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  1. I know they all married him, but I am still trying to get past the wanting to being able to be intimate with Cody anytime and anyplace. Eww!
  2. I know it was a casual wedding; by Connecticut standards. But Sarah could have worn something other than a sundress, and it looked like she didn’t even brush her hair! Wondering why Emily and Sasha didn't have their wedding on the actual beach? It seemed to be open to the public since there were people walking by them in the background.
  3. Someone needs to give Sergio a big hot bowl of humility with a side dish of STFU!
  4. With every episode I am scared to see what kind of crap Angela pulls out of her bra!
  5. Now I know what an acid trip is like without actually using. I suffered a concussion Dec 19th, this episode made me wonder if any of what he was seeing was real. Or did they just have a crazy killer nurse?
  6. Always nice to see Dina and the girls
  7. Tripp and Cooper; combination for great episode!
  8. Not only is Natalies bf whatever always hanging around creepy does nobody care he is lurking all around the er dept. Rules, security, nobody?
  9. Rosie wearing a t-shirt that said, “Too pretty to work.” Im no supermodel but I hate to break-it to you Rosie you aren't that pretty.
  10. Colton I know you’re in your 20’s but please stop with the man bun/ponytail. Please! Katies hair color/wig/extensions are not flattering at all. Rosie sure does have a high opinion of what she is worth. Is her taco made of gold. Warning Rosie you will age and there will always be someone younger and beautiful nipping at your heels.
  11. Im sorry I don’t how rich Bill is but not enough. She either has some serious issues or is a hard core gold digger. The prenup I can see both sides. It can be a very sensitive subject. Drew and Rosie snore city. This is proving having money does not make you interesting!
  12. Do not miss Vickie and her love tank talk. Shannon looks great good for her. Why is Tamara still on this show, her scenes bored me. Kelly your new boyfriend makes me feel like I need a shower, ick, slimy creeper. If I wanted to see seven kids running around I would have had my own. Good thing your husband is fun to look at for us at least.
  13. Poor Deran; no way this is going turn out good for him and Adrian. Maybe its just me but I find Craig hotter being a good Dad.
  14. I do not understand the attraction for Gentille. She is successful and beautiful and he is an under average Joe kind of guy. Does the 21 year old really find him attractive, is it the money, or does she have issues, because yuck! The 23 year old seems worried about people taking her seriously. Well maybe having a sugar daddy is not the best thing if that is your concern.
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