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  1. ExplainItAgain

    Kids Baking Championship

    Wow, that Brooke has the most southern Georgia peach accent I've heard in a long time. Yeah, Brady's a bit performative. Valerie's look at the judging...grandma city.
  2. ExplainItAgain

    Where'd You Go, Bernadette (2019)

    Just saw it. It was...ok. It followed the book pretty closely until the last 20% or so. The "explanation" parts like the video and her talk with her mentor seemed to go on forever. I did not care for the book so I'm not even sure how we ended up at this movie.
  3. ExplainItAgain

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    I liked it. I think this first episode was a little bit of a mess because they had to throw a bunch of stuff in there. Hopefully it will be a little more organized as it goes on.
  4. ExplainItAgain


    That's pretty good, but a few are wrong. I think we always thought Blanca was in for elder abuse, but it was implied she covered up the old lady's hit and run. Also, the nurse Penn shot didn't die - her charge was attempted murder, as shown on her wanted poster when she escaped.
  5. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E06: Trapped in an Elevator

    @foxfreakinmulder That was Humps (the guy who made Maritza eat a baby mouse). Daya shot him in the leg and they did stash him in a closet, but he was eventually taken to medical. That's where Kukudio blew air bubbles into his IV and finished him off.
  6. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E11: God Bless America

    3-ish years. And more if she doesn't stop doing stupid shit like smuggling in phone chargers or getting caught with a cell phone.
  7. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E13: Here's Where We Get Off

    That was Pornstache with Daya's baby! Can you believe it? Barely recognized him!
  8. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E01: Beginning of the End

    I agree. It's worth watching the rest of the season. Yes, there are some dark and sad moments. There is still some humor. And I thought the finale was spectacular and was satisfying as a long-time viewer.
  9. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E13: Here's Where We Get Off

    I think the other was a doll. It was quite realistic looking, haha. She got the abortion pill and gave it to the detainee who was trying to home remedy her own. She couldn't really go for IVF after that so I assume they changed direction and went the adoption route.
  10. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E04: How to Do Life

    She mentioned in one of the earlier seasons that she had two daughters that lived upstate. I guess they eventually moved to the US. She found the FB for her one daughter who had a kid this season. It was being saved for another coworker the next day, so she spoiled a surprise and ate the party food, lol.
  11. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E13: Here's Where We Get Off

    We saw almost everybody! That was so great - I was so happy to see glimpses of Leanne and Angie, Yoga, Gina and Norma, Boo, Chang, Soso, and all the others. I didn't even recognize Pornstache at the end. That was a pretty good ending. I was worried all 12 hours of the season that it wasn't really leading anywhere, but I think they managed to wrap most things up pretty nicely. Nicky's always been my favorite character and I loved her ending as the new Red (complete with red lipstick!). Taystee found her purpose and I agree her case would probably never be overturned, but she still got a good ending. Judy King helping a girl out! Suzanne grew up, which was the best possible ending for her. Unfortunately no help for Red or Lorna but at least being in Florida will help them. I'm not typically a crier, but I cried when Penn got her GED.
  12. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E12: The Big House

    Jesus! I just wrote in two past posts that Penn's life had improved the most during prison! Damn it, that sucked. They killed off another good one, just like Poussey. Fuck Luschek. Poor Gloria - 9 days from release. Can the guards really give her 5 more years or is that standard for having contraband? McCullough with the revenge game. I'm not caring too much about Cindy. I loved Taystee and Caputo's (final?) conversation. Here I go. About to start the last episode...ever.
  13. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E11: God Bless America

    I had no idea that was McCullough until she said Alex wanted to move on with her. The whole time I was like...who is this?? How does she know Alex? Geez. Poor Karla, poor Shani. Yeah, Fig was faking everything to get that abortion pill. But, since she told the woman's story to the doctor, did the doctor pick up on what was happening? Surely Caputo can get together with Piper to start Taystee's nonprofit? I really thought before the season aired Caputo and Piper were going to team up to do something like this, or write a book. I think Maria might take the blame for the phone to show Gloria she's changed?
  14. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E10: The Thirteenth

    This episode was so boring. Nothing much really happened. The only good bit was Red asking for Nicky and their scene together with the doctor. Poor Red. What a great character she is. Nicky is my favorite character and she's really carrying everyone's emotional burdens now, isn't she? Red, Lorna, Shani, etc. And it looks like Shani got her deportation date. Polly sucks. We saw the woman drinking the parsley soup in her bunk but what was it for? Sickness? Is that a home remedy to induce abortion?
  15. ExplainItAgain

    S07.E09: The Hidey Hole

    Aww, poor GED teacher, I liked him. He was really getting through to Pennsatucky. Daya is so, so unlikeable. After last season I really wanted more Adeola, but now not so much. Cindy killed that interview. I was starting to think last episode that something like genital mutilation was going on with Shani. Really tragic. Oh Lorna, you're not going to get far! I'm getting worried they aren't going to wrap up storylines at all and things will just...end.