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  1. At the club I think people were not shocked Baby guurl Lisa was white. When he said baby girl they expected someone who didn’t look old enough to be his grandmother. If I were Rosemarie I would tell Ed I was having my period for a couple years until she can get her visa. David, seriously, his toupee must be hindering his blood supply to his brain. For as much money he says he has invested he surely could find someone local. His problem is he needs to look more in his age range and keep his expectations realistic.
  2. Is this entire season going to be them playing musical houses and fake crying about packing!?
  3. Good thing the fire didn’t get too close. All the product in Cody’s crispy hair would burned immediately!
  4. I love how the most of the couples are snacking; meanwhile Annie is over there throwing down a full meal bedside! Ash his eyes; scares me to look directly at him; worried he will put a voo doo hex on me.
  5. Poor Usman; after sex with Lisa I bet he is thinking America is not worth what he has to do with her! Aint noway Lisa has to worry about getting pregnant. If she has any eggs left they are powdered by now!
  6. I think the wives need to dump Douche head. They seem so much happier and not fighting with out his damn fake Fabio ass around!
  7. Doesn’t look like many viewers were shocked or in awe of this episode, considering there are only a couple of replies.
  8. Did the CFDA guy really tell Victoria the crocheted hats could be her thing! No, just no. Her collection looked like a boring safari explorer collection. Geoffrey - one thing I can say at least his was not dull. It was odd but at least pushing normal boundaries. And he is a confident man to wear that hat at judging. Sergio - loved the finale dress; not the other two. And what the hell was going on in his tub. All I could think was the original “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.” Nancy - love her finale dress with the cowl that was everything to me. And at least her collection she has clear message she is trying to say. Lookin at you Sergio. Christian you keep on twirling and dancing. You and Swatch are my favorite part of the show now.
  9. No offense to Moldova or anybody from the area. But if we believe how Victoria designs and her statements; all the women like to dress trashy and have seriously questionable fashion tastes. Because Victorias constant parade of cut outs and asymmetry is so over used and fugly!
  10. I know they all married him, but I am still trying to get past the wanting to being able to be intimate with Cody anytime and anyplace. Eww!
  11. I know it was a casual wedding; by Connecticut standards. But Sarah could have worn something other than a sundress, and it looked like she didn’t even brush her hair! Wondering why Emily and Sasha didn't have their wedding on the actual beach? It seemed to be open to the public since there were people walking by them in the background.
  12. Someone needs to give Sergio a big hot bowl of humility with a side dish of STFU!
  13. With every episode I am scared to see what kind of crap Angela pulls out of her bra!
  14. Now I know what an acid trip is like without actually using. I suffered a concussion Dec 19th, this episode made me wonder if any of what he was seeing was real. Or did they just have a crazy killer nurse?
  15. Always nice to see Dina and the girls
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