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  1. I read this too (although I don't think it was an interview - Dan wrote it Q&A style for his blog). Another point he brought up is that LivePD isn't an arm of the departments. He said: "Live PD had a long standing policy to only keep footage for a few weeks absent a specific legal request to retain it and all of the departments we followed were aware of that policy. The reason for this policy was so that we did not become an arm of law enforcement attempting to use Live PD videos to prosecute citizens seen on the footage. Live PD was there to chronicle law enforcement, not to assist the police as a video repository for prosecuting alleged criminals."
  2. If they wanted to use the guy as a model, I wonder why they didn't do 70s and have him in a powder blue suit or tux? What he was wearing didn't scream 80s to me. Arin should have ignored the date and went with neon colors and angular shapes.
  3. Wow, Nikki is a simpering fool in love. She was practically the heart eyes emoji the whole episode.
  4. Agreed, the costumes were lovely. I thought the movie was great - I really enjoyed the comedy aspects. On a completely shallow note, the actress who played Harriet is uncommonly pretty. She has quite an expressive face and I thought she was a delight.
  5. Homemade poptarts would be a great challenge - they could do all kinds of filling. I hope they do pies too.
  6. I thought Graysen should have won, her flowers were quite pretty. Morgan had a good idea but I didn't think her execution was as good as Graysen's. I like Reggie's dry sense of humor too. He narrates fairly well. It was telegraphed pretty early that Anthony was going home so it wasn't a big surprise. This group seems very talented baking wise (they loved all the cupcakes last week and all the cookies this week) but seems a little less talented in the decorating arena. Although, both of the last two challenges were a bit curveball-y and probably things they hadn't done before.
  7. Agree, couldn't they at least list the ingredients in the sandwich on the back of the cards. I don't think a lot of kids that age know what a banh mi is.
  8. I binged the whole thing today and I loved it. They had a great story to tell without being too overly dramatic or too saccharine. I've read this thread and I'm still confused on where some of these people ended up. So Morgan was back at Navarro for the fall semester - did she transfer to Texas Tech for the spring or maybe she got accepted for this fall? Jerry went to Louisville but he left? I'm sad if this is the case - I hope he had a good reason to leave that nice scholarship. And now La'Darius and Lexi are back at Navarro too? Perhaps they are filming another season and thus all the returns? Isn't the cheerleading team set in the fall because they cheer at football and basketball games? These guys can just return at will?
  9. I binged the whole show yesterday. After the first episode I thought I was going to hate it, but it grew on me. Ed was such an afterthought and the mom thing was really a dud twist. Agree with some of you that if you're not a Day Oner, there's almost no hope for you to win. The lighting for the final dinner and the reunion was AWFUL. So harsh. Nearly everyone was likable and Shubham was just the cutest.
  10. Many of the neapolitan desserts looked good! One of the better challenges I thought, no outright disasters. I really thought Grayson was a goner for those not blondies. She's so polite. I like Saleem and Elise's personalities so far. Reggie seems to know a lot about baking and technical stuff.
  11. That is an extremely well cut and edited trailer!
  12. I like the addition of MT because it's neat to see how different it is policing in a rural area vs. an urban/suburban one. I see they are starting yet another new spinoff for Tom - Live PD Wanted. Seems like a Live PD branded America's Most Wanted. With the popularity of Live PD it could get a lot of eyes.
  13. It looked to me like it was 4 large ravioli in the sauce. Definitely a modest portion (and $36!). I don't eat seafood so this wasn't the best episode to me. I'm always interested in the ice cream/dessert places they go - NYC has so many good choices! Added a few to my list for next time I visit. I think it would have been neat if, since Sophie lives in LA now, they did this premise but with Bobby's pick in NYC and hers in LA.
  14. Yeah, I really admire Duff and Val taking the plunge with their huge bites. Raw cake and cookie dough, grainy icing, weird flavor combos, plus you know those kids don't have the best food safety habits!
  15. Aww, I was pulling for Sophie. She really straddled the line between precious and too precious very well. She seems quite kind and seems to have mastered quite a few baking techniques. Neither of the boys really did anything for me. I'm with you all about the challenges - I noted in another post that there were no macarons, eclairs, regular doughnuts, etc. that they've done in past seasons. Too many cakes.
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