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  1. So sad to hear :(. Really liked her and her mom. Both so bright and funny people.
  2. I've had this song (No Leaf Clover by Metallica) on loop since yesterday. So good.
  3. Nah. We all know who did. Chris. He didn't want them to be together in a serious way. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too. Let them screw occasionally and nothing more. At the end of IWTB, I thought they were giving each other another chance. (David thought that as well, going from an interview from that time. CC said it was a break up. It was confusing... and I went with what David said and ignored Chris. :D)
  4. Fair point. But there's a difference to a point between how he handled it and how Zimmern acted. Zimmern crossed a line. That said, I don't excuse either of them for what they said that was that way.
  5. Yes he was at times. But at least he learned and grew. Not sure what I can say in that regard in terms of Zimmern.
  6. I agree with you on that. Anthony Bourdain did something similar (not in terms of promoting himself), but just saying that he liked authentic Chinese food better, without insulting others for liking what the restaurants offer in general. I am too, it's too bad.
  7. Yay! So happy about the news. Saw a comment by Tv Guide recently about a ratings drop and they were thinking it would be canceled. /facepalm So tired of hearing the peanut gallery ratings people yapping. Just let things happen or not. Glad that this show has a shot at a second season.
  8. Love this cover of A-ha's song, Take On Me...
  9. I do too. It's one of my faves. Just saw a new Mayhem one today. Loved it. Mayhem Car thief...
  10. I'm still mad about that as well. He basically ruined what I loved about the show, just because he wanted M and S to be just pawns that serve for telling his story and never grow or evolve (the latter part is what Frank Spotnitz said about CC). CC (said this in an interview) mentioned that he was forced to have M and S together (para-phrasing here). It's just so sad to see things fall to pieces due to someone being so stubborn and petulant about fans and the characters themselves. The kind of baloney he pulled (along with 1013 and Fox for that matter) wasn't cute back in the day, and it sure as heck isn't cute now.
  11. Word. Instead it goes with what Chris wanted. Them NOT living together. /facepalm Seriously? Was glad when said building caught fire.
  12. Wow dude... way to be classy. Not. Been to some good Chinese restaurants in the midwest. Way to paint everyone with the same brush.
  13. Exactly. And she's the one who's been in touch with them, since she works for them.
  14. Yep. Just found the tweets that both she and the Murphy Brown Podcast called that kind of thing out. The Murphy Brown Podcast‏ @murphybrownpod .@THR asked @realmurphybrown about the false reports @MurphyBrownCBS has been canceled. RT & SHARE to those who tell you #MurphyBrown is canceled. #renewMurphyBrown decisions have not been made yet! Let @CBS know you want #Season12 #candicebergen #revival #renew https://twitter.com/murphybrownpod/status/1076152578143125505 Loved how she called both magazines/publications out. Diane English‏Verified account @realmurphybrown Diane English Retweeted The Murphy Brown Podcast Interestingly, it was THR that wrote the misleading headline, as did Entertainment Weekly. https://twitter.com/realmurphybrown/status/1076224498721083393
  15. Same here. If I had to venture a guess though, it sounds similar to what she said about the show and whether or not it'll be canceled, that we won't hear anything until May.
  16. Just saw an ad about Mesothelioma. Thought they were talking about Mistletoe-liema (which isn't even a word lol). That's what I get for listening to music at the same time as the tv is on.
  17. Thing is, it's not canceled. Straight from Diane English's mouth herself: Diane English✔@realmurphybrown Hi again, guys. No, we are not cancelled. But we will have to wait until spring to hear if we are renewed for another season of 13. Thank you for being such a loyal audience. We shoot episode 13 tomorrow. Meanwhile you have four more episodes to enjoy starting with tonight. http://forums.previously.tv/topic/75912-fyi-this-just-in-murphy-brown-in-the-media/?do=findComment&comment=4880700 I don't mind balanced out, but not to the point where one side or the other is treated with kid gloves. This show never did that. Never treated either side with kid gloves. Exactly. Glad that she's continued to speak up about it.
  18. Thing is, a lot of the 'low hanging fruit' make it easy to do so. (General comment) That said, I could see how too much can/could overwhelm. Still liked the jokes though.
  19. Just saw a commercial for Fidelity Investments: Thought they were talking about 'tyrant planning' instead of retirement planning... XD
  20. Diane English‏Verified account @realmurphybrown Diane English Retweeted CBS Tweet Take that, Fake Fox News! https://twitter.com/realmurphybrown/status/1076466227625820160 About this: CBS Tweet‏Verified account @CBSTweet #CBSRatingsNotes: The season finale of #MurphyBrown finished on top in viewers and all key demos last night against mostly original competition on all broadcast networks, driving #CBS to a nightly win. https://twitter.com/CBSTweet/status/1076148349055746049
  21. The actor who plays her son (Jake McDorman). @ombelico Lol. We posted around the same time!
  22. Word. And it was nice to see those crazy characters again. They truly are like family and it was nice to be able to catch up with them. Same here.
  23. Definitely. That was a big surprise! I hope so too. I'm not ready to say goodbye yet either. Really liked the new season and I'd love to see more.
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