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  1. All of this. That said, I think Joe Jackson was probably a big reason things were so f'd up as well. Neither of them are innocent there.
  2. What the heck?! Are those who pick docs on something? That movie was excellent and deserved a chance.
  3. I remember that pic. It's too funny. :D
  4. Woot. Just caught the last part of the Avenging Ace today. Going to try to catch the movies while they're still on. Yay Directv for having HMM on.
  5. Wow. That's a lot of ignorance and hatred there in terms of the downvotes.
  6. Word. Even though other actors played the character before him. I consider him to be Perry Mason. That said, I was starting to get ok with RDJ possibly playing an earlier version. Not sure about Matthew Rhys. He's a good actor, sure... but he doesn't seem the Perry Mason type. I'm pretty much the opposite of you on that one. Now I'm not all that interested. Maybe my mind will change as it goes along though. OMG lol. Now that would make for a very different Perry Mason.
  7. Got some info on the new Perry Mason series via HBO. They're eyeing Matthew Rhys to play him now. https://tvline.com/2019/01/14/matthew-rhys-perry-mason-hbo-limited-series-cast/ Source: tvline.com
  8. It's been canceled. There will be no more. https://tvline.com/2018/05/14/the-x-files-season-12-update-canceled-fox-gillian-anderson/ Gillian is done with playing Scully.
  9. Yep. Minus anything that Darin and Glen did. Only eps that I even really liked. As for IWTB, I liked it for what it's worth. It at least (for the most part) felt in character and I cared about the characters. Exactly. And she wanted some closure. It's too bad that nothing really came from it. I'd say that for the first part of Familiar (it was a bad line read for the first 10-12 minutes to me). I wanted to turn the channel during that. As for NLF, it was a bit better. Still am no fan of it though.
  10. Yep. Nice try with the whole trying to pin the blame elsewhere thing. Not gonna work. You're anti-Semitic, not ABC. Go away, Roseanne.
  11. I see that Butts commercial all the time on Teen Nick when I watch Double Dare. Can't hit either mute or fast forward fast enough. Same goes with that Truth commercial.
  12. You just reminded me of the Diana Fowley arc. That whole arc was disturbing.
  13. The whole arc of Cold Case, Mind Hunters and The Woods (George Marks). Very creepy and disturbing.
  14. Really like this cover of Alphaville's song, Forever Young. Tiffany brings another layer of emotion to the song. Gives me chills every time I listen to it.
  15. Neither have I. They're just so full of hatred and it makes no real sense. Why hate others who don't look and/or act like you do?
  16. Sure. Diana Fowley/Mulder -- they were together before, but she helped Mulder when he was sick... bringing forth that whole bed scene (yes a bad fever dream) of him and her having sex Scully/Fake Mulder (Eddie Van Blundht) -- the whole scene of Scully almost kissing him and Mulder walking in on it Mulder/1930's Scully -- we get a kiss, but then she punches him; and don't forget the 'I love you' Mulder says to her (the present day Scully) and her 'oh brother' back to him -- hate that scene Scully/and the guy from Never Again -- strongly hinted at Tad being hinted at with Scully (thankfully nothing came from that) Scully and the Were-Monster in the Were-Monster's dream -- very strongly making out Mulder and Agent Einstein in a scene where she dominates him (she's dressed up in a dominatrix out fit) -- Mulder was stoned at the time... on Niacin /facepalm Basically /other stuff happened more than enough on the XF. Basically kind of taunting shippers. Closest we got was with IWTB (thank alien for Frank), The Truth (thank alien for Kim Manners), Existence, Millennium and All Things. Everything had to be uber implied. It's why I'm no fan of Plus One. It just taunted and teased shippers. I have no time for that.
  17. Can't find a clip of it... but I hate a new weight loss commercial with a song mentioning 'Worship Me'. Ugh. So narcissistic. Scratch it. Just found the stupid commercial.
  18. I hate that. If I'm not mistaken Sherlock uses that too much and it's too in my face.
  19. When the main characters aren't allowed to do much of anything when they're together. But when it's one of them with another person/being, it's alright. Uh no. Just no. I hate when shows do this. X Files was particularly guilty of this one.
  20. WTF?! O_O That's pretty messed up to say the least. I've been sick and tired of those for years now.
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