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  1. I didn't mind Diana at the end of it, maybe just have less of her next season. Nah, it didn't fall flat for me. But that said, I do agree with you about the administration never showing up there. Still liked the joke for what it was though.
  2. It didn't seem that way. Thought it was ok. Word. Too funny. Definitely. Benny is adorable.
  3. Really liked tonight's episode. Jim was great and I loved how Corky kept on trying to interview Pence lol.
  4. Just found an old quote that Raymond made: Source: http://articles.latimes.com/1993-09-13/news/mn-34829_1_perry-mason-revival Found it before in an interview, glad to have found it again.
  5. Just found this good article: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/barry-kibrick/schlemiel-schlimazel-hase_b_8512356.html A bit about the history of part of the Laverne and Shirley theme song.
  6. Word. Not to mention the commercial itself.
  7. Lately my comfort tv has been: Will & Grace, Murphy Brown, the Conners and Double Dare (so sue me, I really like Marc Summers corny jokes :p).
  8. That's unfortunate :(. Found some good info on Walter Cronkite via History.com's site and via biography.com's site. https://www.biography.com/people/walter-cronkite-9262057 (about him as a person and as a journalist) https://www.history.com/topics/1960s/ask-steve-walter-cronkite-video (a bit about what was on this episode of Murphy, info wise) Sources: history.com and biography.com Found another interesting article: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/walter-cronkite-and-a-different-era-of-news-128375738/ Source: smithsonianmag.com
  9. Was fortunate to have teachers who taught us about the Vietnam War, Walter Cronkite and so on, and I still appreciate learning more and more about the history itself.
  10. Some of the younger generation may have not. It's not all about your generation (this is meant in a general sense). I can see why it can be viewed that way in terms of the dialogue, but in a way I can see why it needed to be mentioned. History is very soon forgotten.
  11. He's a series regular, according to Diane English. So he won't be disappearing. Loved last night's episode and am looking forward to the season finale.
  12. https://twitter.com/realmurphybrown/status/1073019980160098304 Benny's a series regular (tiny dot of a spoiler within)!
  13. He's a series regular! :) A tiny dot of a spoiler within, but not much. So glad that he's staying around.
  14. Maybe. But it's nice to see her reach her limit with Peter. Dude is a piece of work.
  15. Harris is so much like Becky and Darlene... it's something to see her be grounded, given their behavior when they were young lol.
  16. Same here. And thanks to this post, it's back in my head again. XD
  17. Yea I'm no fan of those Target ads. That said, I'm an 'any store that has a good sale' kind of person myself.
  18. Word. I'll never get the complaints about this show. Honestly. I figure it's in part due to viewing this show through rose tinted lenses. Only seeing the show as what it was and not what it is now. Is it perfect, no, but it's not trash. The actors are doing a good job and I'm proud of that and appreciate the show as it was back then and what it is now.
  19. Definitely. :) Really liked his closing and the mic drop there.
  20. So proud of this show. Murphy, Avery and everyone killed it tonight. So, so good.
  21. Found a version of it, in this Fox News article: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/george-h-w-bush-reflects-on-aging-and-the-importance-of-family-in-letter-to-his-children
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