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  1. ExplainItAgain

    The Hills

    Audrina was probably my least favorite from The Hills and I was surprised how much I liked her on this. She seems calm, much more together, much more articulate than she used to be.
  2. ExplainItAgain

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    I really like Chelsea. She has a very easy social ease about her, like you could just drop her in a room of opera fans or deer hunters and she could find friends. She's always very polite and thanks service people. And that comment about living large...it's like an inquisitive dig, but they way she plays it off is funny, not mean. Same with the rolls royce "I'm rich AF" - she said it in an endearing way. She just really seems like a nice person, which is rare for reality tv.
  3. ExplainItAgain

    Karlie Kloss: The New Heidi

    I actually really like Karlie, but does she remind anyone else of Kirsten Dunst? Every time she talks I just picture Kirsten in Bring It On...!
  4. ExplainItAgain

    Kids Baking Championship

    I agree 100% @augmentedfourth. Jaxson and Meadow together would make a great baker! I think Paige is a little too all over the place to win so I'm imagining a Davis win too.
  5. ExplainItAgain

    Kids Baking Championship

    I just started watching this after I caught a random episode. I wonder why, being kids and still learning a lot about baking, the kids don't taste along with the judges? Wouldn't it help them identify when things are under/over baked, lacking flavor/texture, etc? I know they can taste as they go but with some things, like the cheesecakes, there's just no way of knowing. Obviously in some cases they couldn't (like with the vegetarian in the bacon challenge or Paige's allergy to almonds) but it just seems like the kids could taste along and really understand what Duff and Valerie are critiquing? Paige is adorable, but hopefully she'll calm down as she gets older. I could totally see Meadow being a baker if she continues. Poor Davis is wound so tight, I hope he puts that pressure on himself and it's not coming from his parents. He obviously has a lot more in his baking arsenal than the others. He seems quite studious.
  6. ExplainItAgain

    Season 6 Discussion

    Fernanda looked really pretty, a very nice choice of dress for the park wedding. Even her real wedding dress was somewhat conservative. I can't help it, I like her. I think she will be one to really embrace the US and find a great career. Hopefully she and Jonathan can escape Lumberton (NC resident here). Ashley is 1000% delusional. She made one good decision: keeping her kids off this show. She's just a ball of insecurity, tension, and nerves. She seems exhausting to be around with her emotional drama. Larissa looked very pretty as well, I liked her veil. Too bad her personality sucks. I haven't made it through all the other threads yet because I just started watching but does Kalani remind anyone else of Melissa Gorga?? I really don't even have the energy to discuss the other couples - this whole season was a dumpster fire if Jon and Fernanda were the only ones to semi-root for.
  7. ExplainItAgain

    Live PD

    I'm not sure. I know his department doesn't have a contract for this current season. I don't know if that was the producers' decision or the department's decision. I wondered about his authority when he was out in another state - he seemed quite involved in the traffic stop.
  8. ExplainItAgain

    Live PD

    They didn't mention it on the show, but he was apparently in MO for a benefit for that Greene County officer that was killed. I guess he represents the sheriff's association. But, yes, he's also a famewhore and definitely wishes his department was still on.
  9. ExplainItAgain

    Live PD

    That chase last night was a little ridiculous. I realize he was an escapee but did they need the entire force chasing him at 30 mph? I wonder what the story was with the woman who was with him?
  10. ExplainItAgain

    Live PD

    Yes! The guy in the Yankees jersey was the guy from last week in the Eagles jersey. I knew he looked familiar.
  11. ExplainItAgain

    Live PD

    Zendejas! She's my favorite too. There was recently a news article that while on a call she was assaulted and knocked unconscious. Glad to see her last night and that she's back at it. She definitely has a way of talking with people that is calming. She has quite the fabulous bun too!
  12. ExplainItAgain

    Live PD

    What on earth was that bank robbery? They presented it as if it was live although it happened a few hours earlier. I understand they set up a perimeter but it took them forever. Random people were walking all over the place. Then they took the employees and customers back into the bank before they cleared the building?? Is that safe?
  13. ExplainItAgain

    Very Cavallari

    I didn't keep up with this show, so I binged this morning. Um, how old is Brittainy's boyfriend? He looks like her dad - he also seems really gross and sweaty. She needs to throw that fish back in the sea. I'm with those of you that like Jay. I like his dry sense of humor and I think he and Kristin get along really well. I've never really been a Kristin fan, but I will admit she is semi-interesting to watch. I respect their decision not to show their kids, but it would definitely be more interesting to see their family. Her employees are not as interesting. Shannon is annoying and her boyfriend seems like he went on the show for the music exposure. I don't understand Wirth - is he just rich from family money? He just dicks around and "works" at Uncommon James? And what does Kelly, Kristin's best friend, do for a living?
  14. ExplainItAgain

    General True Crime Shows

    The guy in the first episode was crazy asking for the death penalty. I just watched the second episode and it had a few twists and turns with the brother turning out to be the DA and the guy possibly inciting his friend to commit the murder. I'll have to keep watching to see the one you describe. I know that there are only a handful of women on death row, but I would like to see this show profile one of their cases.
  15. ExplainItAgain


    No, it's never been stated. But she had one flashback where her dad was involved in a drug ring, so it could be she went into the family business.