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  1. Yes. This was actually kind of like a very fucked up episode of Friends called "The One Where Rachel Wakes Up Next To Dead Ross in Bangkok". I have NO IDEA how the FBI agents don't just arrest her now she's so obviously hiding something but what the hell, I'm in for a couple more episodes.
  2. I agree, I'm not sure killing Bazza off was the best thing to do. The relationship between the 3 of them is one of the best things about the show and the 2-way dynamic doesn't feel like it'll be as interesting. Maybe the actor wanted to leave.
  3. She really is. Having her and Bet as a double act makes the show catch fire because she gives Paloma Faith someone to play off of. The art student whose name I forget isn't cutting it for me. You need a character who is a match for Bet and she just isn't. I was hoping that that old couple who were her BDSM slaves in series 1 would be working in her S&M shop!
  4. Honor among thieves. If Ripper is scary enough to get people to fight to the death for a pardon from the Queen, he could most likely get them to do what they were told. Plus they could always tag and control them with explosive tracking collars or something since retro-futurist tech seems to exist in this universe. This ep was definitely an improvement on the last few. It still felt like a series of vignettes about the characters but slightly less so. Plus the asshole fashion designer and Patricia's makeover (particularly the hair) ware hilarious.
  5. Yeah, Ripper's plan was better. And... actually a plan. PeggyPeggyPeggyPeggy!!!!! I missed you! Peggy's deadpan "I called your work. They said you were on the run for murder." - Funniest. Line. Ever
  6. I feel like she got more interaction with other characters last season. Plus I liked her sister a lot so it didn't impinge quite so much.
  7. This show still looks amazing, still has great character moments and individual scenes but is still lacking. Also damn, I liked Bazza and he never even got a storyline 😞. Not sure how the Alfie/Daveboy relationship will work without him. I'm also wondering how much Covid affected production and if that's the reason Bet is stuck off in her own separate (boring) storyline. I know Paloma Faith was pregnant recently too.
  8. I am still really enjoying the characters, character moments and ambience but the actual storylines so far are majorly lacking this season.
  9. I am extremely bored and have nothing to watch. Has this gotten any better?
  10. Well crap. Just when I was so pleased to see the back of the supernatural stuff...
  11. She really did! That was Sandra, wasn't it? Was she supposed to be terrible and only on stage because she's Alfie's girlfriend? That doesn't really fit with the scene if so. And I don't remember her being a bad singer in S1. Maybe it was just an arrangement of the song that didn't quite work. Glad the show is back and in a second season. I liked; Less servile/more assy playing-both-sides Alfie. Pointing out to Aziz that Aziz has screwed him over in the past. Even though Harwood is EVOL, I love that this show keeps it ambiguous and doesn't have a Good Side and a Bad Side in this
  12. Anything as long as it can be filmed on a very modest budget.
  13. Yeah..... so this is officially less Black Mirror and more Black Mold. I'm out.
  14. Can't say I'm surprised by the cancellation - I didn't even hear that the show was coming out until after the first 2 episodes aired and I'm now only learning it's canned 2 weeks after the announcement!
  15. I'm confused - FILE #3 is already available on t*rr*nts and has been for some time although that is definitely not where I got it from. 😑 It's probably the best episode so far - I won't spoil it but there is one plot device in it that I thought was very clever, but it's all still very... flat. Shea has no personality whatsoever and Roger Sterling's snark was so much better written in Mad Men.
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