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  1. Wow. Justice for Rachel W. There was so much judgement and it all proved to be #wrong.
  2. I think that is the Potomac hair pull as opposed to the New Jersey hair pull 😬 ETA: Ohh maybe it is Atlanta
  3. The training camp candidates who elected to leave don't owe anyone anything. I mean that as a generalization - not with regard to the board or us as fans. Their contract is not binding and they are free to go if they find the conditions to be unfavorable. With social on lockdown, we know little about what the conditions of training camp actually are. The article above is enlightening. Kelli's selective memory and inconsistent standards (which we've witnessed for the last 16 years) would be unfavorable enough for me. It's not a choice I would make for myself but for the women who are fortu
  4. I disagree. There are plenty of legitimate clinical and legal reasons to not get the vaccine. We don’t know who chose to leave or why, but they are entitled to make those decisions.
  5. I’m not shocked and angered. I’ve said it before in other threads. The DCCs are a private employer. They can make the rules whatever they want them to be. In this case they’re following the rules set by the NFL, also technically a private employer. That’s fine. I don’t think the women who have elected to excuse themselves should be ridiculed or judged. You either elect to follow the rules and stay or elect not to do so and excuse yourself. It’s their choice to be there and they’re also free to leave.
  6. A friend of ours had Lisa Van Der Pump do a Cameo for his husband's birthday and it was very nice. Lisa was all done up and had the dogs and made an effort. With Bethenny you get her in the back of her hired car on the way to something else, hair all disheveled, no makeup, glasses and then there's her attitude. Ugh. SkinnyGirl popcorn is good but it's just relabeled Orville Redenbacher! The ingredients are for the most part all the same.
  7. It makes me think of when that lady throws up in The Witches of Eastwick 🤢 But back to the pizza, I feel like she’s hoodwinking us with the nutrition stats. Who cooks a frozen pizza (of that size) and only eats half?
  8. I have to say, the Happy Dances were pretty lackluster last night, even after the Junior’s.
  9. Isn’t that the truth. With ahh-ce cream (as Jessa says it) on top 😄
  10. The laugh emoji is for the Miller Lite chairs 😆
  11. They (the Duggars) did it wrong. If the last name of the bride is the same as her parents, and her parents are issuing the invitation together, the last name of the bride's family is listed once i.e., Jessa's name should read Jessa Lauren, not Jessa Lauren Duggar. Technically, to keep it consistent, it should also say Son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Seewald, but I can't remember if Bin's parents are divorced and I don't have enough coffee in me to fact check 😁 But it is a lovely photo nonetheless. Bin's wrinkled shirt notwithstanding. #wherewasJanawiththeiron
  12. I think it was Kelsi who did Thunderstruck holding her baby at Hannah West's wedding
  13. For $14 a pop, I'd rather get a real pizza from a local shop. Actually, our favorite local shop is $11.95 for a large cheese pizza and they make their own dough, their own sauce and shred the cheese off the block. That's worth it to me, and I don't consider it cheating like the HSN presenter says. Don't get me wrong - I get the gluten free thing if you are a person who can't have it. But Bethenny isn't gluten free (she's just fish with scales and Jill Zarin free). The nutrition stats of her pizza actually aren't great when you compare them to other products on the market. A serving of SG
  14. Omg. Same with the SkinnyGirl KCups I mentioned it all a few pages back - I was in that Marshall’s over the weekend and the same box has been in the checkout line for months. No one wants to touch them.
  15. They’re spendy but my go-to are the open bust shapers from Spanx. I have them in the above the knee (skirts/dresses) and below the knee (trousers and pant suits) in both nude and black. They are total lifesavers. I’ll go check the exact ones I have and add it to the post. ETA: OnCore open bust mid thigh and Suit Your Fancy
  16. Well she did do some stand-up! You’re so right - everything she is doing it’s like she’s trying to stick it to the others in the name of “you weren’t successful with this idea but I will be”. And then the product sucks anyway. In the early days of SG I did like the green lemonade cleanse, before she had to change the ingredients for false labeling.
  17. Who had just given birth herself! That was infuriating. When I look back on it, Cindy was so entitled in that regard.
  18. I’m almost through my S4 rewatch. Ramona was shook by the fortune teller and Mario was so the cat that ate the canary when they returned from the Morocco trip (and Ramona covered him in oil). Alex is a kook but I can see where she’d be an excellent therapist today. She really does listen and feel, even though the other women consistently steamrolled her. I need to find myself a man that looks at me the way Simon looks at Alex. They were strange but their love is real.
  19. It really was like watching a completely different person. She became so power and fame hungry that she sacrificed her husband and their marriage in the process. I somewhat remember the one of the last straws being that she wanted to hire Jason to work for her at SG and he didn’t want to because he wanted her work and their relationship to be separate, and she could not understand that. He was right. She would have had total control over every move he made. For crying out loud in their first big apartment he had to sacrifice the one room he had to himself for her closet, and she made that deci
  20. Ramona really has come a long way from stealing hangers and publicly asking people if they’ve had their breasts redone ☺️
  21. Overall I think we'd be having much more productive conversations (on the show I mean) if Leah weren't part of the equation this season. Sorry, another movie reference.
  22. Correcting my post because I didn't quote Sonja accurately: I'm surprised that no one has called out Sonja for using a possessive term and calling black people "our black people".
  23. Eboni wasn’t aware that what she said would trigger Leah.
  24. I think Heather and Leah are on the same page in terms of political ideology, but because Leah won't take so much as a suggestion from another person about what she might do, and she had to blow it into an argument that made zero sense. From the closed captions: Leah: "She's full of shit. This is why I don't like people that are like, 'you need to vote in my favor.' Please! You don't care if I vote or not, you want me to vote for who you want me to vote for." I don't think Heather implied anything of the sort. And I don't even like Heather.
  25. Meanwhile the way Leah pronounces "Karen" all I can hear is Henry Hill 😄 I wonder what her talent is going to be for the Halloween pageant. If she sits in a chair and lip syncs Don't Cry Out Loud, she might win back some points with me. And that concludes my obscure movie references for this episode.
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