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  1. "Spoiler alert: one doesn’t have to actually say all 3 words to invoke that stereotype, sometimes just saying they are angry is enough. Just ask some of the Black women on this forum." Luann did not call Eboni a pejorative. She did not invoke a stereotype. She didn't even say "you are angry" like Kyle did on BH when she said Angry Spice. The entire argument was like two ships passing in the night. They were arguing about two completely different things and neither one understood the point the other was trying to make. And somehow it devolved into racisim? Come on. Once again,
  2. "Had nothing to do with Leah. And it did have negative connotations when the only person being described as angry was a Black woman." If it wasn't Leah who said angry black woman in the conversation after the fact, who said it?
  3. "Its never really been a stereotype with negative connotations when applied to White women." And it wasn't a stereotype with negative connotations in this instance either, until Leah shit stirred it into something it wasn't.
  4. “Education” went way off the rails. I think what Luann was initially trying to say is Ramona went to Catholic school in the 60s where the nuns would beat the shit out of you with rulers for a minor infraction, and sex terms were verboten. What I think she was trying to say is Ramona has an aversion to that type of language from her parochial school upbringing. It imploded and turned into an entirely different argument that made no sense.
  5. Besides wasn’t it Lisa Rinna who started the whole “why are you so angry” trope with Denise? We’ve heard this line before people, on Housewives, ad nauseam.
  6. Amber taking off her mic pack and leaving the house was absurdly immature and assholish behavior. And Elizabeth seemingly piling on to it was salt in the wound. F both of them. The pupper part broke my heart too 💔
  7. No, I meant because apparently it was very large and they couldn’t control themselves at the sight of it. The entire scene became about the large penis. They should have just had a stripper because none of them have enough intellectual appreciation for an art lesson!
  8. Luann probably doesn’t have many healthy experiences with arguments and disagreements - look at the men she has been married to. I don’t think the way she addressed Eboni had anything at all to do with knocking her down a peg because of her race or perceived placement in the hierarchy of the group. Luann was arguing back the way she has been argued with (sorry, it’s about Tom). Luann’s narcissism didn’t come out because Eboni is black. It came out because Luann thinks she’s the top dog and she wouldn’t take that argument from any of the women. We’ve been here how many times before?
  9. I actually don’t mind Garth. He seems genuine enough. Alfredo seemed like a nice person and I loved his music as well. I was not feeling the male model situation. The whole activity was too focused on his penis for obvious reasons; a) it was exposed and b) it’s RHoNY. There may have actually been a point to the activity if he kept his drape on and they created their own interpretation. I wasn’t digging the 60-second poses. I get that might be from an art school lesson but for the purposes of the scene it felt gratuitous. Especially when he went all fly eagles fly. Eek.
  10. Pretty please just one motherf*cker!! Bonus points for double negatives.
  11. I was with Eboni until she called out Ramona for white fragility because it’s true she really can’t hear. No question Luann’s being a massive asshole however.
  12. This fight is stupid and boring. I wouldn’t want somebody speaking that way in front of my daughter (if I had one) and her friends either because I wouldn’t want them to be remotely associated with Leah and her obnoxious behavior. Simple as that.
  13. I loved seeing them together and so happy. Seeing how Bethenny looks/acts now, which was probably inevitable, it makes you wonder what she would be like if they'd worked it out and she didn't go so far in the other direction. But I did love those early episodes.
  14. I’ll take photoshop fail for $400 😬 The bolsters on either side of the seatback should be equal. Oh Tinzz.
  15. In a nutshell, Sonja was trying to capitalize on this concept of toaster oven cooking because she claimed she entertained out of her toaster oven on the yacht and even cooked for Winston Churchill I believe it was, which was probably along the lines of how she used to party with John John and Madonna. She had all these meetings to review the package design and insisted that the word mark with her name had to have a “Sexy J” ☺️ She also enlisted the help of Heather and Bethenny with their business lady expertise (to no avail). Alas, the toaster oven and her toaster oven cookbook neve
  16. Watch Kelli show up crying and choking out “we lost a teammate today”.
  17. Very welcome! I feel like with a young person you must have this dining experience: https://blacktap.com/restaurant-menu/soho/ My personal favorite is the Bam Bam. I wouldn't do the Cake Shake bc it's just a kind of sh*tty piece of funfetti cake on top of a shake and not particularly interesting. The other one they had that I loved was Sour Power (it was limited release). I'm kind of obsessed 😉 Google Black Tap Crazy Shakes and you'll find some of the super fun special editions that they've done over the years.
  18. Some trains are safer than others. The Q train is local and goes up the UES. You can pick it up on 49th Street and take it up probably no further than 86th and walk over and down Madison or Park. Or cross over and walk around Central Park. Dylan's Candy Bar by Union Square is a fun stop. Black Tap for burgers and Crazy Shakes is always super fun. I like the SoHo location which is now reopened. You can very easily rent bikes in Central Park and go for a ride on the bike paths. There is also the Central Park Zoo. Wollman or the Rockefeller rink might be open by that time. Bloomingdale
  19. Not if Victoria is the one who’s pregnant! I kid, I kid. Not really 😜
  20. I wonder if it’s the person or the conditions of the surprise retirement, e.g., maybe someone’s pregnant.
  21. I wanted to add that I think being vague about the Archie skin color incident is to their own detriment. If they aren't transparent about exactly what was said and who said it, that lack of transparency casts doubt, because a) it is a one-sided story and b) the person who said it isn't called to the carpet. So how can anything change for the better? In my opinion they made it easy to sweep the incident under the rug as if it never happened and everyone carries on. Telling a vague story in an interview doesn't automatically make it true, especially if we don't hear from the other side.
  22. We don't know what was said or how Harry may or may not have twisted it. All we know is one side of a story that was told in an interview, with vague details. Some accounts say it was hoping the child wouldn't be another ginger, which is also offensive in my opinion, but not about race. Regardless, Harry could have protected her from being hurt by the alleged comment and could have handled it directly with the family member himself, since she was not there, and he chose not to.
  23. Because if they said who it was, that person would be able to set the record straight. If the incident happened as they said it did, I am of the mind that Harry should not have told his wife about it, because whatever the comment was, it was not directly to her, and telling her about it only hurt her. To me it sounded like an off-hand comment in a private discussion that Harry twisted into something nefarious to serve his own purpose. And again, we have only heard one side of the story.
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