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  1. That's kind of where I'm at as well. I respect his service to country, even though I didn't always agree with him, view point wise. RIP sir and thanks.
  2. Always kind of felt like something was off with him. Just a kind of arrogance.
  3. Only it wasn't that kind of thing per say... angering people to violence. They were incited by [in show] President and by whatever Wolf News said as well. If any other news came out, remotely saying anything truthful... they'd call it fake. It makes telling the news at all, an almost impossible proposition. But I do agree with you on the latter, that if you don't push hard enough, you risk not telling the news at all.
  4. Well put. Nielsen ratings are overrated in my opinion. They don't mean much. There are plenty of other shows that have similar ratings and we don't hear nearly as much about them being on the bubble. Yep... so honestly, it would be great if sites just stopped reporting on things that aren't even nearly the case until closer to spring. Having predictions be so far back in the season, only promotes hollow speculation and bad information being spread.
  5. I know, but it's still clickbait (in my opinion) given the headline and how the article is slanted. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don't like articles that do that.
  6. Why am I not surprised? I'm ashamed of Vanity Fair spreading this. It's not anywhere near cancelled. As far as I'm concerned that article is clickbait. They just spreading more stuff about people being 'tired' of politically minded shows. Disagree on that. The situation they portrayed was not a funny one. And I don't think it would have been appropriate to have done so. It's not something to laugh at. It's very serious. And Murphy was never just a sitcom. It could be funny, sure... but it also could get very serious. It was a comedy, drama, and a satire. It's not just black and white, there are shades of grey there as well.
  7. Yea it was, at first, especially. Definitely. Yep XD. Same here. I'll stick with that and some other reality tv instead. Word. That pup is adorable. :D Yea it was. Almost teared up at points. Word. :( He definitely did. He's so much a chip off the old block. This episode stands up with some of the better ones in the old series, in my opinion.
  8. Same here. Thought tonight's episode was very well handled and well done. Glad they went there, given things. And the comment that Corky made about her gun and her other thing... lmao XD. That was too funny.
  9. That's just clickbait at this point. Fox News clickbait (meaning the video). And the link, doesn't mean much either. There are plenty of other shows that have similar ratings, so wouldn't they be at similar risk? To be honest though, I don't buy into or believe any of the bs. I trust the show runner. News coming from the horse's mouth, since she deals with those working at the network (so no, it's not 'in theory' -- as she works with the network). Not any talking heads, or those who run cancellation websites. They're basically odds makers, guessing/predicting what will be cancelled.
  10. Then take the time to write a fic about how you'd change it. That's the best we can do. Fans of the X Files ended up doing that with some of the episodes to have them make sense. That train wreck (in my opinion) is far, far worse than what we've seen in Murphy Brown so far.
  11. AntiBeeSpray

    Gaming Pet Peeves

    Heck ya. I tried out Fortnite, and I got killed before even fully knowing the controls. Really guys? Give someone a chance to learn first :P.
  12. Same here. I think it was done for a reason, to bring in similar emotions to how those people felt when ICE came and raided their homes and businesses.
  13. Yea that was very well done. Wouldn't doubt the cast had friends/people who have dealt with similar situations. I kind of reacted similarly at first, but as the scene went on, it got better. I think it was more the transition than anything else.
  14. RIP sir, and thanks for your kindness and your service.
  15. Exactly. It's been there as a running thread for quite some time now.
  16. I think that's in part what they were going for. That those kinds of reports can happen all of a sudden and out of the blue. Just think about how any of those families feel when ICE shows up out of nowhere. Betting it would be a rather similar situation.
  17. Word. I really loved him in that. Acting and other wise. Eh, doesn't matter. I think it's great he was able to stop smoking.
  18. Good point, guess it was so good, that I forgot about the commercials. Yea, that little bit more time, gives them a bit more leeway.
  19. Well it certainly helped that the old show had less commercial breaks. They have to do stuff with only 19 minutes available, instead of 23 (thanks to friendperidot for correcting me on that), that the old show had. Sure the writing was better back then, but here's the thing, the writers were younger, and sure the timing may have been better, the actors were younger. And there are some younger writers and actors on there now who are learning the ropes and are trying. I don't expect the show to be what it was then. Keeping that in mind, it doesn't have me feeling sad in the slightest. I'd feel sad if the show was complete trash, if the actors weren't trying and if they treated fans like dirt. That's the line in the sand for me.
  20. Exactly. That's what it always was, a political satire, along with a side of drama.
  21. I can relate on the turn a corner thing. It was that with s10 and 11 of the X Files. I kept on hoping and waiting for things to improve and they didn't. In fact, in some ways it got worse. But at least Murphy Brown (in my opinion), is nowhere near that point. There's still some hope there and still a reason for me to care about it.
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