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  1. Just wanted Olive the poor puppy who lost an eye was adorable. Would love to snuggle that cutie.
  2. Mikes friends saying they don't want to think about Angela in the bubblebath. Their reactions to it all were priceless. Loved how easy they made it sound fot Mike to send sperm to Angela. Oh yeah, just ejaculate in an old Starbucks cup, put the lid on and put it in the mail. Yara falling asleep in the car was hilarious. Jovi please get a clue you dumbass. Did anyone else spot the jar on Brandons farm bedroom shelf that said money for Lamborghini?
  3. White cabinets, white countertop; I wish this trend would disappear soon. So sick of hearing people blabber on and on. Yes, I am grouchy!
  4. I did find it humorous when darcey was tugging at her daughters hemline because her dress was short. This from the woman who dresses where you are always worried about her having a nip slip or accidental cooch shot!
  5. So happy to see Roger's results. To see him smiling and visiting his family was touching. Got a little dusty up in here while I watched.
  6. Jovi a tip. If you and a wife have a new baby it is a lot for her. Be helpful, patient, take care of Mylah while she can nap. She will appreciate that so much more than lingerie.
  7. I cringe and think the same thing every time I see her. Years ago I had Mohs surgery for a basal cell carcinoma on my chin. It didn't look very bad. But they had to cut a few passes to get all the borders. I really hope she has seen a doctor.
  8. Laura Leigh you need to leave girl. If y'all have a baby you will end up like Jason trying to get a chance to even hold his child!
  9. Belle was crying at the dentist not because of the checkup. She is realizing she shares DNA with her Mom and Grandma; and she is probably gonna therapy one day.
  10. Definitely the Uni Bomber, but he bought his clothes from the girls section at The Gap. And in the talking heads his hair. Ugh he looked like a unfortunate looking housewife. All he needed was a housecoat and slippers. So unflattering! Darcey if you truly love your daughters do not give them dating and relationship advice.
  11. Love Anny and Robert most of the time. Robert you need to stop with your support of Mike. Would you leave Anny while she was having surgery; or let you family treat her like Mike's Mom? My guess is hell no.
  12. Damn, they could have put a warning before that bathtub scene. Isn't the point of the show to have people watch, not scare them away!
  13. My word the Texas gentleman with the large nose growth. I hope they are able to help improve his quality of life. And as others have stated some people suck. They need to think how they would feel if they were treated so cruelly. It does also shine the light on the number of people here in the U.S. who have lack of health care.
  14. To me the only good part of this episode was Julia and Opie (a.k.a Brandon) planning their escape from the farm. Living in a van would be more pleasant than being around anger issues Dad and guilt trip Mom. Boo hoo, if you are not able to or dont want to do the farm work hire help or sell. Your son is now married and he needs to get out and adult.
  15. Im sorry but Miss. Kayee Lovey (sp), needs to go. She clearly was expecting to go into a queen bee situation. And her screeching and griping is working my last nerve.
  16. When she said she was about to be an emptynester I rewound to be sure I heard the kids ages correctly. She sounds likes she has a count down calendar ready to boot them out. Maybe the murphy bed is her way of deterring them from staying too long when they visit!
  17. Cigarette break guy. Cant believe he was okay with the thing on his arm exploding at home, but having an actual doctor work on him he was freaking out. Maybe when his Mom messed around with it at home he was smashed so he didn't care. Glad she was able to help butt crack lump lady. The only that bugged me was her demonstrating how when she bent down to pick something up it was visible. You know buying jeans that fit properly and covered your ass would have solved that issue.
  18. Interior designer who wants walkable loft. Just want to be sure if any single men in the Atlanta area didn’t hear her mention it. She is single, ready to date and ready for kids to be out so she can her me time! It was like a personal ad.
  19. Again my heart goes out to Laura Leigh. Run girl, run, you deserve so much better than Lauren. Even Lauren’s Dad know his daughter and wife are out of bounds.
  20. Charlotte, NC. Beautiful home but too much house for two people and a dog IMO. Personally I despise white cabinets but to each their own. All I kept on thinking was man thats a lot of house to clean!
  21. Perth, Australia having a guest room is optimal. You know what also works for visitors, a sofa bed or air mattress. They would survive.
  22. Sydney, Australia couple they were a breath of fresh air. No snarking with each other; they seemed so lovely. She is inspirational in dealing with her MS. Love their home choice and new furbaby.
  23. Agree 100%. They need to get a bigger bed because i woulf love to climb in and watch the show with them as well. Also think Armando is cute with his styling socks.
  24. Personally i think family friends should let Alex and Caroline alone. Yes, you might be upset or confused but the are adults.
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