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  1. Been getting this one wrong for years! From Invisble Touch -- Genesis: What I think it is -- She seems to have an invisible attraction yeah She reaches in, grabs right hold of your heart She seems to have an invisible attraction yeah It takes control and slowly tears you apart. The actual lyrics -- She seems to have an invisible touch yeah She reaches in, grabs right hold of your heart She seems to have an invisible touch yeah It takes control and slowly tears you apart. Big thanks to Phil Collins and his enunciation. 🤣
  2. Yea I think they were going in that direction as well. It was more than obvious. And honestly, it kind of got on my nerves a bit. Betting it's in part due to fans not liking it as to why it didn't work out.
  3. Yep, and that commercial gets on my nerves every time that I see it. Nice try, Wells Fargo.
  4. I liked Jamie Lee Curtis on NCIS far more than Jeff Goldblum. He's a good actor, but I couldn't stand him on CI. At least Jamie Lee Curtis's character was more tolerable.
  5. Nice! Gotta see if there's any way to view it on Pluto TV.
  6. I just heard about it too. Never watched any of the shows as I don't have Netflix, but I feel bad for you guys. It really, really sucks when shows are cancelled. Wondering if any of the cancellations are money related, ie: Netflix doesn't want to pay cast/crew more.
  7. I can't stand that commercial either. It makes me want to facepalm every time that I see it.
  8. There's one Meijer's ad I've been trying to find for years that had two fighting sweaters in it. It's a holiday/Christmas ad. If anyone can be able to help me find it, it would be great. Thanks.
  9. A Progressive commercial that I actually like! Love Flo's reaction throughout it. 🤣
  10. Had no idea she played Love-a-Lot! Loved The Care Bears as I was growing up. Loved her in Everybody Loves Raymond. RIP Mrs/Ms/Miss Engel.
  11. My mom did a nice pair of mishearings today while listening to the song 'Eminence Front' by the Who. Instead of: Behind an eminence front Eminence front, it's a put on It's an eminence front She heard: I've been living in a truck and I've been living in a trunk 😂
  12. So much this. Law and Order (original recipe) had class. SVU used to, but now that it's the St. Olivia hour. Hell no. It (SVU) needs a label that says: May cause instant rage. XFiles: May cause you to throw your controller at the television. The Brady Bunch: Caution -- this show's theme song may get stuck in your head
  13. Word. Ironically though, I remember reading something some years back where a person interviewed him and thought he wasn't all that nice. And they thought that David Duchovny was nicer. That said, what a crazy world we're living in at this time.
  14. Oh Roseanne, STFU. Don't you dare drag Sara Gilbert, she is not at fault here. You are.
  15. Just heard about this MCI commercial via Tumblr... but I love it! 😄 It has both Star Trek TOS actors it and a TNG actor in it as well.
  16. I can't stand her character on SVU, but I respect her work with charities. As for Ice T, I don't mind him either. His character is ok. I find them to be better actors than some out there. But I wish that Olivia wasn't so annoying.
  17. What Wendy Williams thought should happen to Aunt Becky. 😈 I'm glad that Aunt Becky won't be in the show, and I think that what Wendy Willams came up with is fitting.
  18. Eh. That doesn't mean much in the end though. It's just a tv click bait article. We'll know how things shake out soon enough.
  19. Same here. 🙁 Tv isn't the same without him.
  20. This is me too. I can't stand that commercial. And every time they mention video doorbells... I'm like... I hate them. Internet of things creepiness. Anything good aside, I wouldn't want something in my house that can/could be remotely hacked.
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