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  1. Just saw a bit of Spider-Man: Homecoming and spotted Tyne Daly as a police person in it (I think a head one?).
  2. They chose a really nice pic of him as well. I hope he kicks butt in the movie. 🙂
  3. Same here. Grew up watching him, he's like family. Watched it to learn, and stayed due to his good humor and attitude.
  4. Loved that show back in the day. Hope they're able to pull it off.
  5. Word. Grew up watching his show. My grandma let me watch it every night, even though she was more of a Wheel of Fortune fan. She wanted me to learn as much as I could from it, trivia and other wise. This diagnosis is a gut punch, that's for sure. 😟
  6. I love this Geico commercial. 🙂
  7. Yea it is. Didn't watch 90210 either, but I did hear of it. Respected him for how he went on in his career and his life.
  8. Got another older one: From Chicago's song 'Look Away' What I thought: If we meet on the streets of Neigh What it really was: If we meet on the street someday
  9. I sincerely doubt they'll do that. But I wonder once the newer version comes out, if the old one will get a price drop.
  10. Word. Loved her in Who's the boss. May she rest in peace.
  11. Really like Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu so far. Gotten 7/8 badges and I'm having fun battling and catching Pokemon. Hoping that the new Pokemon RPG coming out later this year keeps the same art style. The graphics really pop.
  12. I'm thinking pledge breaks. It's an hour and 35 minutes long (just double checked via my copy of the dvd).
  13. If any of you guys have PBS, Won't you be my neighbor is supposed to be on tonight (8:00pm eastern). Double check via their website to see if your area's station will be showing it.
  14. Not totally. I think that's a bit of hope there. Good find.
  15. Word. Got a kick out of him on that show. RIP sir and thanks.
  16. I remember Baby Come to Me, Just Once and I Don't Have The Heart having heavy air play as I was growing up. Same goes with Somewhere Out There.
  17. Maybe that was it. They just had it listed from 2-7 for some reason. Very odd.
  18. Dammit. That song always made me cut onions. Still does. 😭😭 RIP sir and thanks. Screw cancer. I also remember this song by him.
  19. This is an older one: A mishearing from Def Leppard's song, Animal. What I thought I heard -- White light, on a stormy ground What the lyric actually was -- A wild ride, over stony ground
  20. I thought it was all week. And going by the Directv guide, it thought so too. Mentioned the movie, instead of what actually aired. Very confusing.
  21. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries isn't showing Perry Mason today. They're showing some lame murder mystery instead. Hard pass.
  22. A Walmart ad I actually like! Love the throwbacks. Memories :D.
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