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  1. Texasmom1970

    Best Baker In America

    All three are amazingly talented. I am glad Eric won. My birthday is on the Fourth of July and I liked that he was so literal. I think the other two went too out of the box; but I can only speak for, myself.
  2. Texasmom1970

    House Hunters International

    Stirling, Scotland. The poor real estate guy. When they were nagging each other about dishes and things he gave them a look like I am not amused and not your damn marriage counselor!
  3. Texasmom1970

    Reef Break

    Will Poppy only be on a tv show if she is written as being so amazing nobody can do their job without her. That is all I have ever seen from her.
  4. Texasmom1970

    S07.E02: Gutshot

    Loved the scene where JLM is lying in the road asking the 911 caller questions. And he is like this dudes nuts and just wants to leave.
  5. Texasmom1970

    The InBetween

    I have never seen the work of the leads before so I cant comment. I found it interesting enough to stick around a bit. I have seen a lot worse!
  6. Texasmom1970

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    Hester will not need that much time or money for her collection. Pasties and tulle or see through skirts wont take much 😀
  7. Texasmom1970

    Killing Eve

    I need the red pantsuit Villanelle was wearing in this episode!
  8. Texasmom1970

    S07.E01: The Further Adventures

    It said by many other posters but it cannot be said enough to me - Clyde! Even with the odd looking suits he wears Johny Lee Miller is incredible hot. Have thought so ever since “Hackers”.
  9. Texasmom1970

    S01Ep22: Luna

    Yes, I am an awful person but when Bloom mouthed “we have a pulse ” I hollered damnit.
  10. Texasmom1970

    S04.E21: Forever Hold Your Peace

    Best thing about this episode minimal Natalie; and none of her new man hanging around the hospital!
  11. Texasmom1970

    S06.E01: Missing Pieces

    Jemma please grow those bangs out!
  12. Texasmom1970

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    Could someone please introduce this heinous woman to a napkin. Or at least teach her to shovel the food into her mouth where we dont have to see it!
  13. Texasmom1970

    S01.21 This Is Not the End

    Max really needs to make his situation more realistic. Dude you have Cancer, you are getting chemo and look like hell. Go home. Soon they will have someone pushing him on a gurney hooked up to his chemo trying to work!
  14. Texasmom1970

    Spring Baking Championship

    Since the seasons done Nancy can take all the booze left in the pantry and head home.
  15. Texasmom1970

    S02.E23: The Unbefriended

    Corbin better survive; so tired of Nic and her sister storyline. Damn Micah he moved on fast. Must taken lessons from my ex's