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  1. So happy for Rizan. He and his girlfriend Ria are a truly stunning couple.
  2. Ugh, the Fort Collins wife she is an influence alright. She influenced me to change they channel on her wanna be pain in the ass.
  3. Barely made it through the San Francisco episode. If I heard the wife say wow factor, impressive or show stopper one more time I would put my head through the wall!
  4. Tom’s love is a walking plastic surgery don’t; man so disturbing!
  5. I didn’t understand the name she gave her new baby instead of Messer. My ears are old; did anyone catch it. The placenta stuff, gag. Hopefully this is the last I see of the Aussie twins. It scares me to think of them having a baby! Maybe they won’t be successful.
  6. I prefer Kalani and Asueli not speaking than having to hear about their nightmare inducing sex talk and awe at the sex toys. I don't care how crazy she may be I still side with Natalie. Mike and his mullet Mom are grade A - assholes! They way he was singing to his Mom and petting her hair in the airport. Eww! Pa Kettle sure does have a temper, maybe he needs to stop with the wine and go take a nap.
  7. I really am impressed with how Pumpkin and Jessica has developed considering the role models they grew up seeing. The both seem pretty mature and level headed all things considered.
  8. I'm sorry that Minneapolis/St. Paul woman. Got on my nerves with is there anything in the house for me talk. I was hoping the realtor would say yes, there is a muzzle!
  9. The Aussie twins have the poor Mom slaving over the sewing machine. I hope these two are exaggerating for television. If not they need medical/psychological treatment stat. I am not being mean I myself suffer from anxiety and depression. These two are deeply disturbing!
  10. In the witness protection program hiding from all those idiots!
  11. I am sorry if i offend anyone who likes them, but Alana's nails in the wing scarfing scene. Awful looking. Oh vey the looks on their faces when Geno ordered a salad. To them lettuce and tomatoes is just crap that ruins their cheeseburgers.
  12. The Aussie twins Mom looked like someone drained her blood. WTH was up with that white face makeup.
  13. Wow the poor pillow talkers are doing their best to come up with something about that boring episode! I love Kenny, Armando and Truffles. They are great together. Alexi if I come visit can I slide into the nook; looks comfy. 😊
  14. Angela is gonna make the doctors all so uncomfortable they are gonna sue her for sexual harassment! Surprised Trish didn’t plan a surprise hunting trip with Natalie and go kill something for Thanksgiving. She is really a piece of work. And her asshat son he comes home and cleans; please.
  15. The finding of the paper jammed in the printer made me think of the series “House.” Him always saying “everybody lies;” its pretty spot on in most cases. We see many of the characters telling small and big lies. Lying to protect themselves, protect others (even if in their own screwed up ways) and lying to themselves for self preservation or to justify their actions. We will see how it all unfolds. Like others have said i think once all is revealed Martin will be the only truly evil person.
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