemplify that. Finding the wherewithal to reverse the behavior and norms of a lifetime and completely reinvent yourself is a pretty amazing feat. From previews (granted, often deceptive) it appears that one is going to fight even if it means breaking the co-dependency. That's pretty powerful. On a minor note, while it was scary to get the sister out of the house to go to lunch... it didn't appear like it was that big an ordeal at all. 11 years without leaving the house, and she just walks to the car and shimmies in (albeit with difficulty) and walks into the restaurant? If I were the sis/husband I'd be pretty annoyed that we'd been waiting on her hand and foot. As far as the forehead fat goes, if you've seen plastic surgery victims, people who overdo liposuction have fat expand in the damndest places because the fat has to be stored in the places there are still fat cells. And if you suck them out of the belly/butt/thighs... they'll find somewhere else to go. Not that she had liposuction as a child, but maybe she just naturally had more fat cells in her face for some reason and they got maximized as she got heavier.
  11. Every time they show participants driving up for a follow up visit and it's dark out, I imagine an after hours 600 lb Life contestant cattle call (sorry for the pun - honestly don't mean it in a bad way) where they just line them up in the different exam rooms and Dr. Now goes from room to room. I imagine if he's had a couple of people with zero weight loss, or even gain, his attitude would perk up if he was ending the evening with a success story. Or, conversely, his attitude would get more sour if the performance of the patients worsened from room to room. Obviously things would be harder to schedule with out of town people, but part of the deal might be that they need to attend very specific appt windows so that the camera crew can be set up, the non-show patients won't be there, etc. They blur out faces in the waiting room, but I always scan to see if I can identify other contestants' families.
  12. I also liked Lonnie quite a bit and feel so sad for him that he had to endure that conversion therapy torture. I also think that he's smart and kind enough to have gone to his mother ahead of time and said something along the lines of "you know how tv people are - they're going to take those comments you made about how you want us to eat junk food again and try to make you look bad. And they're making us film a scene confronting you about how sad our childhoods were, so the way you come off totally AWESOME is if you act sad and apologetic and say something along the lines of 'I'm so sorry, I never meant for you to feel like that. I wish I had done better. We should definitely always keep talking so openly together!'" I forget what she actually DID say, but it came off as a bit more... emotionally mature than I expected from an unprepared woman who'd sent her kid to conversion therapy (or taunted her 600 lb kids over not laying out a carbfest for her). Especially since just before they showed the Jeanne episode where she confronts her mother with similar "why didn't you protect us" speech and at first she apologizes, then reacts to the ambush by getting up and storming off. I'd definitely prepare anybody I cared about before blindsiding them on national television about their life's biggest failing (at least if my intention was to forgive them and continue to have a relationship).
  13. I can't help it - ever since I learned (here) that Edgar actually was on the boat, most of my Northwestern viewing becomes "try to spot Edgar." Think I caught him a couple of times - he and Sig's son in law were wearing different color coats, and you could see a non-Matt, non-Nick, non-Norm guy from time to time in the action shots (judging by height/build). It's a damn shame that working into Sig's calculations vis a vis his wife's illness had to have been "if I go, do we send the boat out with Edgar and the show has to lie about it, or we pretend Norm is running it and don't show Edgar still, or do I actually tie up the boat and go home?" If Edgar were not persona non grata on television, it would have been an obvious decision to say "I'm flying home, I'll be back for the next trip if things are well." (Unless he's also persona non grata for driving the boat now as well, which is also entirely possible)
  14. Hope June got the medical care necessary and is doing well. Anybody else want to yell when Josh sits up in the wheelhouse (next to Casey) sad tromboning about how much the deckhands are hurting, breaking ice, when he could very easily go out and help? Sure, he goes out for what he presumably sees as a sorting "scene", but when exhausted men are working hard to save his ass from sinking, he doesn't go out? I was never a Time Bandit fan, but Jonathan or Andy would have been out there.
  15. I remember Sig making very pointed "jokes" at Phil about the lack of maintenance on the Cornelia Marie. They both laughed, but it seemed clear that Sig really disapproved and wanted Phil to step up. Of course Phil was a minority owner, so maybe he simply didn't have the clout to insist, but Sig may have thought he could try harder. The Northwestern does appear to be meticulously maintained year after year. And I think that standard is serving Jake A well as he refurbished the Saga to something pretty impressive considering its origins.
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