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  1. I'm about 10 years older than she is and I remember thinking that she was an adult making (bad) adult decisions, but they were hers to make and they were two consenting adults. Decades older, now that I'm about the age HE was at the time, I see how incredibly unequal they were. For historical perspective for the younger folks - this was the mid-90s. The web was only a few years old. Fox news and MSNBC were both only a year or two old. The OJ trial had taken place a couple of years before, sucking up every ounce of media attention, but by then it was over, the 24 hr news cycle had begun
  2. Not high enough to fall for Erika's story. Didn't the son in law leave the firm before all hell broke loose? The kids may have bailed and distanced to protect their assets. I think Erika had prepared several scenarios, and forgot the one that she and her advisors had settled on. So she started out, realized that wasn't the story she needed to get out there, panicked and quickly transitioned into the next one. Like a teenager covering up behavior with a story and making a slip, she started talking faster and faster, changing subject to the story she MEANT to tell. "Billy's car
  3. I can see hiring him because a) they needed a male winner; b) he's better than average of adult contestants in this franchise despite his youth; c) the job likely bears no genuine restaurant responsibility, so if he puts people off they can pay out the (show-budgeted) salary and make him do prep until he leaves to start his own restaurant (which you know he'll do anyway). She struck me as the person you'd want as a genuine protege who can be brought up to run YOUR business.
  4. Interesting the varying views on modesty and bikini wearing within stepfamilies etiquette! I don't think those of us who raised an eyebrow are necessarily slut shaming. Everybody in the room was raised Mormon, weren't they, even if they no longer practice? I don't think it's a stretch to suspect it would register in their worldview as intentionally provocative. Or at least "I don't care if they think it's provocative," which is... provocative. We had a pool when I was growing up - I wore bikinis no matter what adult males were present at the pool. But if we went in the house to socializ
  5. I'm enjoying it. I know a lot of folk are tired of Paulson, but damn, every time she does Tripp's lumbering walk I just laugh. Tripp embodied every horrible person who rises to a position of a reasonable amount of power because of the person she's connected to, loses that person, and sees their entire career implode because their behavior alienated every other person who don't raise a finger to help out. They're flabbergasted because they thought they were exercising power of their own, only to find they never had any. Yes, the Paula Jones actress is stealing the entire production.
  6. The moving cabins thing is so weird to me. I see the hassle, but could they not compromise and just move one drawer of stuff a day? They'd still be done by end of charter. It's not like they'd be miles from their old cabin if they needed to grab one specific item. I think Katie is a people pleaser, which makes her a great hospitality person. She's also probably reasonably assertive in running a professional charter yacht interior. This particular set of circumstances, however, involves layers of decision makers that do not include her and preclude her from discussing that fact, as well a
  7. What do they actually do with the mixed crab/cod pots -- sort into different tanks? Or were they fishing for cod for bait and it just gave them a headstart on crab?
  8. Freddie's a definite liability, but one they're willing to embrace because apparently he IS really good at what he does -- until he crosses whatever line and ends up on another boat. There's a very odd dynamic - he always publicly hero worships his current captain, but I've also always felt they've been afraid of him, and turn sheepish when scolding him for something they'd fire someone else for on the spot. But they also manage to get rid of him eventually, while never addressing why. Maybe he stops working on the boat off season and they use that as justification? There's some offscreen blow
  9. As Casey's saying how the guys on deck won't eat for 6 hrs all I could think was "Josh can't make sandwiches and hand them out between strings? They have to burn 6 hrs worth of mega calories before they eat?" Only to have Casey tell Josh he can go heat up some hot pockets for them if he wants to feed them. So does he? No, he says Casey's in charge so they won't eat because that's what Casey wants, and HE would do it differently. Like Casey gives a flying f if Josh does something useful. You'd think Josh would WANT to show himself being all benevolent and looking out for his men... but in this
  10. I remember Matt (from the NW, now the Saga) saying years ago that he did a season on the Wizard and never made so much money as he did that year. Don't they also bring out enough guys to pretty much run 24/7 by swapping people out?
  11. Every time he solemnly proclaims how bad it is and they're fighting through it I think "who's 'we'?" Casey who's doing all the navigating and securing the safety of the men on deck? The men on deck who are actually IN the weather and standing on an unstable deck risking death/catastrophic injury? Josh might risk spilling his coffee on his lap. And to be fair, because I can't help it, I feel the same way when Mandy's sitting there. Now, we actually DO see her driving the boat (sometimes), but when those monster pots were coming up, why wasn't she down there sorting to help take a load off
  12. If I were to join Britni in the house I imagine I would spend the majority of the next few days really catching up on my sleep (alone) in a comfortable bed. As for the Red Cross, Haiti's still waiting for the 500 million you fundraised off their suffering a few years ago. Or even a fraction of it.
  13. But are there parallels to Gregg/Nene from RHoA? Their divorce happened precipitously around a lawsuit involving somebody seeking assets from him, did it not? And then after a year of her going on fake Bravo dates they got back together happier than ever? (until they weren't). I'm not saying Gregg/Nene never loved each other, just that even people who do love each other can divorce for scammy reasons. I tell you -- at one point we had a lot going on in our family and a big holiday coming up and as a joke we decided to use disposable plates (the heavy duty plastic Costco ones because we
  14. My guess is that at the time of the "he was a monster, I was hiding what a horror my marriage was" revelations, that was the plan. Poor emotionally abused wife who knew NOTHING. And then the govt rejected it (or her team realized they would reject it) because they had her dead to rights on actively participating. And all of this is why lawyers tell you to keep your mouth shut (and certainly don't do interviews/go on national television), because your defense becomes constrained by anything you say. Had she backed out of the show, she could have issued one of those "I can't discuss these
  15. Nah, that was so that she could get away when she wanted and not be stuck standing around while the show-hired limo was purposely held back from letting her leave. She already knew it was a trap - she provided her own escape. I suspect it's more than that. There's a big difference between a husband embezzling to lavish a lifestyle on his wife (with her knowledge or not) and husband and wife playing a game where they play up her lifestyle so they can SAY her business costs 10 million/yr but it's really only 2 and the other 8 goes into secret accounts. The show would be a great way to
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