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  1. 😆 this is too much! "When you hit forty, you realize that you’ve met or seen every kind of person there is, and I know what kind you are because I believe we are alike."
  2. No no I mean I think DM has been on here under other screen names for years, since all this monitoring of insider information began 😉 The attempt to conceal writing patterns has been very entertaining to say the least!
  3. 🚨🚨🚨 So many alter egos. How does one manage her (screen) time? 😆
  4. Ooop! https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/126433790 You can bring home some TM memorabilia for under $20
  5. It really was a nicely done video. Lord, the native Duggar women look so pained, even the young ones. The bucket of the bucket cake reminds me of those generic woodgrain paper buckets you'd get when you ordered chicken from the pizza parlor.
  6. I just realized that she probably put them on looking in the mirror and it didn’t register that she was looking at a reverse image of herself. What’s even more troubling is no one else noticed or said anything 😳
  7. I’m surprised Eboni hasn’t been making appearances with Al Sharpton. It would be worth it just to hear KKB say “Al Sharpton!!” and actually be right.
  8. Oh lord - LeGrand showed up for rehearsal on a filming night in regular workout clothes. Kelly called Ally up front and was all “Ally, how did you know what outfit to wear tonight” and Ally in a sugary sweet @ss kissing way said “Yes ma’am, you told us” and so on. It was like they were deliberately trying to humiliate her when she was already crying. Poor LeGrand got cut that night.
  9. I liked Taylor, she seemed to have a pleasant and fun personality. I felt awful for her for what they did to her hair. It was cute but such a drastic change. I know I would have been devastated. It was 2011 and Victoria's Secret hair was what everyone wanted, not Meagan Sharp hair. I mean, can you imagine being turned from a pageant girl into...Meagan Sharp? (no offense to Meagan Sharp but her hairstyle was not cute). She handled it the best she could and she was gracious and mature during her cut. After what happened with Ally and Cassie, I think the real issue was Cassie was jealous of
  10. No. Effing. Way. That has broken back written all over it. I'd get cut before doing a stunt like that. I'd do the trapeze bar but no way would I do a backwards free fall.
  11. The Zoe Szekeres episode was just on Pluto tonight 😄 And omg @Holly85 last night I had a (lucid) dream that I was in what was supposed to be Charlotte's office at The Star taking the test and Jinelle and KaShara came in and I was trying to get answers out of them because I didn't know a single one 😆 I seriously have to stop relying on PT to get me through insomnia!!
  12. That's all very true and I agree. But I still think if Dayton was better prepared, her outcome would have been much better. I have always maintained that the reason Kelli was so hard on Dayton was because Kelli knew she hadn't done as much as she should have to get ready, and Kelli was disappointed in that. VK by comparison had been in prep classes since she was 15, regardless of whether or not she benefitted from them (major tongue in cheek there). I agree there was unfair bias, but I also think Dayton didn't do herself any favors.
  13. I can see that, but I think if she had been better prepared, she probably would have fared a lot better than she did. Both Kelli and Judy knew she wasn't, and on top of that I think being late to makeovers was the nail in her coffin. Without that incident I think she had a chance. Being late, especially as a rookie candidate, is pretty much the end. I also agree that Kelli probably didn't want her there in the first place though. Dayton had a flat affect and wasn't enthusiastic. I think Judy saw her as a dance risk and Kelli saw her as an ambassador risk. Don't get me wrong. I felt awful
  14. With all due respect, Dayton was not prepared (both times she auditioned), she was late and she had memory issues. Kelli expected her to be better prepared and she wasn’t and that is why she was so hard on her. VK’s passes for her behavior and weight gain were another issue. Still neither made the team that year. VK just made it further than she should have. I definitely remember discussion in here about Hannah’s appearance in addition to the mental health piece. I tend to think her attitude wasn’t in the right place and that’s what got her cut. I honestly can’t remember if Hannah or Bren
  15. With Hannah I thought there *was something going on with her size. She was never overweight of course but wasn’t she the one who could barely keep her backside contained in the shorts?
  16. LeGrand seemed like a sweet girl and it was clear she was in some sort of crisis. They should have kept her issues and her cut off the show ☹️ ETA: Yes I’d like to know how she’s doing and hopefully she’s ok!
  17. I think co-hosting is a function of QVCs pandemic format bc they still don’t have in-studio OAPs. They needed to mix it up a bit and get people back on the sound stage. Amy and Alberti are co-hosting right now.
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