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  1. Rufus and the actor who play him are both autistic. The ice cream boy is just badly written.
  2. Well that was just wretched in every possible way. Well done, Netflix, for wasting some (more) interesting source material on this bland, dull, miserably-written show. I particularly enjoyed the clunktastic HURR DURR HERE'S WHUT WUZ RILLY HAPPENIN ALL ALONG HYUK HYUK recap at the end of the episode where we learned how Demon Dodge was really pulling the wool over all their eyes the whole time which anyone could have guessed was happening except, apparently, the bunch of dullards on screen. The scenes with the Scooby Savini(?) Gang all working together for the first-ish time made me miss Buffy's writing so much it almost hurt. 90% of these characters are so flat they could have been slipped under the OMG OMEGA DOOR and the others are just painfully cringe. I'm looking at you, inexplicably-British horror movie guy whose name I can't be bothered to remember. I would take Riley and the Initiative over this lot in a heartbeat. I was mildly amused by the fact that Dodge (in various forms) has now made out with both of the Locke siblings who are of make-outable-with age. I would love to see them discover this fact. Why is the writing on these shows so bad? Are Netflix's development periods incredibly short or something? I have been there and dealt with interfering network execs blah blah blah but there is really no excuse for this. And it happens time and time again. It is still less dreadful than Nancy Drew I guess. And if there is to be a next season, someone needs to take everyone in the music department and throw them into the freaking blue bad CGI demon realm with glowing demon possession bullets whatever the fuck it is. Stop with the Christmas music already.
  3. Dear Netflix, There are these people called Script Editors. Sometimes also known as Story Editors. They give notes and make scripts not suck. Please hire them more. A lot more. Regards, BaskingsharkGTX
  4. Uh, so is the Ghost Key still in the door? Or did they find it and take it out? Because otherwise everyone who walks through that door turns into a ghost now, right? Also how come Bode can fly through walls as a ghost, but Sam can't fly through the wall and get back into his body? OK, so I get that if the door with the key in it is closed the ghosty person probably can't come back through it, but what's to stop him going back another way? Like through the wall next to the door? I made the mistake of reading the comics this show is based on. They are SO much better. Interestingly, the actors who were cast when this was going to be on Hulu and who were then let go and replaced by this cast (except the little boy who plays Bode who is the only one they kept) look much more like their comic counterparts. This cast was definitely chosen to be more generically pretty though.
  5. God these characters are stupid. And characterless. I think this was the worst episode so far. Not a single thing Tyler did rang true and Scot, I know Kinsey is annoying AF and you were angry but did none of the rest of you think to check what the deal was with the tide? I'm guessing this is the final episode for both Scot and Jackie.
  6. Wow, Kinsey. Maybe they need to find the Not Being An Obnoxious Bitch key.
  7. While this show is arguably not very good it's an enjoyable enough time-passer and I'm intrigued enough to find out what the deal is with the keys. I wish the characters were a bit less cardboard and I'm not sure who the audience is supposed to be. At times it feels like a Kingian horror but it's not really horrific enough for adults yet it also has cursing and a demon(?) who so it's not really for kids either. The score is also inappropriately Christmassy. Also, I'm confused as to how they all get around this town. At one point they all drive to school with Javi, then Tyler has a car in one scene, then it disappears then everybody seems to walk everywhere.
  8. It did. This was so tipping the hat to the Emma Peel introduction episode, The Town of No Return (the episode which was filmed twice, first with Elizabeth Shepherd as Emma Peel, then re-shot with Diana Rigg when Shepherd was fired). So far I am loving Pennyworth! There are a few touches I'd do a bit differently, but overall it's freaking fantastic. Poor Esme. She was a bit of a shrinking violet sometimes, but I liked her and I thought she humanized Alfie. It will be interesting to see what he becomes like now she's gone. I hope not having her to play off of doesn't diminish things.
  9. I'm a little hard on things. I was once told I was too soft on scripts as a reader because I was willing to read past page 3 so maybe it stems from that 😉 I wiki-watched the rest of it and it doesn't seem like much happens.
  10. Me too. He was my favorite and easily the most interesting character this season. He was pretty doomed though. As one who hated the Matt Damon Talented Mr. Ripley, I gotta say Penn B would have made a MUCH better Ripley.
  11. He was burned out on construction work after meticulously constructing his glass cage (including lifting the large, heavy glass walls into place) all by himself.
  12. No wonder he was broke if he had to buy a glass cage. Or ship one.
  13. Hmmm. That wasn't nearly as good as Season One and soooo much less original, but it was still enjoyable enough. I also don't think Joe's backstory explains his psychosis and I found Love a bit underwhelming too. Still, in Episode One I never thought that Forty Quinn would end up being a tragic character so it did pack some surprises. The last scene was funny too. Should be interesting to see what happens to Joe in suburbia. I still want to know how the glass cage got to LA.
  14. People I know are trying hard to convince me to watch this. I watched the pilot and found it one-dimensional, dull, unsubtle and filled with obvious choices and tropes I have seen 100 times before. Half the dialogue was so anvilicious it was more like the actors were inscribing their lines on sledgehammers and beating the audience over the head with them than actually speaking and the other half bore no resemblance to anything any actual human has or would ever say. So... does it get any better?
  15. I need to know where I can buy a pink hoodie with 1968 Dodge Chargers on it.
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