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  1. Whoops, they got the date wrong on this one. 🤣 Calamity Jane (2053) I think they meant 1953.
  2. Yea got that part, along with the fact that the commercial isn't really that funny.
  3. Here's Alex's interview from Sunday Morning: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jeopardy-host-alex-trebek-on-his-cancer-diagnosis/
  4. Don't get the point of this one. Bundling is not violent in any way.
  5. Putting this one here and in the the Say What thread as it kind of fits both. Just eyerolled during this one.
  6. I'd hope for it either on Netflix or Hulu. Not so much on Amazon. Let's get to work guys!
  7. Yep. Not surprised that they did this for what it's worth either. It would have to be on dvd too, as not everyone is interested in streaming sites.
  8. Yep. Same here. Once Ziva left, I left. That said, I haven't watched any reruns or new eps of it for that matter, given the Weatherly stuff. Makes me sick.
  9. Ah. Well that's a bummer. Hope it works out for the other shows. I'm tired of networks being so quick on the draw these days. They seem to serve their corporate masters/advertisers far more these days than the audience.
  10. Which ones? Yep and that kind of thing sucks. I hate when networks pull this kind of stunt.
  11. @Bastet Fair point. Just found this comment via a reviewer that stood out to me. It's looking like the cancellation was/is corporate motivated.
  12. That's kind of me. I watch Blue Bloods on it sometimes and Jeopardy.
  13. Just heard from the Murphy Brown Podcast... it's official. Dammit. CBS is dead to me. They've lost a loyal viewer. Shame on them. I don't care about any of their shows (Jeopardy aside).
  14. Where are they getting this information? Honestly? I'm wondering if it came from the same baloney that TV Guide leaked out recently. I wouldn't put it past them. This seems like a plan to poison the show's well.
  15. I don't believe this bs at this point. The upfronts aren't even until next week. So until then... I take any of this 'news' as fake news. Until we hear something from Diane English herself along with CBS.
  16. Definitely. Hardly noticed the difference. I hope he does as well. Word.
  17. Jim Fowler, host of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom has passed away at the age of 89. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/j...wild-kingdom-dies-at-89/ar-AAB93Mq?li=BBnbfcL Sources: msn and the hollywood reporter
  18. Exactly. Wouldn't the show runner know the news before the tv sites? They must really hate Murphy Brown to keep on spinning this bs. And Diane English is still onto them. Also came across this bit via Buffalo News: Buffalo native and “Murphy Brown” creator Diane English should find out very soon whether the reboot of the series will get a second season from CBS. All the broadcast networks are announcing their fall and mid-season schedules next week in New York City in the annual event called the Upfronts. Source: https://buffalonews.com/2019/05/09/the-end-of-the-glor-era-comes-friday/
  19. Not surprised by it at all. Cry me a river, Loughlin. You did a crime, now do the time.
  20. Same here. Chewie was/is my favorite character. RIP Peter Mayhew and thanks. 😢
  21. It doesn't for me, but I can see where you're coming from there. I'm just annoyed by the commercial overall. Ah. I love the wacky new maid one as well. That's one of my faves by them. What do you think of the one where Jamie and another agent run away from Flo? That one is pretty funny too. Ah fair point on that. I kind of saw it that way too. I'm thinking it's in part a case of overkill in terms of how many times I've seen it.
  22. I don't mind the one where he and another worker run away from Flo and I tolerate the house one, but the 'You're not my dad!' one makes me mute my tv. (It's a subjective commercial, and I can see how others might laugh at it though.)
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