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  1. They are really pushing Colt the wonder stud on us. Just because he wants sex multiple times a day does not mean it is any good. And please do not show us him in anymore states of being partially dressed. I have a bigger sized man in my life, so its not his size. Its how slimy and skeevy he acts.
  2. Because he gave her that romantic croissant ring. To Whitney in her warped mind she thinks they are engaged.
  3. Digital nomad, what? Is that code for scammer or I only work occasionally? I was relieved they didn't start dry humping on the couch. The poor realtor looked a bit scared of them.
  4. I think Babs is lovely, did not think she was 75! The best thing was when her hubby said she was beautiful and didn’t need anything done. Love them together.
  5. Oh sweet Sigmund Freud these people are messed up. I truly hope they are over acting for the show because if not; ewwwww!
  6. Happy you two found your way back to each other. You and your husband handled it maturely. We know we can't expect that from any of these 90 day dummies!
  7. Is Steven lurking around sex addict groups preying on the vulnerable? I see no other plausible explanation; except he is lying or really bad at math!
  8. When they had Ava in the office talking about her social media. I tuned out to them talking; I really want the cuff bracelet Kelli was wearing!
  9. Small thing to be thankful for at least they had a drape over her during the egg retrieval.
  10. So the couple leaving Australia for London. Do they think if they live close to the palace they can just pop over for tea and all become friends. Seem delusional.
  11. Cleveland, Ohio. They lost me after house number two. I spent the rest of the show picturing myself in that home. Gorgeous.
  12. I know I am can I be added to the lawsuit, please?
  13. Love how some snack on chips, nuts or have a drink. I relate to Molly and Cynthia putting on bibs and throwing back crab legs. They don’t mess around.
  14. I suspect somewhere behind the scenes Kellys husband is pushing her to get a guest room in Matt and Kims hone. Less time for him to put up with her clingy, crazy ass!
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