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  1. Texasmom1970

    Can't Buy My Love: All Episodes Discussion

    Colton I know you’re in your 20’s but please stop with the man bun/ponytail. Please! Katies hair color/wig/extensions are not flattering at all. Rosie sure does have a high opinion of what she is worth. Is her taco made of gold. Warning Rosie you will age and there will always be someone younger and beautiful nipping at your heels.
  2. Texasmom1970

    The InBetween

    And in Seattle!
  3. Texasmom1970

    Can't Buy My Love: All Episodes Discussion

    Im sorry I don’t how rich Bill is but not enough. She either has some serious issues or is a hard core gold digger. The prenup I can see both sides. It can be a very sensitive subject. Drew and Rosie snore city. This is proving having money does not make you interesting!
  4. Texasmom1970

    S14.E01: New Friend, New Flames

    Do not miss Vickie and her love tank talk. Shannon looks great good for her. Why is Tamara still on this show, her scenes bored me. Kelly your new boyfriend makes me feel like I need a shower, ick, slimy creeper. If I wanted to see seven kids running around I would have had my own. Good thing your husband is fun to look at for us at least.
  5. Texasmom1970

    S04.E11: Julia

    Poor Deran; no way this is going turn out good for him and Adrian. Maybe its just me but I find Craig hotter being a good Dad.
  6. Texasmom1970

    Can't Buy My Love: All Episodes Discussion

    I do not understand the attraction for Gentille. She is successful and beautiful and he is an under average Joe kind of guy. Does the 21 year old really find him attractive, is it the money, or does she have issues, because yuck! The 23 year old seems worried about people taking her seriously. Well maybe having a sugar daddy is not the best thing if that is your concern.
  7. Texasmom1970

    S05.E07: Still Standing

    I know they say that the Alicia character is the big draw for people to watchthis show. Guess I am the wrong demographic because she is my least favorite!
  8. Texasmom1970

    Reef Break

    I watch some television shows that arent great, but even this one is too bad for me. Rather do housework and thats saying a lot. Im out.
  9. Texasmom1970

    Best Baker In America

    All three are amazingly talented. I am glad Eric won. My birthday is on the Fourth of July and I liked that he was so literal. I think the other two went too out of the box; but I can only speak for, myself.
  10. Texasmom1970

    House Hunters International

    Stirling, Scotland. The poor real estate guy. When they were nagging each other about dishes and things he gave them a look like I am not amused and not your damn marriage counselor!
  11. Texasmom1970

    Reef Break

    Will Poppy only be on a tv show if she is written as being so amazing nobody can do their job without her. That is all I have ever seen from her.
  12. Texasmom1970

    S07.E02: Gutshot

    Loved the scene where JLM is lying in the road asking the 911 caller questions. And he is like this dudes nuts and just wants to leave.
  13. Texasmom1970

    The InBetween

    I have never seen the work of the leads before so I cant comment. I found it interesting enough to stick around a bit. I have seen a lot worse!
  14. Texasmom1970

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    Hester will not need that much time or money for her collection. Pasties and tulle or see through skirts wont take much 😀
  15. Texasmom1970

    Killing Eve

    I need the red pantsuit Villanelle was wearing in this episode!